Echeveria Blue Atoll | Transplantando Suculentas * Echeveria Blue Atoll/como Cuidar Suculentas 🪴/taking Care Of Succulents

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Transplantando Suculentas * Echeveria Blue Atoll/como Cuidar Suculentas 🪴/taking Care Of Succulents


Hello. How are you friends? I’m very happy to say hello to all of you wherever they are. I am recording from here. From this beautiful City ​​of Charlottesville, a very important historical area of ​​the USA. And I thought you would like to briefly Know a little about this beautiful city ​​so. I hope you enjoy this short intro 7 You love you! These beautiful plants fascinate succulents. I tell you about them of their basic care What I’ve been learning from quarantine to date and I share with you. What I have learned to keep the beautiful, beautiful, precious fleshy is very nice this hobby. I am enjoying it a lot and without a doubt. I hope that you Also subscribe. I’ll tell you about them. Click on the bell to receive notifications of my next videos. So see you very soon and enjoy this little intro, see you. . Ah, as my dear friends. I am very happy to greet you again. My name is Isaac. I tell you about these succulents and in this video. I want to share the experience. I’ve been having with a succulent That is one of my favorites of this garden. Is this preciousness, This beauty? That is the echeverría. Blue atom is cool. I got it at Walmart for three dollars. I was a little sad, but now I see her full of life. Look at her leaves so beautiful that are very great. Good is cool. I want to tell you about three things very important that I give you that. In this case, it is a good lighting, a good location, and he likes sunlight a lot, so put it in a place where it can give direct sun several hours, four hours five hours. Those of the morning is very pleasant. It is warm, It is soft, but I have also put it in the sun in afternoon sun and has done quite well in terms of watering watering this succulent when the substrate is completely dry, then of that well. I take care of her. And now we are already in autumn here in Virginia. Well, it’s colder we have season. We have had temperatures of up to 26 degrees Fahrenheit, which has been like minus 3 degrees Celsius here in the greenhouse. I try to maintain the right temperature and has been surviving pretty. Well, so the watering is a little bit more prolonged and remember that I have it in this soup plate because it is a plate that I made him. Put a drain chicken. So I still have to postpone watering a little longer and the substrate. I use the normal regular substrate for cats and succulents, which has been responding quite well. So in this video. I want to show you what I want to do to you. In a project thought is to do some transplants of some succulents that already of this of this itself of this echeverry or why I have removed several leaves and been spreading. And it’s been going like crazy. Let me show them. This is a tray that is a container, buzek and substrate and I put several leaves of this same echeverría and it reproduced like crazy. See, then the time has come for me to do in the transplant of these beautiful succulents, these and games and also other project that. I have and I want you to accompany me. Is this other that I had also prepared by sheet? And I want to divide these also separate them. The echeverría blue tool is a super resistant plant where its leaves are propagated with so easily and even and it is so resistant that although their schools are this size this way, look at this is the propagation sheet, and he is still as if he had nothing, see. The games are already very big until some leaves are the largest size than mom and look like the Mom continues as if nothing let’s see. I highly recommend you this succulent! This is the echeverría blue at all, and I can say that it has the complete kit like the Great Pope. Talón Paraguay. If she likes the sun, she likes it. Water grows fast reproduces very easily. Nothing more than me. I can tell you about this. Echeverría is to be careful with the lighting. Remember, you are fascinated by the light, but if you manage to locate it in a place where she receives little light, she will stretch very easily. If you they put it in a place like that quickly, it will bend and stretch towards the direction of the light and they will be deformed. That is what happened with this that I showed them the mother, and I had to behead her and propagate all her leaves and leaving. Some leaves was originally in this pot. It was in this pot. See here you have its trunk. And all the leaves that it had around. They separate it and I put them in the other container. Then it has spread very easily because right now. I also want to do this project of leaving a sun to a single rosette and the other I am going to remove, and I am going to transplant it too. Well, it is an echeverría that is beautiful. It is beautiful! I highly recommend it. Has the complete kit likes. Water likes light grows very easily spreads easily and is simply gorgeous. See for yourselves. AH AND MUSIC] 2 well [Music or 2 Good Y [Music , AH E In the environment, No and music] not and Y but not I.