Echeveria Dusty Rose | 👩🏼‍🌾 Diferencia Entre Dusty Rose Y Perle Von Nurnberg /cuidados Dusty

Verania Torres

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👩🏼‍🌾 Diferencia Entre Dusty Rose Y Perle Von Nurnberg /cuidados Dusty


Ah, they are the same. They look alike is a son of this. This is a son of this like sales good in this video. I’m going to get you out of doubt if these two are the same species. If this is this mother or not, so do not detach that In a moment response to this note, we begin Ah and music]. Hello, welcome to my channel. I am summer and in this channel. She spoke to you about of my succulents and my experience with them. So if you like Succulents, consider subscribing today, let’s see the difference between the two tribes and the Echevería Perla bomber, which of these two will be which of these two is the bond pearl and which of these two is that of the trolls good for some of you who are beginners? And once all we can beginners and we did not know how to distinguish these echevería because today. Let’s see how to distinguish them, especially those that have asked me a lot. They look a lot like distinguishing what characteristics they have and above all, tell them a little about the two towers how it reproduces and it’s care because of them if he has not spoken. I have spoken of the Perle. Bon, I already have a video where I explain how to care for and propagate the Perle bon. And if they have not seen then here, I leave the video so that they go directly to it. And as I have not talked about the two guys now it’s up to us and see their differences. So in a Now we are going to transplant. It and we are going to see its characteristics. Join me at planting. Well as you can see if you look closely. The tone of the tonality of these plants is impressive. The truth is that it depends much of the care that we are giving these plants is going to be the tonalities that they are going to catch and. I want to tell you how it is that the I have so that. If you like these tones, you can make them this microclimate, so that these same tonalities or these same results may not have. We can get them all the time because it depends a lot on the substrate from the sun of the weather. We have, but we can try. We can try so nothing is impossible. We will see what we can do for now. I share with you how I do it. I hope they also have something similar in this case. These two little plants the. I have the sun protected. That is to say that it will have a mesh. This mesh allows the sun to pass at 70% that is it reaches 70% percent of sun and the remaining 30 will filter it. It will not arrive directly for that in order not to burn them, but still it is enough to see that it is closed. Also being this closed means that they are protecting themselves from the sun. That’s why we also like how they look like roses. If you look at it later, they seem pink because they are closing that to say that they are protecting the sun are that they are protecting the growth apex so that it does not burn many times. They fail to do it in time and burn out anyway, or burn out the part because some sheets ahead, but not the pencil, and that’s what happens and that’s why they look pretty, but you have to take care that they can be closed. Well, in this color and ready no more. Because if not, then we burn them. How can we control this with a mesh and checking the position of the sun? We’ll remember that in winter? The sun changes many of you are now having many problems that the plants are burning, because because there is a climate very well. Very strange in that, it is cold. Sometimes it is raining. Does not come out sun, but suddenly it comes out and when it comes out, it burns. It does not heat up because in autumn winter season. And that’s what the sun totally changed. Also, the shape or position of the sun as it is right now is different from how it is in spring and it no longer warms as it usually does in spring-summer. Nothing else burns because the temperatures are low. We must be very careful when we have our plants outside and if everything in the spring summer and a little autumn, we had them in a place and right now they are burning us and it is the same sun because that is what? I know they ask because that’s the part. That’s what happens that the sun is changing, and now it’s going to burn, so we have to protect ourselves. That happens not just with the plants with us. You also have to be very careful. You have to protect them right now. In winter, also precisely because of the temperatures, so low ones change color and are shades that we will not see in spring, then right now because of that extreme weather, that’s why when they are in their desert habitats, they have impressive colors because in the. The night is infernal cold. And in the day, it is extremely hot and therefore also a little, not so burning, except that it is in winter season and still they burn and still they die. They burn. They die, but many of them come out again. Many of them not now remember that also in spring-summer season in those in those habitats that are so peaks, there is cloud cover that protects them from not burning them and from being exposed to direct sun. Here we have to do more or less the same and. We have to do it with some tights. And that is how I have them. That’s why they look so so cute. If we don’t put those conditions of microclimate, these may look a little different in tone. I’m going to teach you may look like this is. The same is the same species all. I’m going to tell you, but it is a little more shaded. Does not get all the sun. It needs to put like this. This is the difference and this is inside the greenhouse where it has 50% less sun. But if we already compare them then obviously they already look very different because this all this tonality will always