Echeveria Pulvinata | 15/100 Chenille Plant Echeveria Pulvinata Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭

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15/100 Chenille Plant Echeveria Pulvinata Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭


Hello, everyone! Welcome to desert, succulent and today, Pagosa, Pantene and Echiviria Povinata, or commonly known as the chenille plant. This succulent comes with different common names, such as adding chenille plant ruby slippers, plush plant, ruby blush and the red velvet And what makes this Sakura Extra special is leaves leaves are covered thickly with butter and white hairs, especially if nothing Haro said, make it an attenuation here for the old leaves. Tiny is again very similar to adding felt paper and there is a reason combat. Young leaves are covered with these white hairs because this one now helps protect them from the harsh rays of the sun and at the same time, it protects it from water loss. It will also give you an orange red flower, and since this succulent now has these white hairs now it could protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. It is very suitable if you notice the areas that has a full sunlight, so Gosun Gaussian gosuyam full sun exposure and warm temperatures such as the Philippines, environmental stresses such as young high heat, or there’s a big amount of direct sunlight and this direct sunlight now would develop tinges of red along the leaf margins. The main colored and canyon leaves are actually colored green, apparently light green in color but young edges as a result of full sun exposure. That’s why it’s very important, for example indoors, then you won’t be expecting, uh, dark color, red little sahanyang edges and I have another example Ito Ating pinaca mother plant exposed exposure full sunlight as you can see this one redness, NATO and so this one as you can see, this mother plant is exposed to full sunlight exposure, so it’s receiving about on six hours of sunlight a day in Mapapan cinema, red margins. It’s very nice to look at red margins and you can always make use of this plant as a centerpiece. Kiba, so you can put it on your dining tables or in your living room tables or anywhere. As a result, pagniagan is an area that might low light and it’s not receiving sufficient sunlight, very compact, sufficient light, but for this one since it’s not receiving sufficient sunlight, it will continuously grow, except for this one expect Namakaharanan gaps in between with regards to Hanyang watering needs as most drought, tolerant succulents. We need to water them only while not drying a completely young soil as you can see this one now more than two weeks. Nasha Hindi, nadine ligand soil and even as you can see, though, since I’m using a transparent, recycled container and this advantage, like if the gamma karunang gelaton container is that a very prone Shasta algae growth union parang green in the future. I will be painting this plastic pot with color white, so it would look more presentable. So when watering we need to look after Yom Pinahara Satna say we don’t want nothing would sit on top of its reset. It can cause fungal diseases and rot, which is very common. Salahatna Atima achivarius. You can always fertilize this during its active growing season, which is during this month’s Detoxa Filipinas always make use of a well-draining soil. For this kind of succulent, you can always replace Yunkanyang soil every two years, because that’s our standard time for changing your Kali Lama soil and this one Ito mother plantation was actually just repotted two weeks ago, bigger in a container original container two weeks after repotting Hindi, and I just watered it today as it grows, It also needs some maintenance, especially nayuma that leaves so all we need to do is just remove these dried leaves. You can still see your white hair, Nanaka. Attach, yeah, so just remove the manga dead leaves, and as you can see this one Nagaya Losha. This is not a sign of over watering, but instead it’s a sign of under watering so two weeks in a dilligan, that’s why it really looks very dry and since underwater, so we will just leave it here and also a part of your maintenance next is our propagation and right now we will be doing the actual beheading nitong, adding Chanel plant, so this one has already one two three four offsets and I’m planning behead nothing Sha and so you among a stem cuttings from this mother plant because we want to have a very compact arrangement making use of this rationale plant. You can propagate this via young canyon leaves, or you’re adding stem cuttings. Yeah, so we already have one. Yeah, so madame offsets and so trading that indeed, and so we already have two. We so this one is a freshly cut. Nah, stamina thing, Chanel plant. All we need to do is air dry Nothing shaft for at least one week then again. Attention say some bright, shaded area exposed so same thing with this one. We will let it colors over for the first week Is my flower Ito Yunkanyang typical offset, but in fact, this one is in flower so Hindi Ko Alam If it will still continue to bloom, so I will be giving an update whether or not Babu Bohai Natin Sha as long as we will care for the succulent, then we won’t be having any problem with yonkanyang diseases or pests, so that’s all for our Chanel plant. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel. You may also visit our Facebook page at Desert Cycle and Ph and once again. Thank you guys for watching. up!