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Echeveria Collection And Tips For Care And Propagation


Hi, everyone in. Happy New Year. This is my first video in 2020 and what a better way to start a new year than to look at something so beautiful as Echeverria. Today, I want to show you close up my Terraria collection and give you a names of all the experience that I have, which will hopefully help you identify your plans and also share some tips for propagation and care for this group of succulents, so when I started collecting succulents about 4 and 1/2 years ago, I didn’t have achieve areas and I really was certain that I’m not gonna collect them. I don’t know why I wasn’t attracted to this group of Succulents. I think it was about 2 years into my collecting succulents that I got a first Echeverria, which was a Echeverria probe on n├╝rnberg and then in the last year and a half. I acquired so many of them, and I really enjoyed beautiful colors and shapes, and they’re just so fast. They’re so pretty they look like, you know. They came from a bedding or an event arrangement because they’re shaped like rosettes and they pretty much look like they’re always blooming. They look like blooms. So I’m really excited to show you how they’re doing. They have been inside this year for the first time, and I concluded here in Michigan with that short window of five months of nice weather that we have that HM areas do better staring inside whole year under LED lights. I’m gonna take them off the shelves so you can see them close-up so let’s start. So here is my area. They’re very sensitive when you touch them, you know, that film gets removed and these are propagations. They have been struggling with mealy bugs, so I had to spray them a few times, but they are growing and they’re looking pretty good. They will rooted and yeah. This is where they had some mealy bugs right at the bottom of the stem. And then I have another one here that was beheaded, so that is also growing to new rosettes and this one I have wasn’t really hundred percent. Sure, if it’s a problem, Berg or something similar to it, it was. I think part of the arrangement that I got at some point in the past. Then here I have Echeverria, Lil Athena or ghost Echeverria. I not sure if this is the same one. I think it is because it looks pretty much Same shape and color. This one got a little bit more pink, because it’s closer to the light then. I have a Chavarria sha. Fionna here. A beautiful rosette. That’s like a bluish, purplish color, And then here, my topsy turvy atcha. Various, actually, these two. I got from Emily in swap. And then these are a chip areas that we’re mine. I propagated a ton of topsy turvy of areas. They are very prolific edge of areas and they were outside so they did stretch a bit and I ended up beheading and propagating these too, and I think that they have a compact look again, but they’re growing some more babies here underneath. They usually have a lot of babies here. I have something that looks very similar to a Chavarria lolly, But I don’t, I don’t think it is. It may be some kind of hybrid really pretty light pink with a little bit of purple. Then this is a Chavarria prolific ax. That hasn’t been very prolific in the last half a year. They are kind of resting during the summer time, so I it was noticeable how it started growing in full. It was quite small order summer, and then it just like started growing and getting bit into big rosette and started shooting a new one. So finally it’s kinda. I can see some progress with it. This is my echeverria ricotta that I got from Mountain Crest Gardens and hasn’t really grown very much. I don’t know why, so there is another one that I have. It’s kind of similar to it. I don’t know if it’s such very Atlantis or also. Chavarria Umbra cotta. I’m not 100% sure, but there is some difference with Leafs in color, and then there is here. A Chavarria, Violet queen, and this one that I don’t know Id. It’s really tiny has been dining for quite a while so here. I have an etching area that I got from Katz. Greenhouses in Chicago. I think it looks like some kind of hybrid, so I’m not sure about the exact idea of this one this one here. I also don’t have Id, it’s beautiful. It has like a really interesting of leaves. You did have mini bucks and I sprayed it here with alcohol, so I had a little bit of damage on the leaf, but this is all new growth, so it looks really pretty. So if you don’t name this one, I would really love to know, and then I have a Chavarria elegance. It’s kind of cute looking and then Echeverria elegan’s blue, which I had a really big one and I beheaded it. These were just I think. Leave Propagations And then stop selling the bigger, bigger head and save these little ones that keep growing. So here is my echeverria neon breaker. It’s just so beautiful. I love the such of area. And and she believes it was so tiny for so long and I could just see in the end. The fool that it started perking up and growing bigger then. This is my area rainbow. That really loves being under pink. Led lights and it’s doing really well. I think it’s recovering and growing new leaves. I’m really happy. This one definitely produce roots roots faster. Then the other one, which I’m gonna show you in a little bit then. I have a cherry Lola. It’s just such a cute echeverria. You see, there’s like blue and pink. I feel like the camera cannot even catch all the colors. Well, just