Echeveria Fire And Ice | Echeveria Fire And Ice – From Pup To Focal Point

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Echeveria Fire And Ice - From Pup To Focal Point


I love succulents and you do, too. They are so beautiful, fun and new. The gift that keeps on giving on and on so watch my videos. We’ll, all have fun. So I have these two. I don’t know what the name of this point. This succulent is but it was coming out of the bottom. It’s their pups, and they already have roots right there. So apparently the snail’s got to them. There’s the other one. I just stood there. See that, so I’ll show you which plant I’m talking about. It’s the big one that I always have a photo of, and I an Instagram, but I’ll show you what it looks like, And then I what I’m gonna do with this. These two is repot. Them set them outside in the backyard, so they do so that they don’t get eaten alive by the snails again. Okay, then this these leaves are from the same plant. It’s from the same plant and that one already has a baby. I mean, this thing is huge. Wait till you see it. Hold on, so here’s. The plant the mama plant. And look, they already how it’s pushing your pops out of the of the top. But look how big it is him, you know? I have big hands, right, Big, fat one’s member. So that’s the mama plant and it’s actually getting way too big for this pot, So I don’t know what to do with it. I have to figure out something, but if you guys have the ID of this big, huge, succulent. I mean, let me know, because I really don’t know what it is. I just know that I bought it. Think of this succulent garden a long time ago, and that has just gotten so big, and I just don’t know what the name of it is. So let me know, thanks. Alright, guys, so here’s another pot that I need to. We have something in because this Dix Bank right here. I think this is a fire nice. It came from the front with a huge, huge pot. The huge, huge, huge plant in the back. So I have my soil in here now. And then I have these other plants that I want to plant around it just to give it a little bit more of a contrast, and then maybe put some Spillers on there too. Yeah, this was just like, look at this little, teeny, tiny topsy-turvy. I’m gonna put her in there too, But this plant right here grows really high and straight up, so I’m going to put them this one in the back. It’s actually almost if I infuse this soil in here with some worm castings. Of course you know me, you know me and worm cast on, So I’m just going to kind of find where the best front of her would be. And I think that’s perfect. Just fill it. Just hold it any of those. Can you see stuff? I’m just pushing Balthus oil in the front because that’s kind of hard to feel after it’s been set, so I’ll just push pulling and pushing down all around the front of her, and I’m going to take this pink one. This pink one right here it. This one is called visit, said a Darlie sunshine are in Colorado. I think this is them. Colorado. Yeah, the Darlie sunshine has longer, huh? It’s one of those two. I’ll research it for you before I finish up this video, and this is just like a read plant right here at this. These are like cuttings from the other, the major plant there because that’s also a Spiller, which means that it’s going to count skate down into. It goes up Em down so either way. I like this soil. This one is the little. What is it it’s the say, dumb. Oh, my goodness, the name. It just escapes me right now! But I’m going to find the name for you guys. It’s not a yellow Humber. Oh, it’s the! Um, it’s the super dog detail. I push it to make sure that everything is if they’re like stragglers like this like it fell. I won’t worry about it. I’ll just stick it in there later on Harry Butterfield. That’s what this the Harry Butterfield. Just give me a few moments, a little names, but it’s kind of hard because there’s so many memes already. It was so pretty already. I just take this me taking this one already because this one grows so big, what’s that, oh? I so I can just let’s go in there. It’ll find it’ll find its roots and then it’ll grow back. So what else can I put in here? Or should I just stop? No, no, and this is here, some light. This is my topsy turvy, something tall. I look for something taller. All right, so I take my and then here. I found the Cinque. This is gonna go in the back. Look how pretty that’s gonna be and all I did was. I cut it not really worried about. Just gonna have to be diligent enough to trim it. She’s the highly she’s the focus then. I then you have the contrast of this kind of a yellow yellow background. She’s kind of he’s kind of pale green. The so almost yellow, and then you got the pale Jade, and then you have the pink over there. That’s also another color, so the next the next step is to just fill in, make sure that all of the roots are covered and then. I’ll maybe dress it up with some pretty rocks or something, but there you go beautiful. Then I’m gonna keep this in like a shady area to start because it needs to react. Let me in their new home, so it’s gonna go into it like a shady area. Make sure that the! Sun does not directly hit it. And I’m going to take a picture for you guys. It looks like it looks like it needs something on the other side, too, maybe. I’ll go and get something else. Look what I found the yellow flowers already, so Im. Just gonna stick this in the back. Here here! We go no. It looks more full, except for this. It’s kind of out of place, but that’s okay. Hi, guys, so here are the other two babies That are the pups that I got out of the front in new, and so there are just as big now, and here’s the other one that’s really getting up there. – nice, nice, nice, very nice, very nice here. Is the original mama right here? And as you can see, there’s already things growing underneath there. So if you guys were just wondering what it looks like now, it’s getting the colors back the red edges, as opposed to when it was really green that last time you saw it, That’s what it looks like now so being look huge .