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Echeveria Carribean Flower Stalk Propagation


Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel today. I’m gonna talk about my echeverria Caribbean. This particular plant was actually killed by the mealy bugs, but fortunately, there were babies underneath this one that I was able to save, and then now they one of them is really really big, and then they shot out a flower stalk, so I’m going to use the flower stock to propagate more of the Caribbean and see what happens to that one. So here goes but today. I’m going to propagate with diatomaceous earth. Okay, welcome to my kitchen and today. I’m going to do some propagation on soil with my Echeverria Caribbean. I saw this outside that I plucked out of the main plant and there are some mad a fedora like that. So I try to wash it off as much as I can. Obviously it hasn’t washed all the way off, so I’m gonna do that right now. Okay, so I have removed all the aphids or at least most of it, and this is the flower that came out of the Caribbean. And I actually not sure if I still have it, I think so. I think that I still have the plant, but I’m gonna slowly remove the leaves from the stalk by moving it. You know, just like back and forth it like this and it’s fighting. It’s fighting! I think it’s easier if it’s dry, but there we go, so that’s a clean cut right there. So you have to make sure that you slowly remove it and you’ll know if it’s a clean cut because there’s no like a rough cut and you can see like the the water and inside the the fluid inside. So here I have soil, and I did about a half an inch deep and just to give it a little bit of a fighting chance. I put diatomaceous earth on it then. I’m going to lay my my leaves down like this and then do the road the same way and then do the next row facing each other, so it would be easier for me to just dump soil on top of it after it has grown the the the roots or the pups. So I’m doing it again. I’m just see that’s a clean cut right there. There’s no guarantee that every single leaf will produce a new pop or roots, even because you just don’t know like what damage the aphids have done to the actual stem, but it looks like the stem is pretty healthy. You know, it was just like kind of concentrated up here and the new growth, so I’m hoping this will still propagate for me. I see some of the leaves already have roots growing out of it, So that’s a bonus A+, so I’m just like rocking it back and forth, and then laying them on top, And I’m doing it like as I go. I’m making sure that see, there’s mealybug’s right there. Just remove the me lease Because the melee czar bod Very bad vidi-vidi bud. I don’t know if this leaf right here. See if he can look really close. There’s like some splotches on it, so I’m not sure if that’s gonna do anything, but I will try. I will always try because there’s no harm in trying, then I’m just taking, you know, because they’re alternate alternative configuration, So I’m just going as I go. I’m doing like the ones that are closest to the bottom of the stem. Yeah, it looks like this. The leaves still has a lot of life into it. Just removing as I go. I seen one as I was washing it off. I seen one with a root already, so I’m just like facing them. You know, face to face cheek to cheek. Oh, no! I thought it was a root, but it’s not. It might have been at one point, but why not right, this one? So what I’m gonna do with this stem? Though, I’m gonna stick it in water just to see what it does. Why not it’s always an experiment with me? Boop boop boop boop be doop! Oh, see mealybug’s right there. I don’t know if that’s gonna produce anything for me, but I’m gonna try like I said there’s no harm. Oh, they can do it, say no. I’m not growing, but don’t throw away your flower stalks. And if you want to propagate them, you want to get them out or cut them off while they’re young, but if you’re not crazy about them or you have like a lot of cutting, you know, no biggie, so there’s. I think this is as much as I’m gonna go and more because it’s getting too young like as I go and like, look at that, There’s like splotches on there, so I don’t know if that’s even gonna do anything for me. I think I left it out for too long, and it dried up for too much, but that’s what I am going to do. I am going to there is I don’t know if you can see, come on, you see, there’s a little root right there. You can’t you see the root right here? Look, there’s a root. I’m not gonna throw this guy away because you never know it’s gonna. Do you know the mealy bugs can steal kill and destroy? But there’s gonna be a lot more where that came from. So Sue. My god, it’s! Oh, God, awesome like this is his creation, really? If you think about it, he created it down, so I still have some room here. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna get another plan because I have flower stalks out there And as much leaves us. I have put the rest over here. Just so, you know, doesn’t waste the space, here’s. The update guys here are some of the leaves that propagated Just kinda back up a little bit. Yeah, so yeah. Some of them propagated. They’re very tiny, though, and that’s why I have to magnify the six times. So as you can see, some of them didn’t really push out anything. Push out, pops and some of them just pushed out like this one just pushed out the roots, probably. Eventually it will push out some pups, But I mean, not bad well. Just see how how far they get. I’m gonna keep spritzing it with water. I’m pretty sure these guys over here. Maybe we’ll have a hard time. This right here is pretty good. There’s my finger. Where’s my finger? So this one? Yep, so that right there. It’s doing good. It’s really tiny. So yeah, experiment, you know? Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. It’s not a big deal like I said oh. When it comes to echeverria leaves that are not very thick doesn’t have a lot of fluid inside. Usually they don’t they when they come out. They’re so tiny look. How tiny that is this nightwe smaller than my fingernail. So, yeah, it depends on how patient we get this is. I believe how many I have to figure out how many months this was or weeks or whatever, but look how pretty that is. I’m just so pretty, right, I’m so tiny me. Oh, my God doesn’t even survive. Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try a 1 2 3 4 .