so pretty. And then there’s tiny little rosettes there. And then here is my beheaded echeverria. Texas Pearl that he’s growing a lot of rosettes, but it kept getting mealy bugs actually had mealy bugs When I beheaded it and they just kept reappearing, so I have to just now spray it, so it’s not gonna go back under like LED lights. This is the head! This is the stem and this is one of the leaves and they all Are this one rooted and just so many back there, so I had to spray it, so these are kind of clean from the mealy bugs, but they are not looking. The best so here is some of the darker color achieve areas. I have here, It’s a very a thinness or popularly called Black Knight. I love this beautiful. You know, dark, deep, deep red black color that it gets when it’s under lights. Then I have a Chavarria for Personam. It gets this red color and under LED lights, Then I have, eh? Various Silver Queen. Also beautiful one. It did have mealybugs so it has been sprayed and I don’t know if it’s bad that caused this damage on the leaves or its edema, but this one is struggling a little bit. It’s actually firm. I don’t think it’s gonna be lost, but it doesn’t look, it’s best and then I have here. The chip area painted frills. It’s just so much fun like such beautiful colors. And then this one here is a Chavarria Mensa. I think I got this one rosette from Home Depot, and it kind of rotted half away. I think in May when I was on vacation and it started fixing itself and from that half a plant, it started growing three rosettes that were attacked by mealy bugs and I have to spray them, so that’s where the damage on these leaves, but this is all new growth this fall and it’s really firm. Beautiful colors. I really like this one, and then I have here. A Chavarria hug. I to me totally mine. Since I think it’s called gets this very interesting, deep purple. That’s very unique, compared to any other achieve areas and shape of this, such a very is different. It almost reminds to grab to various, and this one also was had some kind of fungus and I had to, you know, be had a plant to throw away the top because it wasn’t doing well and I just wanted to see what happens and it started growing Three rosettes and they all say to be pretty good, pretty healthy. They were attacked by mealy bugs at some point, and I had to spray them, but overall here is the one that leaf. Overall, they’re doing really good and then here is a chip area Chroma, pretty fussy, Echeverria, but it seems to be doing well under Ellen. I have been trying, not watering too much. Some of the leaves do have a little bit of black-ish, so I don’t know if it got burned or I sprayed it accidently with something so here, I have what I think it’s a chip area. Allegra, I’m not a hundred percent. Sure, and then I have the one that’s opposite from topsy turvy. My brain stop. But I will find Id for this one. And this one kind of is growing really like smaller in the center, so I don’t know why that that’s that future areas do that. Then there is a chip area soup cellars that is doing really good. In the last two months, it was quite small altar summer and then. I have a dusty bruised eye. I had one rosette and I think I sold that beautiful rosette and beheaded it. And then two new ones grew out of it. They’re just so pretty so I don’t know if I’m gonna be had these again and propagate more. They grew pretty fast, and then they have a very a bonus, which I find one of the most fussy at you various. They just keep losing leaves. I don’t know, like if I don’t water them. Then they dry if I water them, and they have loose leaves like it’s too much water, and they’re like super dry when I water them, so they’re like I find them really fussy, but they’re really pretty very distinct from other HOAs with that red edges on the leaves. So here is my echeverria. Compton Carousel that I just recently got, and I think this is the fifth lead that it’s losing, so these come with as cuttings and they take a while to root, so they lose a lot of leaves while they’re rooting. It’s a very fussy. I think sensitive area. So lets cross fingers. It’s going then this one here. I would love to know I’d for this one somebody. I think Emily said maybe it’s Lola, but it’s not. I have Lola. And it’s very different anyway. It was growing. It was very prolific, kind of like topsy-turvy and it was growing a lot of babies underneath. So this is where it was originally. And I beheaded it and I will show you when I decided to do that. It’s a beautiful, beautiful rosette here. It is guys just gorgeous. I prepared already a pod for it, so I’m just gonna place a little bit of rooting hormone on it and this time since I cannot place it in, I’m gonna just use the brush to get a little bit of rooting hormone on doesn’t. Have any debris, so it’s ready to go there? These are the babies. There is one two three, four five five that I see, so I’m gonna clean up the debris a little bit because some of them were having dry leaves, and I’m gonna try to give it good place under lights and hopefully they will grow bigger and these are old babies since I’d be headed it. You know, they are growing big now, so I might be beheading some of them and placing in a separate pot and then this beautiful Chavarria, I got from a clearance arrangement, which I can post a link to that video below in the description, and I removed few of the bottom leaves, and hey, grew so fast guys, because I got this, I