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Propagate Echeveria Blue Sky | Nhân Giống Sen Bèo Viền Hồng | Vườn Sen Đá


Hi, hello, everyone. The ratio of Hien Hong water. Hyacinth is very heavy. It’s very heavy. Are you always too young to breed continuously? Yes, hello, guys. This is my rose bush. It has a lot of it. The knife, so my brothers and I will cut it out for propagation. It’s really big like before. Ah, ah, ! . Yeah, yeah, . Yeah, yeah, . Anyway, when I grow it with Uncle Y I use meat soil mixed with cow dung and rock Krong. After you plant it, I will water it once a week and I will stay để. It’s always been outside since the day My husband died in November. The weather is very cool . After that, I cut my son up like your friends and got scolded. So it’s these outer leaves. It exercises my heart. I love my bandages. Kill the cheap ones! Now start to return to the young leaves. And then you will return to the young leaves very beautiful. Any tree is healthy. There are some more trees here. So the red light is so beautiful after a while, you guys are scarred. Hey, Karma. Isn’t that big yet? But these guys are all right, guys. I’m here, I’m coming out a lot when I’m sick. Baby, Prepare Kahchan guests like the next Guys. Let me be too long to keep continuously always really like it. Hey, Grandma, it’s us, Tom. Hi, everyone! This is a very big black and pink lotus flower. It’s very heavy. I’ve always had a baby. I’m always breeding continuously, you guys. Cut it up again, you know? I’m sure! Where is the office?