Echeveria Galaxy Blue | Leggy Succulent – Galaxy Blue

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Leggy Succulent - Galaxy Blue


Hi, guys! This is lucky sucky, and thank you for watching this video ahead of time. But I just wanted to show you that I. Um, got this galaxy blue. And it used to be so pretty, but, um, I moved into. Um, I have a she shed where I can keep all of my succulents. And, um, I put this inside and it was actually on a shelf sitting on a shelf, but because, um, I left it inside. I figured that it’ll be fine, but it started to become really leggy, and this is what it looks like. So what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna try to propagate it for my own self. Um, just so it can look pretty again. Um, because it is really to me. Probably no point in having it like this long, so I’m gonna go ahead and do that, and I’m going to cut the top and then from what I know that it is hard to propagate this plant with the leaves using the leaves, so ill. Keep you guys updated. Um, of what happens after, uh, I’m not sure how many months it’ll grow, but hopefully some growth and I can update you on this so again. This is galax the galaxy blue. And it used to be so pretty easy to look like that, But then when you actually turn it sideways. It looks like that, so I, you know it’s definitely loving the heat in the shed, but it’s not loving that it’s not probably not enough light so and it’s extending out towards the light. Alright, so here we go just keep on watching. If you guys want to see what I do with this plant and I have to have a bucket in here because this is actually my computer desk. I’m working on, and it gets really really messed up with all the soil. So here it is, I’m just gonna probably just gonna cut the leaves here, just kind of, like, not cut, but just pull so that way. I have some room and you have to do it like, really nicely. That one wasn’t really all that great, all right there. We go, here’s another one there, another one. Hopefully those guys will propagate and grow some more new galaxy blue. It’s really, really not as crispy, but the leaves are breaking, so I’m really not sure what’s going on with this plant. So just letting you know that if you guys have, um, if you live in a, uh, an elevation of 4 500 Um, this might not be a good plan for you. Because, um, it’s you know, I’m here. In California, but in the mountains, it gets warm and lately it was actually up to 90 degrees. So my plants were inside my shed and for a um for, uh. What do you call that for it to grow here? I it it! Um, I was doing fine. At first, but then it got hot and then at night when the sun comes down, it gets cold because then again we are in the mountains. So what I’m going to do? Is I’m just going to cut this part right here? Just coming off, mostly almost coming out really easily. If you guys have any comments, let me know. Um, some of those. The, um, leaves didn’t cut out right so those are not gonna grow any babies And just actually. I’m just gonna leave it like that. Maybe cut like the tip. So you know what let’s leave it like that and see what happens. All right, actually. When I bought this, it looked really pretty. But it also looked like it was cut from the top and that part grew a little bit longer, so it wasn’t like the best Galaxy Blue that I purchased. Um, I think I have another one, but, um, I’m not too Sure if I if I have it, but this is what it looks like from the front and then from the side. It looks like that. Let me know what you guys think and leave any comments and let me know if I should cut this up. But I think I’m going to leave it like this for now. Thanks for watching, have a great day.