think, and the whole or end of summer about four months ago, I would say, and it was growing, You know, when I decided to propagate there. Look at how big these rosettes are now. This is just from leave that just finally dried up, and I think this is actually three rosettes in one. And then this one is also has three rosettes from this sleeve. I this leaf. I placed in the pot a little bit later, and then there is two more leaves here that are also growing, so I’m thinking to remove more leaves from this one and just place them one leaf and in each pot and properly these because these are a lot of fun, and maybe I can sell some of these in spring. Look at how beautiful they are. Beautiful colors and shape. Here is my various raindrops like so beautiful and these are giant raindrops. I don’t know how I thought these edges. I think when I was moving and watering pots. But it was like perfect for so long. It’s still looking beautiful. It actually has quite a long now. Sam, and I’m thinking to maybe be had this one, which would be so exciting to grow more babies from this one. This is the he had it gift from. Emily, that I got after my dog. Deacon died and that one root in about we can have and look at guys. How many raindrops it’s going on leaves? It’s still drying these bottom old leaves, but its growing, beautiful new leaves very compact look, and this is the beheaded stamp that’s growing a lot of rosettes guys just all around, and there is sorry. They’re starting to form new little drops, and this one is on the edge of the light, so maybe. I need to put it a little bit closer, so that these rosettes, which is the same one as this one can get the more compact and more looking more color here is some of the more green color etch of areas so all the way here. I have this big chip area. I believe is that I’ve been having for quite a while, and then this is an area that we, this lipstick with a beautiful these red tips that look like they’re painted. This is an intruder that I should have showed you with my grep to bury and grab the paddle and collection. This is Repto various silver star and I bought that one with one rosette and then started splitting into rosettes and growing another one on the side, so really, really interesting plant and then I have to paint it at you. Various or a various nodal osis. Then here is Tata Tous Bellows. I have two toes really interesting one’s very unique color and shape. And then here is some more of a chive. Arriaga way. This this one was attacked by mealybug’s recovering and this one. I beheaded because it had kind of long stem. This is one of the new ones I got and this. I think it’s called lime hedge very aligned and I just love the shape of this one. He had one it was just one hand Rose. And I think it had some kind of issue with leaves anyway. I had it that had this is the head, and then two of these branches grew out of it and a very unique light green color with a little bit of that orangish, reddish, edging really pretty. I almost forgot this one, Which is a beautiful echeverria. Fabio, and it’s also kind of dark green color of area, so when it comes to watering, I’ve been watering my achieve areas all through the year once a week, except when I was on vacation few times a year, they would probably have like two weeks without water. I love Ray’s advice. He has his own channel. Dunking your echeverria in the rain water. So that’s what? I’ve been doing this year. I don’t know if that’s the reason why they did so well for me this year, but I would or whenever I collect the rainwater. I would dunk the pot. The whole pot in the in the water soaks well and I would sometimes even pouring the rainwater on top of it, imitating them being outside on the rain, and then I would just kind of blow the water, dry them, maybe in front of the fan and put them back on their lights. When it comes to soil, my mixes, let me share so. I use one-third of this organic cactus. Mix brand espuma. This is the name of the brand so one-third of this one-third of perlite and one-third of cocoa break that. I’ve been, you know, that’s so easy for me to set apart in the water, and it creates very, very Airy soil, the where plants easily grow roots. I’ve been using plastic pots because that’s just easier for me, and I like to have the matching and not being hard, difficult and heavy to move. I have fan running all the time in this room, so I want them to have good ventilation and when it comes to propagation and as you can see from the my other videos and from today’s video, you can either behead them and top over that place in the soil and rude, you can leave half of the stem or the bottom stem and leaving this in the soil and water and it will grow new rosettes or you can propagate leaves. It’s all very fun to do and see grow when you have lights. I think you can see the results faster, so I would highly recommend you try. Light spider! Farmer has been working really well with various fluorescent lights have been working pretty good, but not with all of areas. I think that spider farmer and pink lights have worked better with my achieve areas than fluorescent lights, but I do have about 15 achieve areas that are under fluorescent lights. That seem to be doing okay. So thank you guys for watching hope. You enjoyed my echeverria collection. If you have any more questions that I have an answer through this video, You can post them below. I will see you soon in the next video .