be that of the pearl bond, which is like more lilac, lilac downs, three rose and it’s going to be a little stronger. The redder shade. Maybe brown, but it’s actually it is like pink. The tips that are what make this change color and that see more father, the tips are like. Mexican rose very parents. That is what makes it look impressive tones. Then it is important to provide them with adequate light now. Why is it called Douste Rose? Because see the shape is like a rose but giant. It’s great well, let’s talk about them. I’ll show them to them and we’ll transplant. So come with me to plant. I want to present to you that already in as that already in other tones because the one that I presented at the beginning. Well, if you see with very similar tones because we can see that the color is going to be different. The color of the Pearl Bond. This side is a little more lilac, a little more lilac and the one of the 210 more reddish, obviously. Right now it is very cold in the morning and the color of the two you in this, even though it’s the same weather and it’s the same temperature. The tone remains the same lilac. If you look at the leaves of the pearl bon is a little more elongated, not so so rounded like those of the rose dose that is like our tablespoon the leaf. Not besides that it is much larger and the shape is a little bit like it bends as if they made a little bit. Although these also, these also, however, has more is more uniform as I will tell you. It has more symmetry on this side than here. It is a little different as the leaves are bent more, but the basic difference is going to be the color and the shape of the leaves. The color is really different. This is the same temperature. The same light conditions now. If we stress the pearl, well, a little, then if it looks a bit more here, she is a little more stressed, and the tones are a little more alike, even to the leaves the shape of the leaves because they become a little more as in taquitos or and it is because of the conditions that we give it. However, in any case, the tone without changing here. Yes, that for more scarcely, they are completely different. If we could think that they are not the same, but if they are per levón, the issue is here that one is expressed and the other. We can never see the difference around here. So I’m going to leave you here. A litmus test to see if it is true that you can distinguish them well here. I have several as we can see because it looks like very much, all those that are around the two that look very similar. So I leave homework for you to tell me of these six, which are the two types to see if and if they learned today’s lesson to see if they already know how to identify them. Which of all these is the two shots? I await your comments and also tell me if you want any other comparison of other species than the who are confused and want me to speak to you. Please make those comments here in this video. Well, this cute two shots is a cute hybrid of a American called Penis Oconnor and that, among many other hybrids is cute, two tribes, this beautiful plant, we can easily propagate. It grows very quickly and brings out many children and we can propagate it through those children through leaf and by seed and also by decapitation, The truth is that it is very easy to propagate it, and above all, it grows very fast. I repeat, because if you are looking for a cool one to grow big and fast. This is the one! They must have apart from having beautiful colors. It is very showy and the. The shape it has is exceptional. I like it much more than the pearl. I mount the pearl. Mona is very pretty, But the color is more intense, and the leaves are a little more rounded. We can see that they are spoon-shaped with a small peck, and that makes them look prettier, more chubby. You have to water this plant a little. You don’t have to water it a lot. I water it here every 10 days and so that they have these colors. If I try not to water them a lot use a substrate like all beads that drains very well and sunny conditions are going to be filtered sun as I was explaining to you above. But if they have enough sun and heat in the winter, they will to take on an even more reddish hue than when they are in spring, without However. They will have a fairly intense color anyway and well here. I want to show you how it blooms these are. It’s very flowers pretty right now. It is in bloom here. I have left them and I want to show you Also. What then happens when they are exposed to the sun abruptly or when They go from one climate to another also very abrupt, especially now that it is changing the temperature. These bumps are made like Granites in the leaves in some of them. We can also see that burn as in this case, but in general, nothing happens to them, it is simply aesthetic and they will continue to get used to adapting to this new good weather now. We are going to transplant the a the videos that already have. The digits are beautiful. We are going to remove all these sheets to clean it very well. If it has some flat, we clean it and check that it does not have plague to be able to transplant it. If we want, we can withdraw the children. If we can not leave it, the truth is. I will to leave because I like to withdraw them already. With this bigger one is so that they can take advantage of the mother much more and especially to see if others come out, but there are to clean them. Then we are going to remove all this land, and all these facets can be seen here. Here are some mini mini mini mini mini mini children. These are going to give more digits. So that’s why I tell you that I don’t want to take away from these cars. I already took away some certain ones. I will show you how to spread it and how to treat those children, but right now the suns avoid. We are going to transplant to