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Echeveria Identifications ๐ŸŒต๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒฟ


Hello, everybody, welcome to. Joseph succulents today. I have a video for you guys all about the identifications. The names of these beautiful achieve areas, so these are all available for sale on my website and I will leave the links below, but let’s just get started naming some of these and I’ll put the screen name because I might be pronouncing the names wrong or differently than you do, but if you liked any of these, please check out my shop that I will put the screen name on here. The website name. And then I’ll put all the links below. And if you hear a little baby because my little baby’s here, so let’s get started. So this right here is Echeverria. Atlantic, or is it? Atlantis, I’ll put the right one starting off on a bad note. But this is a very nice echeverria. It has like a curly edge to it that you can find it right here, And, of course, with less water. These little tips right here. Get more pink. So you guys know that already about how you stress your succulents and how to get more vibrant colors Next up is echeverria blue at all. Look at the beauty of these together. They just look so perfect. They look so symmetrical. This is a Chavarria, blue atoll, and these also get the pink tips. Okay, so it looks like it. It just stays this color, but it could get the pink tips if you trust them as well to achieve Aria Perla von nรผrnberg, this has the most beautiful purple color. These are it right here, little baby right there. Growing, this is a very blue curls. These have a whole bunch of different names. But this is blue curls. If you look it up on Google that go search it, they’ll come up as that. But it also comes up as different things such as amount of Lola. It’s kind of hard for me to identify these curly ones. But, um, just search on Google, and it looks like your plant, it’s. Probably that plant. Hopefully it is right. This is echeverria go. I love the name I feel like it’s so like. What is that country? Morocco, I feel like this is like the Morocco for Morocco. This is not a natural area. This is grotto burial, Polina. But I kind of sometimes to forget that it’s a corruptive area, and I think it’s in a chip area, but it’s just a gorgeous plant. This one’s a little bit scarred, But if I see a better one. I’ll put a picture on the screen for you guys, okay. Beautiful plant, this one right here. One of my favorites right here. This is Echeverria. Lola, this has to be one of my favorites. I’m actually propagating some of these with water right now. Echeverria, soup, Sicilie’s beautiful, dusty purple plant and this one right here I love when it gets larger, it just gets more sophisticated. And if you like, I mean serve. Areas are not sophisticated. I guess, but so cute. So different than the Echeverria, Lola? This is Echeverria. Lolita, and it has these ones. These like leaves get very large. Um, they just get super white, and they grow fairly fast as a jibbery. I found that this just grows really fast. Next up is Echeverria. Steam mulans. This has a bit and leaf. I’m trying to find another one, but this just is a gorgeous man. You guys, this is like a winner. I love this one along with Echeverria, Lola. This is Echeverria pink frills right here. It’s also known as neon breakers. This has like, no wonder they call it neon because these edges are so neon even up and like I’m seeing on the camera, It’s not picking it up as well, but they get super neon. This right here is a Chavarria. Blue sky. I feel like this is one of the. If you’re getting in a chipper area, it’s more like a popular one. I feel like to like everyone. At least has an active area blue sky, but I might be mistaken. Maybe nobody has a niche area. Blue sky! Next up is echeverria during burglary. I hope this is one of those that I’m not even sure if it’s I’m if I’m pronouncing it. Right, Hopefully it’s correct as you can see. With the blue curls, they all have a different color, but my favorite. It’s when it has like this red outline to it. See how this one and that one. And that one, they’re all different. Let me show you one over here. Hey, baby, went over here. That’s also gorgeous. It has more of a pink tip, so they’re all different, but they’re all very beautiful, Except is Echeverria elegance, Mexican. Snowball, this is a beautiful Maria. I’ll go, boy this. So this almost looks like an agave, which I really like it’s also pointy, but it’s not gonna hurt you. Obviously your Cheerios don’t have any thorns. What kind of really spiky close to it? The horn. This right here is a cherry, a blue princess or a blue prints and it’s similar to the Black Prince, but this is the blueprints. You know how there’s a black pants? I don’t think I have any of those right now. But I’ll insert a share on the screen. So you guys can identify that one as well. So funny, sorry, guys. I was actually in a stage in my life that I was. Actually I couldn’t. Let go of these. I didn’t want to sell them, but I mean, they’re just so beautiful. I didn’t want to sell them. This is echeverria, violet Queen. Um, this is available only in a six inch. But what a gorgeous bye, guys! Oh, my god! I really love this one. I love how these colors you see. It’s starting to form here, but has the pink edges that are starting to form? That’s when I just get some very gorgeous, and I feel like it’s so symmetrical and perfect that it’s just one of my favorite areas. Is this echeverria white rose? This is absolutely stunning. This is one of the New Orleans that I have in and it’s just a gorgeous plant. I love the edges and of course they do. Get more red with time. Jirรด winces. Nice red edges. These have some drives at all flowers in the way, but it’s just a gorgeous, gorgeous plants as well topsy-turvy, and this is how it looks when it gets more clumped up kind of crested, and I feel like this Just looks like look like, really long nails. Look at them so unique. I feel like this. Is somebody with really long now? It’s like cardi. B is named area. Dusty Rose. I love how pink this gets like. It’s really like the name really describes that dusty rose such a nice, beautiful, dusty pink. I really like this. They’re just really blooming right now. So it’s hard to show you guys a close-up, but it’s just a very gorgeous like, you know, a simple green echeverria, which look how much we have. I have already showed you guys, but this is a different one. Which is that your your lipstick? Kinda looks like your lips are lined at the edges, so beautiful with the pointy edges. This also looks like an agave feels like the edges are very pointing so beautiful and look at them together. Oh, my God, the life of me. But I already showed you guys that shimmery afterglow so beautiful. This is already kind of getting a little bit larger, so I have to transplant that one, but it just looks very gorgeous. A very awesome EDA. If you have a different name for this, please let me know, But this is what we call a echeverria at Selita. Please get me in trouble in the comments If you disagree. But also have you been noticing? I say Echeverria and a lot of people say Echeveria does just how I say it, but you know, it’s probably a Cabiria, but at your various sounds cooler to me, so it’s what we can call them at you. Very golden glow or golden yellow. I forgot which one I’ll put it on the screen. Also a very beautiful color. I feel like I want to eat that one. It looks like a green starburst can defrost very blue waves. I took ice.