Echeveria Neon Breakers | 23/100 Echeveria Neon Breaker Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭

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23/100 Echeveria Neon Breaker Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭


Hello, everyone! Welcome to desert, succulent and today we’re going to be featuring our echeveria neon breaker. This is an eye-catching, succulent because of the different contrast that it provides some canyon color and at the same time, it has this neon effect, especially under bright light. Another unique thing about this succulent is some canyon, crinkled Na leaves you would notice leaves are major parang wavy Sah Gillette Gillette. It’s not really symmetrical, Hindi, pantai pantai, it’s just random, Lina talagang. And also if we’re gonna look at the color in the middle, it’s more on the greenish side and as it goes outside, it has this blue green leaves, and at the same time, it has this button, bright pink leaf margins, and sometimes it’s really more on the purple side. It depends on the angle, but you would really see in a mepakka light, purple Sha and at the same time, it has this pink leaf margins, and also this succulent is coated with, uh, Farina and so and I’ve been touching it earlier in Hawaiian. I will try to show it to you. Oh, yeah, so we just removed Yunkan young and it would look like that. It’s okay that we are doing this one. Because, and sooner or later this will dry and eventually dies. Yeah, so, if for example, you are going to buy your succulents, you always have to focus. Uh, pina carroset. It should be healthy and we should not focus too much so outer or bottom leaves. That’s pretty normal. Just focus the legacy when watering our neon breakers, we have to take into account some few factors in general weather conditions in your area, so I say this would have an effect on the soil drying speed, so for example, in the lowland areas Mas Mabili’s Magjari manga soy Las compare Ditosa Baguio Orsa Island areas next is the different seasons of the year, so we only have like two seasons that Pilipinas and that could actually play a big role in watering our neon breaker. So for example, during summer, we really need to water them more often as comparing them to in general, you have to water your succulents. If the soil is already dry and for me, I do water them every one week or sometimes two weeks using you, adding soak and dry method, it is best if we underwater it, our need breaker as compared if you over watered it since it’s easier to fix bug underwater Lanyon in normal succulents when it comes to selecting the right soil for our neon breakers, all we really need is to provide a high quality, succulent soil mix that provides you adding great drainage since ionization wet soil, a good soil mix will ensure that our succulent or ethernet Indian breaker will not be holding too much water for a long period of time, and it will also give a healthier environment for it to grow in. You can make use of any soil. Mix that you want. As long as it is well draining and for me, I will be using the same soil mix as I’ve been using before since Matagal konashankinagamit and proven effective the Mancha. Mainly this one is a combination of your atima compost. You have them dried sticks, ipanangbigas! You also have your broken pieces. Little attin clay pots. I also added some osmocote fertilizer for added nutrition. So adding neon breaker. Once we repot it, little Mama. Yeah, this succulent can grow just fine, both indoors and outdoors, as long as we will be providing the right amount of light and young watering. Then if we will be growing this outdoors, it is best if we will grow it in partial sunlight for five to six hours a day, but we have to remember that the more intense the light, the more neon this succulent will become. And as you can see in this one, It’s a little bit, stressing the Pasha fully stressed, but you will really seeing Panka pinkish and purple Na Ichiranya, especially leaf margins, but if you will be exposing it to adding sunlight, we don’t need to overdo it, because if we will just be providing it at least five hours as long as its quality sunlight and you will not have any trouble growing, it don’t add a neon breaker outdoors and in my case or China, succulent area. When I tried to do that before the ginseng leaves compared to full filtered sunlight nut in a mini greenhouse or rooftop, the ideal temperature for us to grow it at the malayan breaker is between 15 degrees to 26 degrees Celsius. So due to zabagyo, we can easily achieve that kind of temperature, but in the lowland areas up to 30 or 38 degrees, sometimes temperatures that you have to be more cautious in exposing this to our sunlight. Since we are trying to avoid you adding sunburn. If we will be growing this one indoors, we won’t be having any problem as long as we will be providing roughly the same amount of light indoors as we can provide them outside, that is possible, and you can achieve that if we will be putting this in a sunny window sill wherein it can receive five or six hours of sunlight every day, but just in case that it won’t be receiving that kind of sufficient sunlight, then it’s ideal that you’re going to be using grow light. If the lagang Hindi Nisha putting it grow outdoors or walnut machadon source of in sunlight window area, it exactly really requires light, and if you’re growing it indoors, then you have to make sure that it’s getting the light it needs or else you will be expecting that. The color won’t be intensified and at the same time, Magathio laid ninja indoors. There are many ways on how we could propagate our neon breakers and it’s actually pretty easy as it can be using your offsets, Young stem cuttings, not in and leaves. I haven’t tried young stem cutting statin before, but that’s is the easiest way to propagate this occurrence since we will just simply cut it. You can check our previous vlogs about stem cuttings or beheading succulents. The second way of propagating this is through human offset so if, for example, offsets, usually then you can just simply separate that one for our new breaker right now. I tried to check on it. Offset and the third one is through you adding leaves. I have tried propagating this succulent using you adding leaves and I was really successful of propagating. It measured, but still it’s really worth it to seen, uh, slowly. Lumala young manga neon breakers. Another thing is toxicity. Its breakers is considered to be completely pet safe, so we really don’t need to worry about this succulent being around most pets and even around our kids. In addition, I will be showing to you two different neon breakers that I have. This is our neon breaker that is infested with Mili bugs before since we will be using this parasating vlog about Mili Bugs, but I don’t know Hong , but it’s not as many as it used to be, but you would notice that this neon breaker is continuously thriving. It looks very healthy. We will just be focusing, ditto. In fact, you can see stress in a color specially so probably because of the cold stress. Since this one is not receiving full sunlight. NASA shaded areas also probably because of the cold temperature. Kaya Nakato, naganyang stressna color. And you would see even if Na Pinabayan there is a growing offset, this succulent will continuously grow, even if you canyon living environment is not really conducive for growing and also. I have here a neon breaker. Now my cuttings. This one was also infested with melee bugs. But as you can see in the Isa. Um, this one is already dead completely dead, so this one has no more chance of survival since Young Canyon roots in canyon stem and even leaves have completely dried out now, but since breaker, probably, they also died because we only have one survivor, but for this we will be throwing it away since. Lastly, we will be repotting this one, but before we do our repotting, we will be doing young atting grooming, so we will just be removing it. Lower leaves nursery now. Black pots. All you need to do is here. You can just simply insert your fingers there. Then just pull it away. Yeah, so Mejobasa Pasha. And Roots has already reached the bottom part as I mentioned earlier. It’s okay that you’re gonna be having these kind of marks, especially Samantha bottom partner in young leaves, This will eventually die and it won’t really matter. We just finished repotting our neon breaker and it would look like this. As of now, we will just be putting this in a bright shaded area for the next two weeks, and also in Kanye Watering will be after two weeks. I just showed you young, Adding reality versus expectation way of repotting our cycling Hindu baby manga succulents, as long as we will be providing you Canada basic needs as a succulent, then they will grow healthily. You would also notice that Indian breaker has compared so that would be fine if you will be putting them. In a smaller container, then yunkanilang growth would be slower as compared. If you Natin Silasa ma’s malachim container than you would be expecting. Yunkanilan growth would also be bigger. That’s all for our neon breaker. Thank you guys for watching. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel. You may also visit our Facebook page at desert, Succulent ph you!