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The Little Hairy Echeveria Setosa


Hello, guys today. I wanted to talk about an interesting plant, which is called at you various atossa, and it is some very, very nice feature, so I bought it like morning month ago, and the flower wasn’t even sprouting at all. There were there. We’re no flowers. This branch was tiny. It was stopping here and now look at it. They say they’re slow growers, but not always look at these beautiful flowers, so they shouldn’t open, Got much more as I saw in the on Internet videos. I thought they weren’t gonna fully open like flat, but not really so, but anyways, it’s still very, very nice, and there’s more to come when you can tell that these sorry. I’m gonna just focus the camera. Yeah, see more gonna come from the button and there’s already five of them, so it’s pretty beautiful. I love the hair in it. It’s very unique and it’s a Yeah. It’s a very original feature. I really like it. Unfortunately, it’s a bit bent now. So if you want to take care of your succulent, you have to change the orientation from time to time so that the Sun is not always on the same side. Otherwise, it’s gonna lean towards the towards the Sun, and it’s gonna have a little imbalance here, so I’m trying to correct that now, so I’m changing the orientations. The Sun is around there, so yes. This is a particular succulent, because usually the succulents. They don’t really need. They don’t really like full. Sun like I want to show you this one. I have it doesn’t need Sun and it had a bit too much Sun. I didn’t like it. It went pretty unhappy for the start, at least started to shrivel and they weren’t happy. So, son, don’t like Sun. These guys don’t like Sun. I had to cut the tips because they were burnt because of the Sun because I let them in the full Sun, so they don’t like that, so I’m just some thanks to a nice long plant hanger, protecting it from the direct sunlight. So let’s go back to our various atossa. This one loves full. Sun, full, scorching Sun. She loves it. She wants it. She asked for it. She’s gonna lean towards it, so the more than you give it. And the more rewarding. It’s gonna be with nice, beautiful flowers and also a very nice, rounded shape and lots of hairy little leaves, which are very soft and very tempting to touch. But I mean, you know, I wouldn’t advise to touch them because they’re a bit. It makes you feel a bit. I mean, they’re a bit. You feel itchy after it? I don’t know, so I wouldn’t touch them so much, and I mean for the plants, not good. I don’t water it so much. I order it over like once a month. Because you know, it’s a sock. Eunice doesn’t need that much water. Just make sure that when you order it, don’t water the leaves. Because you sure what are the leaves? It’s gonna damage to here and you know. I warded the leaves at the beginning, and it’s not that great here, and it’s got a lot of dirt on it and I couldn’t really fix that in the bottom. So you know, if you can avoid watering the leaves, that’ll be much better and just water the soil a little make sure you have a good drainage holes in the bottom. You know, because otherwise you might have the roots there brought, you know, seconds. Don’t like over watering, really hate it. They don’t need lots of water. Don’t over water! Yeah, it’s better to under water than over water, but make sure you just get them The right amount. Once a month is enough, just touch the ground before, see if it’s moist enough, and if it’s not. I just add a little water, not touching the leaf. So that’s it for this plant. So yeah, it’s pretty unique because it loves full. Sun on the contrary to some other succulent, which can turn red or can have burns. This one won’t burn. I mean, Amsterdam right now. I’m in the Netherlands and I leave it outside because we are in June. Now it’s summer’s going to begin, so I can leave it outside under negative 1 degrees. I think it’s negative 30 Fahrenheit. It’s not doing well, so if it goes on to that, you’d better bring it. It’s inside in your apartment in a world to find as long as you have a will well-lit area like under a window or something south-facing window if you can, but you know? I mean. I’m sorry. I’m facing East. I don’t have a self orientation anywhere in apartment and so far, it’s doing really, really good. So that’s it for today. I really love this plan. It’s really easy! No maintenance really easy care. Just put it in a salt under sand, so sand potted mix like something. Sandy, not not. Universal ground. You need like some special, succulent grand for ground for the for those plants, really, so if you can find that, it’s better and we’ll, very well-drained soil, That’ll be much better. That’s all I can say, Of course, Succulents are very easy to replicate and really, really easy. You do if one leave. One leaf is dropping. You can take it out and just put it in the ground and it should give you another another echeverria. See, toes are if you’re lucky, so they’re really really rewarding plants and they don’t take any time. You just watch them flower bloom and don’t give them any fertilizer. They don’t need anything really, just a good sandy potting mix, and that’s it. We gotta go, And this is the beautiful harmony, very geometric round shape. We love it!