Echeveria Blue Bird | Echeveria Blue Bird Tip Of The Day From The Plant Guy

Quoc Dinh

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Echeveria Blue Bird Tip Of The Day From The Plant Guy


Hi, guys! I am here in New Orleans. I’m gonna give you another tip as you can see. We just have a very harsh rain here, and I thought I would make a video so a lot of times there will be water around the crown, and you know, most succulent, they like to absorb water through the leaf. And do you see this segment right here? This is a echeverria, blue bird and this white coating powder its. What protect them from this harsh sunlight and most succulent. You know, they do well in full. Sun, so this is what I usually do. Whenever after the rain, it’s how we take this. I don’t know what this is. Oh, it’s kinda like one of those. Um, those thing for the baby to suck out the mucus. Whenever they have trouble breeding. What I would do is, I was just, you know? Blow off some of the water around the leaf around the center of the leaf to crown. Now you’re probably wondering, why am I doing this? Well, the reason why? I’m doing this because you see that white coating powder. That’s what protect them from the harsh sunlight, and you know, right now it’s not sunny, but after the rain, and whenever the Sun does appear out again when the water evaporates, they took the white coating powder with it, and that’s not gonna help and that will, um, you know, like, be fatal for their succulent cuz. They won’t get that cuz. After that white powder is gone, It’s gone forever. So this is what I do it to help. Protect the white coating powder Because I don’t want the water after it evaporate it. Take the white coating powder along with it there. You go, there’s another one and sorry for my boys. I’m kind of sick right now. You know, just gently blow all that water away because they’re succulent. They can absorb water through the leave too, but this rain, I barely even water my second, and I probably watered them. Like what once a month? Or if they’re lucky, I will water them like once a month, but usually I won’t water them for like once every two months. Yeah, doesn’t change. yep. This is all my little achieve area. Bluebird, my little nursery of active area, Bluebird and no. This is not the Korean one. I just chopped up the bottom of the roof because it was rotting and I got it from Home Depot and those people don’t want to take care of succulent, So I rescued him and you know, they were kind of rotting, so I just chop off the bottom of the root and let it regrow new root. That’s why it’s so freakin. Bright red eye stuff at this one. This one is a Korean. It’s a very a Bluebird. Look how red it is comparing to the blue one and more variable. You see that you see that right there? When the water evaporate, it took along the white coating powder with it And once it’s gone, it will never come back. And then you’re wondering why your active area looking blotchy likes night, even color. Well, that’s probably why there you go. I do that for all my touch. I’m not a huge fan of Lola. There’s one a Papa. Get it from a single leaf success, but I am a huge fan of this lovely beauty, extra variable bird. Get yourself one at Home Depot. And in two years, they will grow up to be like this. Oh yeah.