Echeveria Cubic Frost | 12/100 Echeveria Cubic Frost Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭

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12/100 Echeveria Cubic Frost Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭


Hello, everyone! Welcome to desert, succulent and today. Pagosa panda, in an ichiberia cubic frost. It is a beautiful, looking, succulent and its main feature is thick, not purple leaves, and as you can see, very plump young canyon leaves, it also has this kind of Panka pink and also this succulent can produce, you know, adding orange flowers once it blooms, but the maternal I think cubic frost, we will be expecting that. It could reach up to around 20 centimeters or eight inches tall and about 25 centimeters, or 10 inches in diameter. And this one now is my cubic frost. And so if you will try to measure it, NASA around four four point five inches Palancha and Masada Malayo for its mature size. This succulent type needs your typical watering as the other succulents and your watering method for our cubic. Frost is very important to keep it healthy as we kept on mentioning the patentee mugs it on the water. You’re adding cubic frost. The best way of watering is the soak and dry method, and we need to avoid you adding over watering and you may check our other vlogs about over watered succulents. If you would be asking competitive indoor plant, the answer would be a big. No, unless you’re gonna be using a grow light because cubic frost, they need strong light, and when planting this succulent type in a garden, for example, you have to make sure that it gets sufficient sunlight with regards to satin succulents, rooftop exposed to young natural sunlight and even rain, so 24 7 until nonsense in the filtered sunlight, but it’s a full sunlight and direct exposure So and I have here An example. This cubic frost is NASA is some which is being covered by this white powdery sakanyang leaves, Which is what we call Yong ating farina. So Ghanyan Shawn. It’s not stressed, lets. Try to have some side by side comparison ayansha. So you would really see now. This one is like, start Tashanbaging colorful as compared to this one, so this one is also a cubic frost. It’s the same as this one, but you will really see the big difference and Shannon, the reason why the ethiolet or Nakahara Nang Malachin gaps in between leaves is because, you know, I think Succulent is trying to expose each leaf to young source Nang sunlight or source of light in general low light since August 2020 and in three month’s time, of course, it’s still growing, but champagne is growth and also itunes cubic. Frost is infested with mealybugs so we are trying to make an experiment. You know, I think cubic frost once it’s already infested with Mili balls. Those are our mealy bugs and cubic frost are very vulnerable. It’s that’s why you need to check your succulents. Once you see it, you should immediately isolate and treat your succulents or your cubic frost. Next is all about the propagation of our echeveria cubic frost, and they can be easily propagated by leaves through offsets or through cuttings, and if you wish to make use of human seeds, it’s not really highly recommended because it would really take a lot of time. Just imagine for this. It took two months but Gangnam Palace. So how much more if you will start from speeds, let’s try to propagate it all using you atting DIV. So it’s the same thing. Let’s try to have an example so again so we will try to remove young Farina and without it’s Farina. It would look like this. It’s a very shiny shop. All you need to do is wait until makaron roots offset. So it’s gonna be like that. This one is the mother plant. It’s bigger compared to, uh, baby. So this one is Offsetna nito. I think cubic frost so young offset is big enough to be separated. Pudding, pudding and attention is separate. All we need to do is look for the stem and not in shadow, so I saw some dried leaves detoxating cubic frost and we can try to remove them. So have it leaves. Yeah, so we need to do some maintenance. Succulents and removing all of these dried leaves, especially so bottom lips because a young space would be the space for the new offsets. Yeah, so we also need to provide some sufficient space Parasatima growing offsets. Lastly, I want to show you. You’re adding side by side comparison, adding cubic frost and no adding topsy turvy because some people are confused, right nothing. This one is is more on the whitish part. Even this one is already stressed, it will not have another extra color and like for this one that it will turn into this purplish color, and so thanks for watching. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel. If you have some requests, you can just comment it down below. You may also visit our Facebook page at desert, Succulent Ph, And as a way of saying, thank you. We will be giving away three imported succulents to our lucky winner, so keep posted. So I think Page Casa do nothing here. Announce full mechanics, give away. Thank your promo. Yeah, thank you guys for watching. you?