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Getting To Know You: Echeveria Black Prince


If you’re a collector like me, the first thing I like to do when I bring home opinion is to get to know the plan, so I go on Pinterest or the internet and find the name of the plant that I bought, and then I read up on it just to see what their characteristics are what they need what they don’t need and where to put them in a position wise in my garden so that I can get the full benefit of a healthy plant, so with the black print the first thing that caught my eye when I was reading about it is that it is a low growing low to the ground very slow, growing and as an action area, it was a hybrid and it also says that it needs full. Sun or part shade to heart shape. What that means is that it will thrive and full Sun, however, when it’s really really hot outside this plant will sponsor and by the way I planted it in my garden upon flowerbeds, and you know, I gave it the good soil the so that it needs and everything and watered in precisely the way one be watered, however, in that the heart of the garden -, but fun is really getting serious and. I think that it’s really something just like my stay down territory is doing. I don’t know why that is it. California is not that bad. It’s not like Arizona, where it’s really, really hot. So just black pins right here. So beautiful in all its glory and it’s right now. Putting out this shoot This offshoot. It’s like a flower. It’s flowering. But, however, all the energy in the soil and the roots and everything that it’s starting up from from the soil is going up to the baby, and then pretty soon the mom will suffer because it’s giving up all the energy just like when you’re pregnant, and you’re eating for two. The plants through the same thing. So this is one of my. I have three black Princes. I just bought one a baby one. If I’m scared of the other one that I planted over there by the Sun, It’s in the ground and it looks like it’s struggling. I don’t know why something about our soil. It’s not giving off it’s successful grounded planting for my plants, So I’m going to go over here to the baby. The baby one planted disc and I planted it and I felt the the leaves were pretty pushy or really spin like experiencing some water, But when I planted it now, it’s doing great and both of these plants are under the shade, however, to go over here planted on the ground. This berry here is also shooting off the flowers. However, this guy was a lot bigger when I planted it, and it seems like it’s struggling, losing the nutrients because of the petal of their fault inside. It’s pretty, it’s pretty firm, but outside is getting really soft, So that just tells me that this guy right here is sucking up all of the juices really good, So what I’m going to do is I’m going to actually give birth to this baby and the way I’m going to do is. I have a knife very sharp knife, and I’m going to go through the very base of that BAM right there! Let me keep this jackals really and keep him in. Check the most slowly slice that slowly release. Now have to be very careful, okay. I’m going to go above, slice that baby up. And what so now I’m going to let this callous over. Feel beautiful inside the fatness. Yeah, so now. Mama’s going to get all the nutrients again. Looking under here feels like I think this is a residual of it being under direct Sun. It was under direct Sun before we put up the. Um, the awning here? I’m just going to let him. Hopefully she will regain all of her nutrients and all of her vitamins and be able to succeed again and then little guy is going to be planted. So now that I got to to. No my echeverria black Prince, I’m going to put a label on the on the container on the planter Just so I know come winter time. If I have to protect this guy from frost, I’m going to protect all of them from frost anyway, but just putting a little some codes and a little description on this on the label that I got from the dollar store, obviously from my experience of the Black Prince, I’m going to say instead of full Sun. It is better if you say part Sun to shade. I mean, this could change the weather. Depending on the weather, you know the patterns of the weather. I mean, that this could change, but at least from the beginning once you know, from the beginning, I would be able to know some of the characteristics of this this plant, and also I noticed that propagation leaf propagation is, nah, mmm, fairly successful, which means that? I try to propagate from a leaf and it didn’t really survive. After it gave off this little plant after that, it’s just stopped growing, and then it just died so the best way. I believe is to propagate from offshoot in this plant. This particular echeverria is, I mean, it’s really gross, very, very slowly. And, however, the one that I have the second one that I have. I guess it depends on who grew it. The second one that I got was. This is growing, it’s growing out of its container Right now so I might have to. We pop that in a different container and it’s only been like two months. So what else do I need to say about the the black print, hmmm? I think that’s about it. That’s about it, so these are oh. I would say from protect from protect from just in case, but at least once I have mature plants, I can go ahead and plant them in the ground. I think that’s what I do. That’s what I should have done with the first one where I got the baby From In the first place, I should have waited until it was a huge dinner plate mature plan before I put it in the ground. Maybe that would have been a better more successful ground planting. And I, you know when it’s when they get that big and it’s so used to the soil and the roots are very well established in the soil. You know, usually they can stand a little bit of cold so, but I think for me for my own reference When I see this, I would be able to know you know how to take care of it in the future. So what do I do once I have this label? I’m not going to stick this to the container Because you never know I might repot it. So I’m going to wrap it around a toothpick. Do we see a pattern here and this lady’s digits? And then this is just going to be stuck in beside the planter and then. I’ll be able to see what I need to see if I need information. Instead of having to go back to Pinterest looking it up again, trying to find out what happened and this way I can. My reference is quick and easy.