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Giveaway Echeveria Holy Gate Thank You Reaching 2k Subs


Hi, guys! I have such exciting news for you guys. I’m doing a giveaway because I reached 2000 subscribers and in appreciation of all of you guys subscribing and following me, I’d like to give away one of my echeverria. Holy Gates to a lucky winner. And all you have to do is comment below with the place where you live and but I’m sorry that I can’t open this contest for everybody outside the United States. I’m sorry about that until I find out how much it would cost me to mail something there as soon as I find that out. I’ll open it back up again for another person to win outside the United States. But yesterday, when I was in my garden, I saw some babies and holy Gates each fairy. Holy Gates are so prolific in making babe and I’m going to do a raffle raffle. Everybody that makes a comment within a week so a week from today. It’s the end of the raffle, so comment below and get your free Holy Gates. My appreciation to say thank you for following me and for just supporting me in everything. Thank you so much bye. Hello, hello. Everybody, okay, so this shirt or this planter right here is about to fall apart and I have two holy Gates. Echeverria, holy Gates, I’m going to plant one in ground and I will reserve one for a pot, but if you notice underneath, there’s a bunch of babies, a bunch of Pops, so what I’m gonna do when I reach my 2000 mark of subscribers, I am going to give away one of these pups. Sorry, but for now it’s going to have to be in within the United States until I figure out how much the mailing their postage would be to send some outside of the United States, But because this is falling apart. I’m going to transfer one into this pot right here. It’s a terra cotta pot, So I’m going to pull it out. Okay, so I saved you the aggravation of watching me trying to pull this out of the planter now. I’m going to have to cut the babies off and to do that. I will be using an exacto knife just to make sure that I don’t hurt the stem at all the mother stem. I’m just gonna go in and cut right there just sideways there. Look how pretty, and I’m not too concerned about the main plant because it’s just, I know it’s gonna have just keep having babies this and my Umbra cotta seems to be the most prolific in giving out shooting out pups, so if you’re in the market for the various that are prolific. Those two are what my recommendations are for you. I mean, up three so far and as you can see, there’s still some more coming up there, and I’m just going to remove this right here is broken because that right, there is attractive to fungi, So we’ve got a pretty clean cut there. I’m just gonna remove every single one because it’s. I know it’s going to give me some more pups in the future. I’m not going to take out the tiny little one there because I know it’s not going to survive if I do that. So the dead ones are even so this one goes in the planter in the pot and I’m not going to water this for about a week just to acclimate the the plant and see you home also. I found that if I put rocks around it like the dressing like it seems to attract newly bugs, so I’m just gonna leave it very, very natural filling it in, I’m also going to leave this inside the greenhouse so it can rest in there away from the elements. But I will cut this. No, there’s like a brown part right there. I’m just gonna cut right above where it’s the green. Because I don’t like to look at that. Hi, it’s windy today, so this goes inside the greenhouse, and I have four babies, pretty babies or a pretty baby. So one of you guys are gonna get one of these babies, So leave a comment and the other one. I’m going to plant and the in my garden. Maybe I’ll show you. Okay, So this is where I want to put my edge of area right here, right in the middle. Because I feel like it’s gonna get so big that it’s going to take up this whole space right here, at least 10 inches and I’m just going to dig, And if that Earth is still pretty good. Oh, look, it’s a friend, right there, friend. The worm. So I’m just going to use the same soil, the planter Because there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a matter of fact it was thriving in this soil, actually, and then. I’m going to add just add some worm castings to get. It started these beautiful, black and gold. Right there. Her this one also has pop some removing the positive. I’m reserving that soil because there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s actually really good soil if I can remember see, and it’s still wet, It’s still pretty moist down here, so I don’t have to water it for about a week, but look how compact all the babies are in this one, So I don’t know how I’m going to attach that. I suppose I can remove. It’s all around actually so compact. I have a good mind to just leave it the way it is, oh! I see a space in their space right here where I can get to it. Ha, you got one? No, actually, that’s crested. Twins right there. That’s a good one. This is tiny one. I’m hoping that this would survive, but I don’t know can’t. Be sure you also want to clean your loot. This one has a root. This is great, the bad guys root clean your ear knife after every use, so it doesn’t first of all. There’s like sap that gets on it. Can you guys see of all? The dead leaves and plus removing the pups will actually lengthen the life of the main plant. So because that’s taking. Oops, ouch! I just poked myself. That’s taking a lot of energy of the mother. You can see some okay, so I’m just way too. I’m a spread and face it a little bit angled towards me so that when it grows it past that angle to be showy show off you, there we go so. I got my alga voyage And now I have my holy gate. Does anybody know the name of this, echeverria? This one right here. I bought that at the succulent garden and it doesn’t have a name so asking them what it is, but I have not gotten a response back My afterglow, right there or Fred. I keep saying, Fred Eyes. That’s a Fred eyes. Wait, here’s a ghost plant. Part glance it’s coming along.