Echeveria Agavoides Red Tip | I Cut The Centre Growing Point Out Of This Agavoides Succulent. Watch To See How And Why


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I Cut The Centre Growing Point Out Of This Agavoides Succulent. Watch To See How And Why


It’s season, so this is for succulents and look at this poor egg avoiding. What has happened here? I know exactly what’s happened. Something has been eating it and I suspect it is a caterpillar because I have been finding them everywhere. So what to do? Be upset, yeah. I’m upset, but I’m not gonna cry over it. You know, stuff happens so. I’m gonna show you what I want to do to them to deal with it. Basically, what. I’ll be doing is removing by cutting it out this growing point and that will help promote new growth Because you remove the growing point. So here’s an example of where. I’ve applied that technique. These were done. Gosh, at least a couple of months ago, so you know it doesn’t happen overnight, so let’s have a look, so what? I’ve done is I’ve taken out a removed cut off. Basically, the center point. And now that center point is where all the growth happens, so it’s forced it to grow a new pup there. I did the same with this one, and if you curious what they are. I don’t know, there’s some sort of hybrid of Colorado. The moment plant. Unfortunately, she passed away. – root rot. She was gorgeous! I had it for many many years and she was very big, but unfortunately she had succumbed to rot and she was unsalvageable. But I do you have a few of her pups, and I have these two. So I, you know my greatest game of things. Oh, well, and you know, if you’re squeamish about cutting your succulents know, if you do, you two need to be a bit brutal. That’s my knife. Here’s another ghosty where I just done. It and fortunate thing was with the ghosty. I was able to make a nice woops. I broke it. Nice, a nice, clean cut. And that is the top of it, So I’ve had another one where I’ve had a lot of success. Unfortunately, I can’t bring it over now because it’s in, you know, in a pod arrangement, but I am confident because these grapes grow like grass that this will happen to pop there, so that’s. What all look like once it’s done? But there is enough space and grep’s that you can sort of get in there and cut it off, but this one is gonna be a little bit like surgery because though the denseness of that point there and getting a knife under there, if you’re squeamish and you don’t like cutting succulents, this may not be for you, but I can’t see a better way going forward and the best thing about this one is I’ve got plenty of them and it’s very good at previously throwing off. Pop, see, there’s lots of stuff happening behind it. Um, actually, if I just scoot over here. There’s another one that I have. I’ve got no professional. I got out lying camera. Stand to free up my hands. This is basically gonna be a one-shot deal because once it’s done, it’s done. Sorry play. Dogs don’t bark or something dumb like that, all right, fine. If you just get a leaf out first to make some space whoopsie. I am gonna pack at this. I haven’t quite mastered my technique yet. Okay, so that’s out, okay, oh! I’m sorry, baby, I’m sorry for hitting you. Okay, Not the best, but now I’ve created a little bit of a gap. Think you could just continue this? Do it like that, really? Some people use fishing line a thing that I didn’t. I did try and didn’t work. Nope, today. Maybe I was trying on the wrong ones, alright? I’m just going in now. I’m just making a bit of a cut. Oops, oh my gosh! Oh, my god, deal here. It comes little paw wasn’t too bad. Listen, okay. Let’s have a good look now. It’s me with my camera. David, I know just strike that up. Mmm, so I let’s just clean this up a bit now well. I might be able to propagate with, and now I just want to clean it up a little bit stop. Wow, I know this must be just horrible to watch. I’m fun to do that there. She goes the neighbor’s dog. Maggie might pull this one out two starched. Besides, stop stop are a lot of sort of cutting to them a little bit, so it’s not just that. I’m guy this knife has been claimed. Sorry, camera. Okay, shot my brush handy. Alright, just gonna pause for a sec, so I’ve got my brush. I just wanted a clean up some dis dust and stuff and I can see, dude. Yeah, you get the gist of it, so let’s have a bit of a look. Sure it is gone and so. I leave that in a dresser a little bit bit until it calluses all about. Okay, guys, because you don’t want any root rot or anything to happen, and I promise we will come back in a couple legs. I’m gonna show you how good of you, so I gotta get this. Just stick these down there. Drive me nuts. So that’s what I choke out. You see most of them a bit. Caca, not very good. Maybe a couple eggs might think of propagation. I can see that little pup in there has been attacked too. But we’ll just let that be to show you how it looks now. It’s really not that bad. I think I did a lot better than I thought I would to be honest. I know it doesn’t. Look that party at the moment. But I think we’re. I pleasantly surprised with the results and I should probably spray something element to avoid other bugs coming the I hate pesticides, but sometimes you got to use them.