Echeveria Green | 39/100 Echeveria Ice Green • Icy Green Succulent Care Guide

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39/100 Echeveria Ice Green • Icy Green Succulent Care Guide


Hello, everyone! Welcome to desert succulent. And today we will be featuring Echeveria ice green. This kind of succulent is a low-growing ornamental plant. They are also popular among succulent collectors and hobbyist because of its appearance. It has this very thick, succulent leaves, so probably if we’re gonna be measuring this one. This is about two centimeters wide and about four centimeters long and also young kanelang leaves are coated with this farina, that’s! Why I’m trying to avoid it as much as possible. Ice Green or Echeverias in general, are considered polycarpic so Ibik Sabihin known. They may flower and give us seed all throughout the year until Nama Matasila. So if you’re in the end, you would be expecting that they will be flowering not just once but multiple times in a year, Unlike the Ebama succulents, not annually or once a year long silang blue young flower now would look like this since they can set their own seeds. Then you can simply harvest it and grow it in any case. Nah, you don’t have your natural pollinators, nothing such as the butterflies, the bees and the birds in young garden. Then what you can do is to manually pollinate it. So if you have a small brush brush, then you’re just going to leave it for several weeks until Magdalena. Then eventually you can start harvesting young kanilang seeds, But in my case right now since Jung Kanyeng Flower Stock as you can see is, I will just try to cut Young Canyon Flower stock so that you adding ice green would be focusing on growing itself and not the adding flower. So you can just simply cut this. If you don’t want to cut it, then it’s also your choice. They should be receiving your morning sun or afternoon sun or both as much as possible for you to maintain a young ganitom look and young compact shape. So Bhaktitina Natin dito in this angle, you would see NASA Brandi kit decade Young Canyon leaves, and that is really our main goal. If we are growing our ice green, succulent. Because once they will be lacking young sunlight, my kitten stem and there’s gonna be gaps in between Hanyang leaves. That is what we call Nayu ating ethiolation. And that is something that we are trying to avoid Pero. 50 filtration is recommended to avoid Namasan bursila, especially in it and you won’t be expecting, they will be giving you a pink color or red color or any other colors, but as simple as this literally parang icy green young canyon color, they are not really sensitive so kaneland containers and soil mix as long as they have a good drainage, medium or soil as you can see here. I just made use of this recycled. Parang take out food container the disadvantage of using these kind of clear containers, whether that’s plastic or glass is that it’s very prone to algae growth, but for me, it’s not really a big deal as long as healthy, your acne, succulent and I will just be repotting it on acting ice green, if totally outgrown, you know, pot for my soil mix soil mix, so it’s a combination of vermicompost. You’re adding pumice stones and we have the cocoa peat So even if not Mulan for a week, I’m not really worried. Na over water. You know, acting ice cream propagating. This is also very simple. All we need to do is to pluck a leaf gently from its stem and making sure Nadinati Madame Canyon leaf sounds simple to do, but it’s quite complicated, especially if we are dealing with this ice green, succulent. Now, very compact shock is a if you will be plucking or removing young Kanyon leaves. It was up in the gitner. I think, and I’m sure that it won’t be successful around it, so it’s going to be difficult for us to remove it unless we will be beheading Ito using your adding string method. Then in that way, we can successfully not remove Your Manga leaves now. We won’t be doing that one, but I will just be sharing to you. This one ayantiba remember young flower stalks. It has these kind of leaves, and instead of simply throwing them away. What you can do is to remove it again so can actually grow into a new ice green, succulent and so gently Remove it and that’s it you have already, uh, leave propagation. We will just allow Na to Manga leaves with colors over for the next coming days, then after you can just lay them, say in young soy mix and Lastly, Tongati manga ice, green or ichibarias in general, are very prone Some mealy bugs in Kanina. I have seen a very healthy. This is how Mili bug looks like, and most of the time. Talaga nandito se lana pizza manga flower stocks. If you see these mini bugs in your mass succulents, you can immediately remove them. It would definitely affect the overall health Nang innum ice green. They won’t really kill them in just one day or quite one month silang nanjang They won’t really kill your succulent immediately. But slowly they will surely will so since we were able to cut it on adding flour stock, then we can just throw this away, but if you wanted to make sure Na Mama Tai Itun Mili bug before disposing it, then you can make use of, uh, 70 isopropyl alcohol. So this is the most easiest and the most convenient way for you to kill, and let’s try not yet I will be spraying it and look what happens so in just one application, you have seen how young canyon color changes then now. It turned into this button yellow color. It’s how our isopropyl alcohol works, barrier or outer covering, but no more. There’s no sign of life. I can’t even see now. My gum gala. Usually you can see that, but now it’s already dead. That’s all for our ice. Green, succulent! Thank you guys for watching. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel. You may also visit our Facebook page at desert. Succulent Ph.