Echeveria Harmsii | Echeveria Love – Echeveria Harmsii

Jack Spellerberg

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Echeveria Love - Echeveria Harmsii


Hey, everyone! I’m Jack echeverria. Nice to meet you But more on that in a little bit today. I wanted to show you something. That’s both exciting and a little troubling at the same time, even though I don’t have very many echeverria, they’re one of my favorite succulents. I mostly have Kromah and Pearl Von Nürnberg. This one here is a Croma. The one back here you can barely see as a pearl von nürnberg. This one here is an unknown variety That’s getting leggy. This one is a pearl of all nürnberg. This one’s a Rama lapped That has two little babies on it. And this one here is a pearl of a nürnberg baby, and then behind it is another Pearl Von Nürnberg, but what? I wanted to show you was this one right here? This is an edge of area harm, see? I it is one that I got quite a while ago and I had left it in. It’s pot from the store. Which is this little? What three inch? I believe that is and so over time what has happened? Is this one’s become very leggy now. I’ve seen other pictures where these grow like this normally. What’s got me worried about this? Plant is there’s only two stamens, one here one here and off each stem. There’s two shoots that have branched off, so there’s really four tops all together that are actually growing, and that’s the concerning part. The exciting part is, it’s actually flowering. It’s got a beautiful little red flower with kind of yellowy tinges on the outside and you can see on the inside and it’s kind of wiggling now because there’s a fan circulating air in my room. Sorry about that without that fan. It just gets too hot and humid in here. The thing that’s interesting about some of the flowers on succulents, is they don’t. Open all the way up like you would expect like a garden flower to the hora. Thea bloom. That I showed just never really opened up all the way, but it was very beautiful and this is the same way. I don’t think it’s going to open up. You know, to kind of resemble like a rose or like a daisy. I think they stay kind of compact, and that’s one of the things I find interesting about these kind of plants. One of the things I’m worried about. Is the flower taking the energy from this plant, it takes a lot of energy to produce a flower and to try and have it open in the hopes that it’s going to get pollinated, produce seeds to carry on its genetic traits. I’m faced with a decision to intervene And with this somehow I need to either. Pull some of these leaves off and try and propagate them or take the real risk and behead one of these, possibly this biggest one here and try and get it to root so that I can keep this plant. One of the other things I’m considering is cutting this flower off to try and save the energy of this much of area. I can’t make up my mind which one to do. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and I’m gonna have to make a decision because I just feel that this plan is not long for this world, and I’m sad because it was so cool-looking when I first got it, it was the only one there and the only one that I’ve seen in my area and I’m hoping that I didn’t wait too long to take action. I don’t feel like I did. I wanted to make this video just in case it did die, but I can look back on it and admire its beauty, and I also wanted to share with you. Some of the things that happen when you grow succulents, probably more, so when you grow them indoors because they are kind of stretching out towards that light, you can see in the background. This unnamed variety here has three babies kind of coming off of it and they’re legging. They’re tall, They’re stretching out towards the light. This pearl von Nürnberg stretched out absolutely beautiful. It’s got some red kind of harriel root’s coming off of here. I have to make a decision. Pull off some of these leaves and try and get babies to form from them. He had this thing here. Callus it over and try and root it bury this stem deeper and have these roots kind of grow out into the soil and maybe a can carry on, but run the risk of the stem rotting by burying it deeper in the soil. So that’s it for the echeverria love. I just want to show you this beautiful flower and give you some ideas to think about if you grow edge of areas or any other kind of succulents, and maybe, especially if you grow them indoors under a light. Now, what did I mean by Echeverria? Nice to meet you so, yeah, this is what. I’m talking about at Chavarria. Nice to meet you. It’s a play on. It’s very nice to meet you. Succulent shirts, yes? I’ve got a couple of different designs. I’ve got a cactus design. I’ve got a garden design. I’ll put a link down below in the description. Go check them out if you want well. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, click that thumbs up for me. If you didn’t click that thumbs down, that’s fine. Subscribe to see more videos and click that bell next to it so that you’re notified when I upload a new video and until the next time thanks for watching you?