Echeveria Sahara | Echeveria Saharah: Lots Of Pups….can’t Believe How Big He’s Gotten

Sarah Leanne

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Echeveria Saharah: Lots Of Pups....can’t Believe How Big He’s Gotten


Hi, everyone! Sarah, here, so welcome back. Thanks for coming along so today. I am gonna be repotting up this Sahara. Echeverria not sure people was on my last video, but I basically did a kind of tour in the backyard. Looked at the different pots. I have notice that this guy had gotten super overgrown first of all. He’s huge, and then he has tons of little cups underneath him, so I am wanting to start doing some. We’re planting this year in my front yard, and so I’m definitely gonna want to be able to use all the babies underneath them, and he definitely needs more sunlight, too for the babies underneath him to start growing. So I’m gonna go ahead and plant him up and see what we got going on. Okay, let’s go ahead and check it up. Okay, so I really have no idea what we have underneath here. I definitely wouldn’t want to try to save the roots as much as possible. I don’t really want to do a bunch of cuttings. Right now, just cuz. We are supposed to be getting a little bit of rain over the next couple days, and it is well, it’s cold from San Diego, but it’s been in the 60s which to me is freezing anyways, so I want to preserve the roots as much as we can without doing actual cuttings, So I’m hoping that this guy is really well rooted and I want you to just cut him off. Well, let’s go ahead and see if we got going on here that there’s tons of babies underneath them. I’m just gonna dump this out. Oh, well! I thought you been okay. So vain guy and then a whole bunch of little pups underneath them. So these we easily just be taken off and give a little cleanup and then all right so now? I have one huge guy that I can put back in, and then I also had, and it also has. These are the petal plants, which also have done really. Well, Here’s another baby, so it’s about trash, So the paddle plants also have kind of propagated. They all right. I want to say what they are, actually, but anyway, I have a bunch of them in here, too. The whole bunch of snails snails in this yard are so horrible. If anybody has any ideas of what’s working for you to get rid of snails, please leave it in the comments below because I’ve tried all kinds of stuff and they just. Yeah, it’s just horrible, so we’ll think about the very seharri’s. So we are in Southern California. Look at their smell damage right there. He’s Southern California and it actually gets quite hot inland about 20 miles or so so he’s about a year old. I would say I did have him partially shaded. He’ll see from my previous video. He’s been kind of underneath this stove. So he has been partially shaded, but he’s also been getting full Western Sun for about a year of really, you know, hockey, so he’s doing pretty good. I am winning foot in my front yard in arrangement, so we’ll see how so. I definitely don’t want to put anything much in here. Besides, I think basically him because he pretty much takes up this whole pot, so I’m just gonna actually mix this dirt around a little bit soil about, and just pick him back in here. He’s got listen. He’s got little roots here. He didn’t have really big root system as it is so. I’m just gonna put him back in here. Stick him back underneath like I said proposed to getting rain in a couple days, but he will be protected underneath two three four nine and a bunch of little guys on two. I’m gonna kind of clean up all the little detritus and just kind of plunk it back in. I don’t need them to look super pretty like this one. If you just see, has a whole bunch of little babies already coming off of it. I’m just basically wanting to propagate as much as I can, so Im. Not this is a nice, beautiful arrangement. This is more of recon. Get your plants ready to plant, So I’m just basically putting in as much as I can in here, so they have some sunshine and see. I’m not sure how these will even do just because they haven’t, they’ve been. They’re starting to do that, edging along a bang. They do where they don’t get any Sun, so these might be kind of past their prime. But you don’t know until you try and I will see the extra various Tijeras mean actually raised in general, they propagate pretty well. The extra various Tijeras are supposed to propagate quite quickly. As week, it’s off from this little guy from a year ago, and he’s did about nine to ten babies. But, um, without some Sun, They just start etching and looking really crummy, so at least now they’ll have to get some sunshine, and hopefully ya see these. I don’t know if they’re gonna even last. It’ll be interesting to come back in a few months and see what these all of life because I will say this one thing. I’ve actually liked about doing this little Youtube channel. Is that you kind of forget what things look like, and it seems like. I mean, I can’t loot yours already gone by. But you know, next thing, you know, it’s another year, so it’s really nice field to look back at your plants and just see what progress they have made and you kind of realize in what plants take longer. What time they’re shorter, it’s time to grow, so it’s actually been beneficial just from a plant standpoint. Just look back and be like oh. I forgot that plant. Was that tall when I bought it or whatnot? So I recommend taking kind of videos or even just pictures of your plants, and I also do that just to remember their names, so I’ll take the pictures and then mark the other names. Because I don’t remember names. I don’t really horrible things. All kind of know like the common name like the puddle plant. And if you want the specific name. I definitely am not so good at that. I just know what plants I like and what plants seem to work. If you’re asking me names, I call my mother and she tells me. She is planted guru of the family. That’s for sure, okay, just fine. I’m going to put a little bit more soil, so basically my soil. I just buy the most inexpensive potting mix around, and then I add in pumice, so I just do a 50/50 mixture of pumice and potting soil. I just need the drainage. I don’t want it too, especially depending on the plant, but most of all, I have a succulent outdoors, so I just want something that has a really good drainage and if they don’t seem to be too picky about what type of soil as long as they train well so okay, that’s it, so we got to up this guy in the back here. We’ll just be hanging out back where he was. I want to stick this guy. Also in or you won’t get getting much rain. Thanks for coming along on this short little impromptu. Let’s replant the echeverria. Sahara and thanks for coming along and well. See you guys again on the next video. Okay, thanks, bye bye, right. Lacey, hi, you!