Echeveria Moranii | Buying 16 Rose Style Succulents On Amazon For $40/ Echeveria

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Buying 16 Rose Style Succulents On Amazon For $40/ Echeveria


Okay, look at what I got. Look at what I got a box and it’s just fragile. So I went and got my camera because I really wanna open it right away. It’s my box of succulents that I got online and I’m really excited about this because these succulents are supposed to be the rose design, so not like the other ones. Just the ones that look like the rose. They open like the rose. So here we go. This is the kind that I like. Personally, I like the ones that look like roses. It’s very siberians or activations. Oh, look at that, a box inside a box, which is like to build my excitement. Okay, here we go. I was really gonna try this because this is really exciting and, um. The last time I bought some videos turned out so good. They spent a bunch of stuff of the same and, uh. This is the same place I think. Because it’s wrapped the same way, but this was a selected kind of cycling, it says. Radiant rosette collection, assorted of hand selected, fully rooted live indoor rose shaped succulents and this wear 3999 4172 total receipt. So here we go. This is the same way that the other ones came packed in. Oh, my goodness, I’m so excited about this. These are my kind of cyclones. They’re looking so good and they do have the same shape. As the other ones, I mean, then before they just send four heims and you just pack four of them in here. I think maybe not now there is two of each. Okay, and one of them is broken. The one on the top. It was too long, and I don’t know how I’m going to get them out of the box without damaging them. They’re still packed in here. If I get one out without damaging the rest, this is the one that came damaged. Maybe I’ll try that one since it’s already bad. All right, let’s look at this. This one is the one that’s damaged. It’s broken on the top. All right, here! We go look at this guy. He came with one petal or leaf broken all the way to the bottom. So I’m just gonna grab this, and maybe I can produce that, and then, um, look at that. This is a tall one, actually, and this is the one that got broken, and it was actually the prettier one of the two and this is that what got broken, so maybe and just maybe I can reclaim this. Maybe maybe not it has a few leaves on the bottom. I’m gonna try to propagate, and there’s actually one leaf. That was inside the package that has already started a new one and it has a root on it. So where’s? The camera, a set of adorable, adorable light. Green, look at this. These are perfect! These are in perfect condition. They just have a lot of dirt on them. Look at that! This is great! I don’t think these ones get a lot of sun. These are all for indoor. Uh, plants, but some of the red ones do understand. Um, let me show you guys those. This is so exciting! These are so pretty and so much more satisfying than the last box. I got look at this. This is adorable. The dirt got everywhere. I kind of have to shake it off, all right. Look at that! Oh, these are adorable. One is dark and the other one is light, but it’s the same kind, all right for the next two. This little baby. One with the red leaves at the end. Oh, and it has a baby look at this. They’re adorable. I’m so excited about this because if you calculate it and you separate the prices, um, they would end up being about. They were 40 and there is 16 of them in here, so 250 a piece, maybe 240 something. Um, look at this beautiful, beautiful one with pinkish inside and brownish and greenish to the outside. Look at that! This one is pretty big. I think if they’re gonna need repotting. Look at that, I love it. I love these ones perfect and this one didn’t make it that well. Oops, that’s all that’s left on this plant. Um, but I have this plant. I think this is the same one. I have so I’m not too upset about about it. This one is also all broken. Look at this! It came all, and I think it was part broken because this is pretty in funny so but like I said, I don’t really care much. I’ll bring it back to life and I’ll plant the leaves because these leaves are huge, and that’s why they’re really good for propagation. Okay, next one. Oh, this one’s all caught boy. This one is just like they crafted and put it in here. It’s plenty immediately, but look at how adorable she is. Oh, my, it didn’t break today. It just came right out of the thing. You just have to hold it and this one. I thought it was broken, but it’s not broken. It’s just to the side and look, they’re both have leaves that fall on them, and then also they’re both just thrown into this spot. So I have to repack these two. I have a little work to do and the last two and they’re worthy of the last showing because they’re adorable. Their leaves are a little wrinkled. That means they haven’t gotten much water, but look at these. Oh, my goodness, we did so good. I’m so proud of us. So look at this guys, they’re adorable. They’re all ready for replanting because this spot is a little too small for pretty much all of them. They’re all coming out of the pot, but the little ones. These ones are adorable. Look at that! I have to like pack up my face, so I will focus on the succulent it’s. Uh, okay, all right, guys, so, um, that’s it for this video. I’m gonna place them together and I’m gonna show you one more time. All I got for 40 bucks. Um, which I think is pretty good. If you buy one of these succulents, they are about, uh, five dollars each for. If you go to a cheap place, um, but I got them all for 40 Which means I think it does my mouth. If my mouth doesn’t fail me like 250 a piece. Um, so that’ll be five. Ten, fifteen, twenty. Yep, that’s pretty much what it is, a little bit less than, um, 250 each. So thank you for watching the unboxing of these, and I’m gonna be doing an update on all of them and see which ones made in and like this one’s if they survive or what happened to them. And then you guys can see. Um, what is actually that you’re spending with the cyclone that make it out alive? Hopefully they all make it out of life for me. I’m going to try my hardest and it says they’re indoors, but I always like to give a morning sun. So, um, we’ll see how they adapt to that too. Okay, all right, guys, see ya in the next video. Bye, let me show you guys this peace. Yeah, this one didn’t make it that well. Those two are lost. I think but look at that. I mean, you can’t go wrong with that. I’m so happy about those and this one’s. This one’s are really adorable. They have the red ends on them and this is. Um, this is one of those fans that gives babies lots of babies, so look at that. I have a baby, right. There already started from a baby plant or maybe this is just as big as they get. Look at that I’m gonna have to read up on all of these ones. This one also has the red tips on them. So if I put it in the sun in the morning? I bet you they’ll get a little radish at the end. This one needs water. You can tell because the leaves are wrinkled. Let me see if I can find that you can see that. Those are a little bit of wrinkles on the leaves and every time the cyclone has wrinkles. It means it’s thirsty. You don’t necessarily need to water your succulents when they’re dry just when they ask for food, which is when the leaves start to get loose or wrinkled, all right well. This is the one that I’m going to try to save. It took part of the stick, So I’m gonna have to see how I can cut it and this one. It’s okay, still because it was missing like all this side of leaves. And, uh, we’ll try to grow these ones to grow babies out of them Because I can’t really do much with it right now. All right, guys, so that’s my chopping, and I hope you liked it.