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🏹una Flecha Hermosa ^echeveria Setosa Arrow^


We are going to put the child on our super professional tray to perform. Then all this substrate is completely dry And the only thing I do is bury it and voila! Hello, welcome to one more video of Succulents blog and in this video. We are going to talk about this echevería. Se cough arrau. This little one is an echevería that grows with very pointed leaves and they are elongated and little stars are velvety and this Che would see when exposed to the sun and stressing it turns this red color if it does not give it so many hours of sun, then so it is only between green green yellow. The rosette remains fairly compact but can also grow tall and branch. Look at you here, you can see that a simple branch already came out view. It seems that it is a rosette. But this is the floral branch. The suckers come from below close to the stem. These are the children. This rod is a floral rod has a rosette face as this one had already told you. It needs a lot of sunlight to be exposed for enough hours for it to acquire this red color so beautiful that it looks, it does not survive. Frost endures the cold, but not so much. Its flowering is in spring summer, but here. It seems that winter does not exist and well. It is giving us a floral bar like any good, succulent. It needs good drainage and spacious watering. You know, everything depends on the weather and where you live for. What be the right substrate for your succulents? I here already know a land mixed with leaves with hummus with coffee, waste and eggshell, so it is mostly black earth so that it conserves moisture since I. I have them exposed to the sun for many hours, and then if I need them to keep a little more moisture, so they don’t dehydrate and survive the next watering. This little girl already needs watering there. You can see that her. Little land is dry, very loose and this helps a lot. Remember that the substrate must be loose at? Although it is black earth, what I use is loose from the leaf for the coffee, and then this helps too much and makes the roots grow. More flowering of this little one is red bells with very striking yellow tips. Nothing more than because this time we can’t see it. I’m going to look for a photo and I leave you the way to reproduce. This little one is removing the children from the base. We are not going to do it. Remember me there? You can see there. We are remember. I do not use any type of tool unless very necessary. I always do it like the natural so as not to contaminate the plant or hit no fungus much less then. Well, there is the soil If this one is higher has managed to see its trunk for her. I managed to see its trunk and the only thing I am going to do is take it from lower than I can and look at it from one side to the other and ready for this and voila, here it is, In fact, I did not think it was a small root, but it is from the same cut that I made right now so this cut mentioned what we let it heal, and today it is her turn to irrigate this little girl, but if she does, not, she will irrigate. I would raise it in this dry substrate and let a week pass and ready to that. They come out first to dry the cut and then so that roots begin to grow. Then this one, you know, we put it in direct, dry substrate completely and a week we review how they are. How are the wound? And how are the roots? Or we put it to heal about 34 days and Then we put it on the substrate and water a little. The point is that this cut is not. It must get wet because if we wet right now, it is cool. They get the humidity. We must cause rot then well here! We have another the ground so we could leave it. In this case, it will not be here for this. One has a bathroom the today so well. This was a super short video of this little girl beauty. I hope you liked it. Do not forget to like it subscribe. Activate the bell. Leave me your comments and see you in the next video. I’m going to show how I water it and obviously colored with a plate that I don’t know should be so that they do not retain moisture or if they do so after the time and here in the red plate and all I do is fill with enough water so that this object begins to fall from the ground and voila, this is how I water avoiding wetting the leaves or the center of the rosette.