this. Check it! You always have to check the root of those of our plants that do not have plague that it sends that is forming new root systems so that it is healthy and every time we transplant, we have to clean them very well always Cácere’s. Obviously it is not necessary to do it in this case if the rest looks very subject. Since I’m not going to use this anymore. I’m going to throw it away using well. Yes, here are these floors. I’m going to kiss them. I threw all the dirt. They could have and we’re going to plant. Well, this 22, as you can. See, looks a lot like to the perle bomb. We are going to put substrate for succulents. The one they have on hand is very well treated. We are going to put this substrate special for her because they remember that you better of me between more than 10 This one is going to have these colors in time here. I, ah, the headgear is big enough for her to keep pushing the other teams that have, and it looks good later. We will transplant it again in one year to another to another little girl, even bigger and so on well and I plan to leave it here too, or that’s why I wanted to plant it because I want leave her children so that she has many more and so that she looks super pretty. I don’t know. If you have seen later that there are a lot of photos on Instagram of species, so They are full of recipes like the ones involved. They look super cool and so. I want to leave this to see. If, by chance, it can be done with more little children and look pretty so. I’ll tell you I’ll tell you. Well, then this is the end. I am until filling very well with Earth because we want crush it a little bit, so that the decorative stone that I am going to put right now. I’m going to put this yellow called Peanut That I like I think he will answer. Nice, good and this stone. It is decorative. I totally like it because if you let the plant breathe and let it. The water also evaporates, although all the decorative stones if they try to retain the water a little more because they don’t let the sun in. I directly like to put them on so as not to make a mess like I had already discussed. But if we have to bear in mind that many times we will not let see if the substrate is completely dry. Not ideal here is put the toothpick that I have always recommended a wooden one to see that are completely dry to the bottom. That is the important thing, so do not forget this detail when we use any type of synthetic or natural stone on everything has to be done with the synthetic one that awaits more moisture. Well, now you have to water it very well because we just planted it and it was time to water it. Then you have to water it super. Well, if you are going to plant it or transplant it and not and I already water it or not if the substrate is very humid, then no, this only lasts in the in case, you need it. It has already been well here. We have these cute little children that. I take you out of the mother of this very that. We talked about this same. I took it out a year ago. And you will see the size that they have then is practically the same size. That’s why I prefer. Leave them here to grow faster and then place them remove these. I had to take them out because I wanted to see how to grow them individually and see the root system is already super super large, very. Bonito is already strong and I can now transplant it to another larger recipe because I was in one of these 2 inches and now we’re going to have a hard time where she is. She’s also very healthy. See how beautiful it is previously to transplant It. Also the same that this one, so lets. Change them pot. Well, then, let’s go after paint these. We are going to put their substrate and I am going to put one more up to 4 inches because I want them to grow a little more because to strong, they have a very long root system and they will not fit in the one of 3 inches, so I was waiting ideal for them. Here, remember not to water a lot because it is so constant because it has a lot of substrate, although it is perfect size, this is quite good. It is not so ours, staff. We are going to remove these best well here. We are going to plant the last one. Remember that these kids? We must treat with a little more care. We must put them in semi shade, first instance, and until they adapt and get the root system out if they already have a root system in this case as they are already super acclimatized. And in fact, the tone as you can see is this is very intense. It is already sunny, so there is no problem because they are in the same conditions that the mother, but sometimes the children have take time to adapt and They take time to get that root system, so we must give them another treatment so that they are given to us, and we do not have problems with the propagation right now. Well, there are three little girls and the others that are inside the mother of the pot, But in due course, I will also have to take them out and put them in pots bigger. Now, if they look super good and they are ready to grow, We are going to water them. The same every eight days and we are going to fertilize these a little because they are in full growth. They need a lot more nutrients, then instead of fertilizing them once a year twice a year here, we are going to use them every three months, so that grow up pretty and strong. And, voila, that’s it with these cute babies well, then! We have already finished. What do you think of this video? See how beautiful this is beautiful truth, and I am very happy Because several children are coming out and surely many more will come out. It is spectacular because apart from this stone gives a very, very, very nice contrast. Well, this was all for today. I hope you liked this video. If you liked, liked it, please share subscribe and we’ll see you next week with more of these cute streams until next time .