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Echeveria Lipstick


Hi, everybody! This is sherry from secular babies. I am also on Facebook. Succulent babies! Today we are going to be looking and finding out some information about this beautiful. Hechavarria agua voice called lipstick lipstick. Agua boys now Guava. Woods has a guava and, as you know, this plant that is a beautiful, beautiful plant has the shape of their leaves as having spinal reminiscence of an iguana plant as you can see. These pokey little pokers on here are very, very similar to an original of guava, so this is a rosette, forming, succulent plant as you can see, it’s got such beauty as close as I can get without it, not focusing. You can see how beautiful this plant is now. This is a 4 inch container that has a 4 inch plant in it and then this one is a one gallon container and the size of this is a difference of 6 months being that if you leave it in a 4 inch container, the size of it will only get wider. It will not get taller if you do root it into a bigger container, it grows upward and outward in a smaller container, it only goes wider outward. It should get up to about 6 inches, which is like 15 centimeters tall and up to 12 inches in width, so you can see noticeably that that is wider and this one’s kind of like contained, but this one is totally wider and then. I also have one down here, and then this one is for the color that I wanted to show you that it kind of becomes a bit stressed out. So in summer, these plants can become very slender and they go up to 20 inches, so most of them in echeverrias are not complicated to grow. They’re very easy, so let’s let’s talk about how to grow them and to care for them, there’s. A few basic rules. Never let your plants it out in water. We’ve had a lot of rain here in Los Angeles in the last couple days, and it just goes on and on, but none of these plants are suffering Succulents, actually like a lot of water. These plants are really happy that they actually have changed more color than I’ve ever seen before in my life. Too much color is now a problem, So if you if you want to remove the dead leaves from the bottom of the plant to propagate, that’s important too that you can do that that will start new plants for you, and if you like to know how to propagate them. I could do a video for you. Just leave a comment down. And if you like my channel, please give it a thumbs up and let me know that you like my channel. I appreciate it so repotting. It would be important Also. Let’s talk about how I reported it. I did have this one in a four inch container, but I want them to become bigger so that they can create offsets, offsets or babies. And, of course, I’m secular babies, so the more babies. I get the more I enjoy having these succulents. I do so many. I I create more and more. I cut them! I propagate them and I have so many and my group secular babies. I do sell a lot of my plants on there. So you’re you’re very welcome to come. Join us so reporting it. All I had to do was putting it. Put it into a bigger container. Isn’t that great? And if you have such beautiful weather that we’re starting to get spring is only like eleven ten days away. It’s gonna start warming up. I know it’s kind of hard. If you live in a place where you have a lot of snow and the weather is really really poor, and you just want to get out and you want to basically start your plants, you know? I’m I’m I’m all for listening to you. I have stuff that I am growing everywhere. I have lettuce growing. Thank you so much! Pam, I see that you’re on. I can. I can see. I can see how people really love these plants and it’s so important to have some warm weather and to keep them growing and to take care of them and these plants. These plants love the Sun. So let’s just catch the Sun. I always catch the Sun for them. Moving them onto the stone. Because what they do is they change colors. You do know that they can become very, very dark colored red. Okay, all right, guys. If you have any questions and comments, please join my channel. Please join me at circular babies on Facebook. I do have sales and I look forward to talking to you. I also started a succulent society group in El Segundo, California. Our first meeting is going to be on March 23rd at twelve to one at two zero zero seven South Hugh’s Way in El Segundo. Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can till then have a beautiful day.