Echeveria Hercules | Repotting An Echeveria – Echeveria ‘hercules’

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Repotting An Echeveria - Echeveria ‘hercules’


Hi, everyone! Thoma’s, win here. So in today’s video. I’m going to be repotted this icky Veera and here in the garden zone, this is a kuvira Hercules or a Chavira, Hercules, and so I’m going to put it on my rear potty, but probably put it back in the same pot. The real one, the reason on repotting is because it’s really heavy, and I think it’s not draining very well at all, so we’re going to address that today. Gonna put it extra bit of reaching the bottom to help. Drain the first thing I wanna do is tip away the grit on the top into a tub, so I can really using it as much as I can, so I can review later on save. Okay, tips a lot away there, so I’m putting a trait down on the surface of certain caches, which is compost possible to dispose it later. Okay, in all of my pots, There’s well as having a big tank that you can sing buried in the soil. I have a little tiny tag with the name of the plant on the favored loses big main tag. I can always find out what the plant is. The first thing we do, it’s really, it’s incredibly heavy. I’ve got lots of other pop stuff. Sighs, none of them are these heavy. Even though they’ve got the same compost mix in, so we know there’s something wrong there. See, top, not grown very well at all in there really poorly grown us, and you just see, it’s so oily, so so wait. I’m now just looked so at the bottom here. As you can see here, it’s just apps you can see in this pot. But the soil is so wet, Actually, so we’re in Ted Rain for a while. It’s just absolutely drench. That’s probably why it’s not growing very well at all. It’s not much thought to take away the first thing. I’m going to do is yeah, there’s the old leaves here that have just dried up. So if I can, I’m gonna try and remove, but if you can’t don’t worry about it, don’t force them. Now then you use these old leaves are not coming off, so not worry about it too much. So you can’t see that him, no some of them. Just come off, so these leaves have dried up, because because these this is a succulent Anis. So it stores all its water in its amazing extent, and so when it’s growing, he takes the water really. De tus leaves in order to keep the plant growing, so they do dry up a nice, absolute fine. It’s using that water to tell the plant grow. Just go around stripping the leaves shipping. The old these you’ve got to make sure your onion either really dried up leaves. You’ll see them, they’re completely bound, right, so that plants narrow it to pot up. I’m not happy that pot at all, so I’m not going to use it again. It’s not as good with the way to go in that pot. I’ll just knock out the rest of soil because I haven’t got pot this size. Yeah, absolutely saturated this. All really, really just thick, wet and horrible. The soil is so wet in there. So I’m going to use the same pot because I haven’t got a bigger one. Um, seriously, address this issue right now. I’m gonna Cupola scope. So this six millimeter grit. I use it to top off the books. It’s the only extra drop me. I’ve got the minute turn. Got much per line left, sir. For the savings by the two scoops of this grid, right to edit two scoops of compost. This is 30 to 40 percent perlite to 60 to 70 percent multi-purpose compost. Now we mix it together and the rate and the way. I’d noticed this something was wrong and his pop drain then was draining because I picked it up and I feel the weight and was picked up pots similar a similar size and the no way name is heavy, so I can tell straight away. There was something wrong if I’m mixed up. So really now, really, really Nice. Gritty Mixer mix now. This is it could a bit of drainage at the bottom of that pot to ensure that this never happens again. Now it becomes so for slugs because it hasn’t been grown. Very well at all. This ecumene your. Hercules and I wondered what it was and I so today I figured it out because they’re probably the song was that way, so that’s got quite a bit in there. Now, a really nice gritty mix. So what I’ll do is Ill. Fill the rest up with the novel, But this time when I’m not going to fill this anywhere near to the top, I’m going to leave, Probably about this much space from the top, so I’m going to probably put about two millimeters on top dress on which I use six millimeter Griffs anything between three ML up to 10 minutes. Absolutely, so keep fill this up. Oops, and the reason we use a top dress, It’s really important for echeverrias because because they grow low and they grow on the surface of the compost. If they’re sucked me in contact with bit compost, the leaves rot and the whole plant could rot. I’ve had plants before that have rotted and got moldy because they sat on that wet compost. So you live in, you learned? Oh, yeah, so now they see. I haven’t filled it up near the top of lift front of it. That much space about an inch. At least so now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna just quickly lift it up and check the feet. Yeah, that’s perfect, absolutely perfect. You can see just sitting nice on the top. Wiggle it in a bit now. I’m gonna top this a really thick layer, so we’re gonna use probably bit well. Enough center. If you six milk great, put your really nice thick layer on the top now. That’s when it when these groans and they sit on the way to compost not gonna rot, so I’m gonna be using quite a lot of the grit on this pot, but that’s alright, because I want to make sure my using my hands. Two fingers just push it force it down into the soil, so there’s no air pockets. Pockets are really really bad, so just force it down a bit of a shake today when Itoh and as you can see, I need a bit more on the top still. I’d rather use more now and do it right, and after doing twice, so lots around again around for me it up there. The reason it seems such a big pot when the ridge’s first of all is because happy tapas. I don’t want it to be massively overhanging in the pot because then it’s really hard to water because there won’t be much soil exposed much of these the actual free so accessible. So if I have anything, this quite a large pot, it’s gonna ensure that there’s plenty of spurt, the plenty of free space to water so now. I’m gonna put my little attack in as we’ll put on your tag and the big tag there you go, and that’s done much better. It’s really a heavy now. These fees, at least a note to not waterlogged and it won’t be waterlogged. Thanks for watching today’s video. I hope you’ve learned something. Thank you and goodbye.