Echeveria Mensa | Q&a #02 – Usapang Succulents || Common Succulent Problems

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Q&a #02 - Usapang Succulents || Common Succulent Problems


Hello, everyone! Welcome to another episode of Desert Succulents, Q. A the first question is, I cannot see your act 12 rose cabbage. But I would assume that it would look like this. So one of the most common reasons why you add the mango? Succulent leaves are cracking or nagahatiha. Tisila is because of over watering. If we over water, our succulents, what happened is that it would now let the water accumulate the onset leaves at the most succulents, and if these water accumulates among the leaves, it would lead to an increased pressure, which now would turn into the splitting or yum pug crack or paghati hate manga succulently. I would advise that you would try to avoid overwatching our succulents. In addition, our succulent leaves will split if Jung Yin-young succulents are sitting in a potting mix with poor drainage, Mahirapubam maginsi and seller at anungakawinkapakdomating Cnnbagy. If you will just be talking about Bentham Asakudans then it’s gonna be very easy. Madarila magbenta. Especially nowadays that everything is done online, but the most difficult part of it or the most tiring part of it is preparing Manga succulents and it’s not just about preparing. I do myself growing Atema succulents, sometimes through the leaves or sometimes through propagations like this, and it takes time, and you really need to have a lot of patience to grow the succulents because we are doing a business, and if you will not be propagating this succulents then volatile, so that part is the most difficult on the other hand. Being a CNN seller is also fulfilling as much as possible. I would like to meet the expectations of our clients every time I was able to meet the expectation of my customers. Then that’s enough to make me happy as well. hello! After repotting them propagated, leaves propagated leaves. There are two ways on how I water, my leaf propagated succulents, misting, using this one and is watering them using this one. Then that’s the time we will be doing our misting using this thing punk spray but roots. Even if may offset Nasila, you should never miss them yet because they still have their mother leaf, which is now their main source of water, but if for example, and you already transferred them individualized pots or in this case, this is an arrangement and it was my choice to put them here. Misting won’t really that work since and their roots are already buried under the soil. So all we need to do Is we need to water them detox. But we have to make sure not to over water them. Since jungkanilang root system is still very shallow. We will be watering them just enough. Na Marich Yung Kanilan Pinakaru Sababa. So for example, . How many years can I nag Nang succulent for this question? I started collecting succulents for almost four years now, but these 20 20 Lang Talaga young Pinaka peak known adding pancake, especially that Makarov pandemic and we have nothing to do at home. I don’t see an espo you after Mabilisa Garden shops as I kept on mentioning every time You buy your succulents from the garden shop. The very first thing that you need to do is to change Na Young sauna, Innumerous occupants and in order for you to do this. You have to uproot your innumerous accident. There is no specific, succulent nada. But nothing uproot or not uproot. It’s basically your own personal choice whether you’re gonna do it or not, you don’t need to uproot you in your manga succulents, if you think healthy. Naman sila and your succulent is in good condition in their original pot in soil like, for example, this is our Mensa. If you’ve been following our vlogs, you would notice now. Most of my succulents are until now. Nurse Arena pots. We also have this kind of succulent. Judging by the size of it more or less NASA two years nationally. But still, I am not thinking of repotting this anytime soon. Updated the choices for DIY sets next year. Sana dinpo my pe lbcc. Op SF, Thank you for this one for our DIY sets. We have DIY sets from time to time. Although I don’t really post much adding Facebook page these days, you would notice that since I am really focusing on the satin Youtube channel, although you manage orders and they do send a message to me privately and even they send a message to me privately, That’s the time I do reply to them available, especially that I have shifted into uncommon and important succulents these days, um, common succulents, not then before during those months of March until August Union peak season with regards to, I think LBC cop. I understand the most cheaper talagasha and our customers can save from the shipment fee, but the problem nowadays with LBC Is that Sobrang Habano Pila Lage. I need to have at least two to three hours or sometimes four hours just to be accommodated now and like for abyss now they are doing the door to door in a service, and that is the most convenient for me and also you delivering and adding abyss is faster as compared to LBC. I don’t know exactly now. If faster, Nanga buying LBC best you have to prepare at least 300 pesos for the shipment fee. That’s gonna be door to door now, And it’s originally like 190 or 200 pesos, but since we are shipping perishable items or among items, they require an additional 100 pesos around 300 pesos. Thank you, so I think this one is similar. The Unsatin unquestioned kanina. And it has something to do with over watering cannonball the best night behead on succulent! Tapatuba of us are our chenille plant. Now we featured before it has a lot of offsets now. And so if you will be talking about beheading, you can behead them anytime, so for example. This one is already mature enough. We can actually behead this one. We also have this one sub about Mali’t Palancha. But in fact, we can already behead the succulent, even we can already propagate them and we can behead them. Ghanyan sila. After beheading We should not be watering our mother plant and even our stem cuttings for at least one week we need to air dry them first at a bright, shaded area. If you’re asking about the frequency Concatenation offering a beheading is there’s no specific time, But if you’re gonna be beheading your succulents, just do it at once. For example, not beheaded kangayong. Then tomorrow. Maggie, B, head coach. Then the next day you will do it. So if you decided to behead all of these cuttings then just be headed at once. Maintenance or prevention, fungus are very useful and very important at the Mangas oculus. Our succulent’s cassette can develop fungal infections. If we try to move them out of their natural habitat, so for example, originally, it was grown in Baguio city. Then it was a ship to, for example, the lowland areas, and since there is a changing on their habitat or uncanny lung environment, then they are prone to fungal infections. As you know, our succulents, preferring you adding dryness climate and sometimes especially salolan areas, it’s very humid. There’s too much moisture. Now is something that our succulents need to learn how to handle And if they were not able to handle or adopt a kanella new environment, they are prone to fungal infections. There are two kinds of fungicides. We have young contact fungicides and systemic fungicides. New Atima Diethane are considered as contact fungicides so ibizabe and they are on the preventive side among fungicides. They just help to protect leaves and other parts of our succulents against possible fungal infection. You always have to remember to read the label or instructions, so that depends on the brand or a specific product that you are using, for example, right now, it says here Diethane offers longer lasting protection and better disease control than other fungicides in its class, that’s. Why offering nothing bill hinito from our garden shop? We need to soak our succulents for at least 30 minutes to an hours, adding diaphane solution. Then you have to air dry them for a couple of days and you just want to spray it. Put it in the man. You can just simply spray it in your succulents, but that would always depend. It’s a brand nagina gambit. You know, for example, here, Sabine application. We need to add 15 grams or one pack of diethane to five liters of water spray directly on the soil to avoid water marks packaged for single use. The application of our fungicides would really depend usually for contact fungicides. They would last for about 7 to 14 days. Then you really need to reapply once again after that and like for our systemic that could last for a longer period of time, I will be discussing more about Daithane and our fungicides in a separate vlog. That’s all for today’s. Q A if you have more questions, you can just simply comment it down below. Thank you guys for watching. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel. You may also visit our Facebook page at desert. Succulent Ph.