Echeveria Giant Blue Curls | Echeveria Giant Blue Curls

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Echeveria Giant Blue Curls


Ah, hello. How are you friends in today’s video? I’m going to show you how to behead one that I would see, see. What does it take to decapitate them? Well, first of all that have a tall stem, as is the case with this plant. If you realize it and it is a old plant is one that would see handlers that is is not as giant as it is supposed that it was. It was very, very, very, very large. It was filled. Is this pot then? That is why it is called giant blue because it is to grab more bluish tones blue. But now it looks a little greener quote and the courses for these waves that are made if they realize it and it is a large specimen as we are going to behead. And in this case, he used a gardener’s scissors of cut from whatever scissors. Many people have for gardening. They recommend leaving about two or three things down. I don’t really leave any leaves. I have never liked to leave leaves, and we are just going to do a cut. Wait, wait, wait! I already did it, but it did not go through. The whole leaf did not go through the whole plant because it has a very thick stem. Let try not to make it. There is a passage to or to give in the same place and. So the recipe is ready, friends. Now, what are we going to do, for example? I have this earth prepared, but I am not going to use it later. Then I think I I will wait. See, the cut must be clean and these hours are old. Then there is no problem that they withdraw. I’m going to put a contact fungicide on this piece of trunk and on this piece. I’m going to put an equal root from the trunk. Let me right now, if friends see well. I have here a brush and with the brush. I’m going to grab and place and see like this is a little while because I think we do like last time that I use it and placed the contact fungicide here that is going to prevent any fungus or pathogen from entering that may affect our main stem and accelerated the healing process this. I will achieve well once I have put the fungicide. I did not care to clean it and brush does not matter because it will help you to the other to the other stalk. So now I’m going to take my filmmaker, and I also put it on directly little by little little by little and ready friends. See how easy there is that you do not have to use much with a literal little brush. Whatever the little brush takes is what he is going to put on and ready, Let the plant heal. They like three days three days like that. I just won’t even plant it. I just left it resting on the ground. If you realize my ground was dry and u alone, it will begin to take root and after those three days now, if I do pressure, I put their pebbles on top so that the water drains well and is everything that needs to be done with one that would see capital, and it is already left, Just like that without doing anything else. They keep watering them. Giorno, watering up inside a week, actually just watered 34 days ago, and it’s all it takes to make friends. Both are for agricultural use so both. I get them in specialized places that sell pure things for agricultural use, already be fertilizers, insecticides, soil agro perlite pots, and it is all that is needed friends, the fungicide and the rooted me before no. I used nothing but literally, the link that you would see they do not need in. I am actually alone because with this, I accelerated the processes. The rooting is much faster and the stalk in this case. Super – mushroom and it is going to start to sprouts. Come out of this same plant. And as I repeat, I do not leave. I do not leave. Leaves in the stems, and there are many people who are left. But how you work that is what they can do. They can realize it because my same substrate that you have always used the one that I have already shown you many times, and I always leave the label to know which plant is the one that is going to sprout here because they already know that in. I lived them flowers. Well, in which they come from the flora because it is national and flora. All the plants are very similar, so when they are little, they look the same and the genetic expressions. Show them to be adults. This case was beheading for old age. This case was beheading for the longe for rape and see who ate a caterpillar. You do not think it is a fungus and it began to lengthen because I put it in greenhouse and was used to direct sun. Then thanks to that. It is shot and well, what did I have to do to make the plant? Look beautiful again. I already took the main recipe in the sun. You can see, this is one that I would see. Gordon is sprouted and it has already sprouted. See how many shoots there is one here another here? Another here another. In reality, they are very, very, very noble plants that sprout easily and quickly. I recommend doing the beheadings in spring, but as they are inside the greenhouse, there is no problem and they sprout very, very fast. So that’s how these plants are friends. I hope you liked the video that serves you, and then nothing. I invite you to subscribe and give like and share the video so you can realize it is detailed already once remove the children that is once you remove all these children because this stem already it’s useful. Life is over. It is going to compost friends because I hope you have liked, and I invite you to subscribe.