Echeveria Moonglow | Graptoveria Care! Moonglow, Amethorum And Bashful!

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Graptoveria Care! Moonglow, Amethorum And Bashful!


Hi, there and welcome. My name is Jason and the planting that I have to share with you today. This is a planting of graft avaria. There’s also a seed him in here, but I just want to really wanted to share with you for one because one of the grabs of areas in bloom and then also I I have been a huge nun of graft of area for a while. They’re actually one of my favorite types of succulents. So I just wanted to share that with you. I and and also why, but as you can see right here. I have a planting of graft, ovarian. I so right here. The one that’s blooming right now. These beautiful pink stems and little yellow flowers that look like little gems. They’re so awesome. This one is called Moon Glow and so it’s grabbed Ovarium moon glow and that, and I just love these, like opalescent like green like leaves. They’re, they’re just really, really neat. Um, this has been a favorite of mine for a very long time. The craft’s a very moving glow and part of the reason, why is its ability to maintain this, like rose that shape? I’m despite the fact that it’s, you know, it can be grown in, like bright shade or very bright shade, but still a lot of succulents that grow in rosettes don’t necessarily stay in the shape of rosette when they’re in a lower lit situation, and I don’t mean lower light like you would grow a poco sin, but for succulents, especially the types that make a rosette, you know, parts unto, like bright shade is like on the lower end of a light spectrum, and sometimes they reach by turning into what looks like a Christmas tree, and then they snap it and it’s no fine, but I. This is an awesome awesome! Plant it’s called craft a very moon glow. Uh, but yeah, as you can see, it’s it. Has these gorgeous, whimsical looking flowers? It’s just an overall awesome plant and this other one. I hope you can see that there. This more like Pinky Looking one. That’s grabbed a very bashful, and because it is blushed like it’s it’s bashful so but, um, but yeah, that’s influence, actually by the Sun and so the more Sun, this plant gets the more like darker pink and more even closer to like, read that the this hue gets and the less Sun. The closer you know, the more green it gets, but in part. Sun, that’s a sweet spot. You get this really nice pink. You with this beautiful old craft of area. So that’s grabbed a variable and then right here. I have graphed a Verya, Ameth Orem, which is really awesome. I super love this one. I love this like sort of like rocky, but also in the sunlight, so I might iridescent Shane. That’s on the leaves. They’re very compact and it’s a very whimsical, looking succulent. I super love grabbed a very on the forum. That’s this one right here and then, right, here’s actually this. I like more like a frosty like char juice green. This is CNN chili. See, um. I’m hoping I pronounced that right, But Fams really say is really awesome. I just love this like compact form. It looks scaly kind of then. I love whimsical fun plants. So, um, this isn’t awesome, sedum. I have this planted with these other. Grab to Avaria. It’s very, very simple planting one of the things. I love about everything that’s in this pot right here is that they all grow in part. Sun, you can grow. Grab Bavaria in parts unto full Sun, and when it comes to like, grabbed a very moon glow this larger one with the flowers, you can plant that in bright shade and I, so I mean, I love the recept ability and, you know, when it comes to the lighting and in their ability to still hold these compact rosettes on their in their form, which is really, really awesome, it’s why. I’ve been such a big fan of graft of area. So, um, I just can’t wait to see this like growing like, really established and fill this pot in because this is a relatively new planting, but, um, but still, it’s, you know, it’s cute. It’s a small, cute little planting. These all will reproduce by, like, sending out new rosettes and then as far as the blooms, you know that the graph to very Moonglow is in bloom right now, with these yellow flowers and the pink stems, the bashful, this like froz one that will bloom when it does. Bloom is yellow flowers as far as the attractive area. AMA forum this more gray like rocky looking one that will bloom with I orange yellow flowers and then the CM chilly sea will bloom with yellow flowers. Uh, as far as cold hardiness, they’re relatively semi cold. Hardy, you know, as with all succulents or not all but a lot of succulents. You want to be careful with frost because for us can really damage them. Sometimes it can wipe out your succulent completely like to kick take cuttings inside. Um, during the winter, so that way. I have like a backup. You know, so if they do get wiped out outside. I always can replant them again in the spring. But, um, you know? I’ve plant, I’ve had grabbed a very a moon glow for quite some time, and I’ve even had this plant outside and that’s this frosty. Oh, Polly, one that I’m pointing at right now. Um, that actually has been outside during like, you know, mild freezes. Where like you know? The grass has frost on it because it got really cold the night before, and it’s actually survived. Just fine, which is pretty awesome so sometimes. I kill and surprise you. Uh, so, um yeah. This is relatively cold, hardy. Yes, you know? I’m sure if it got cold enough, it probably wouldn’t do well, but it’s pretty tough. Um, all these are relatively tough as far as the watering requirements. Um, you just want to give them minimal water, so don’t over water your plants, Um, especially even graft of area. Don’t give them too much water, Allow the soil to dry out almost completely or completely in between waterings, and they’ll be fine. Just don’t let the soil state or really wet for an extended period of time as far as the fertilizer You can fertilize this every other month in the spring and summer, which is a growth season with a succulent fertilizer as far as the soil. Ph, they’re all pretty adaptable, so you know, it doesn’t have to be like alkaline, neutral or acidic. They’re not too picky. If when it comes to the soil that you use, you’re gonna want to use a succulent potting soil anyways, so, and usually that’s already formulated with right at the right pH for succulents, so I would recommend a succulent potting soil for these. You know, you can grow them in sand or loam, but you really. I I don’t recommend trying to grow these in clay. They’ll probably fail most succulents or a lot of succulents, just really struggling clay, because it doesn’t have that drainage that they want. Um, yeah, that. I as far as fun facts. I mean, bees and butterflies. They love these little humble like yellow flowers. Hummingbirds even have succulent flowers. Um, if you’ve if you’ve had succulents and you see them blooming in your garden, big attract hummingbirds, they love succulent flowers. So that’s another fun fact, but yeah. I love whimsical plants. I love these like, really really cute colors and these tight rosettes. They’re just so awesome. That’s why I wanted to share it with you. This is a bunch of graft of area with the sedum. Chile’s see, but yeah. If you have any questions about grabbed over yet or this data, please feel free to let me know in the comments below and once again, thanks for hanging out. My name is Jason.