Echeveria Chihuahuensis | 9/100 Cat’s Claw Echeveria Chihuahuensis Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭

Desert Succulent

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9/100 Cat's Claw Echeveria Chihuahuensis Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭


Hello, everyone! Welcome to desert succulent today. Pagosa, panda nang is or commonly known as our cat’s claw. If you will be shooting this outdoors, it would look like this and so colorful and this kind of succulent can grow to about four inches in diameter and it has this very compact narrow set. This succulent is sometimes confused with the Echeveria colorata, which is bigger in diameter since it’s very similar in Colorado, there is one way for us to distinguish young difference between Chivalrensi’s Oreo, adding coloretta, which is the shape of their leaves for the Colorata. The shape of their leaves are more on the acute to accumulate now shape while for our cat’s claw, its shape is more on accumulate to much grenade Now shape, And I will be showing to you. You actually shape not adding cat’s gloss. We are trying to look for an accumulating leaf in reality. So if you will be looking at this one accumulate now leaves when you create a shape and leaves you would see this one. Then it has These pointed tips and mostly leaves a cat’s claw are much grenade shape. This succulent has talons, that’s! Why Tina Wakshan cats club? Because of these pointy tips? If you will try to touch sunkanyang tips, it’s not that sharp to cause an injury satin while handling this one. And if you will try to put your atting palm on top of the tips, it’s the same feeling as doing this with you at manga, toothpicks or barbecue sticks, so Ganonsha Ganon feeling if we’re gonna do this one over time, this cat’s glow will produce a bloom stalk, characterized as having this pink and yellow bell-shaped flowers, and as you can see, Jung aching. Cat’s Claw is now starting to produce its bloom stock so it will take about one month before we can eventually appreciate yunkanyang flowers with regards to haneland light requirements, they require, you know, adding brightness and light as much as possible. We need to give them at least six to eight hours of sunlight every day for us to achieve Jung colorful tips, and at the same time, we will be expecting a very compact rosette or ayansham, once it is receiving sufficient sunlight, because if it’s not going to be receiving sufficient sunlight, the tendency is that we will not be able to stress glow and therefore it would be giving us very unique color. If you are planning to put it indoors, it’s better for you to put it in a windowsill where it can receive at least morning sunlight, or if not, you can also grow it under the grow lights like most oculus, they need doing great drainage and infrequent watering, it’s best for us to make use of the soak and drain method when watering this one and I have here one cat’s clone and you adding drainage holes, drainage holes to make sure. Nah, young, too big would really drain, but if you are someone who wants to make use of your atomic glass, Nah, pots or ceramic pots without any drainage holes, you have to be considering using a well draining soil like, for example, we have it here. I just made use of 25 pumice stones and the remaining are 75 percent organic. I have here an example. This one is actually. This one is an aloe, but it’s the same thing. Walashan drainage holes, So Sapinaha bottomed the layer. I added some gravel or some pebble stones just to make sure now. When I over watered young, too big would be sitting down here and not release a pinaka soil and the only problem. If we will be using you at the manga pots and drainage holes, very limited pack water is very controlled and we cannot really fully apply your adding soak and dry method, which is the preferred. Nah, watering the atting manga succulents and right. Now you don’t. I think cats glow is ready for repotting and the leg Temporarina that again in more than one month that Shadito I said, but as you can see, it’s a very nice way for us to check. That’s pretty normal Because while its growing leaves and also one factor is because I’m sufficient soil, it’s not even watered Kayama passenger dehydrated, lower part and right now we are just trying to appreciate young new roots. Now we seldom see if nanditos, but we really cannot see Pug shot transparent. Unlike here right now, we will be trying to remove your manga dried leaves and as a bottom part. I say we also need to do some maintenance, so I think Mangasakuran’s NATO are our favorite natanbayan ati manga midi bugs. So it’s always nice for us to remove them. From time to time, still, we will try to remove it dry. Not old leaves, okay, So this one is really dehydrated now and so sobrang, daming dried leaves. Uh, but I think beheading the acting succulents and right now I will try to behead this one. Same thing with this before. Nah, behead the nothing shock! Oh, we will just be headed here. Yes, so we’re gonna let you head. And so if its freshly na na behead mother plant on the behead and it’ll acting cuttings will be placed under bright shaded area for the first week, and then at the same time, we will also be trying to propagate Yonkanyang leaves, so we will be removing it outer or bottom leaves for propagation. So just gently pull it left or right. Oh, it’s the same thing. Ideally, you can air dry this for three to five days or up to seven days before Illage National Canyon soil. But sometimes you can just directly put its young soil as long as dry young soil and it’s not wet. So all you need to do is you will be expecting now for the next two weeks or four weeks. It’s as simple as trying to pull it back. My resistance and canyon soil. Yeah, so this one has resistance already. Oh, yeah, so he did nothing in the tangalynsha from the soil Just to seek on my roots, Nasha. And here I will be showing to. You are very low maintenance. They are not toxic to both humans and pets and sobrangdalina. And if you have more questions, you can just comment it down below, and I will try to reply to you and thank you. Once again for watching our vlogs, don’t forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel, and at the same time, you may also visit our Facebook page at desert, succulent ph case That is where we post some pictures and some care tips of our succulents. .