Echeveria Agavoides Propagation | #9 How To Propagate Echeveria Agavoides From Leaves


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#9 How To Propagate Echeveria Agavoides From Leaves


Some of you might remember this little guy. This is a sedum spot, only volume capable anko and I planted this here in a previous in a previous landscape arrangement. But I I thought they were dead, so I just put soil over them and planted new new plants on top of them. It looks like this one has survived and has grown through the thick layer of soil that I added on top. So it’s pretty cool, but it managed to do that, but yeah. I’m afraid that this might not survive through summer, so I’m going to transfer it into a separate pot and let it grow in in there for a while. I wonder if I can still propagated. I’m pretty happy a passerby a survivor, that’s. Um, has short stem, so it looks like somehow it was just left on top of the soil. I don’t know I lost. It survived, that’s all. I need to know it is such a beautiful day today, and it would be a shame not to spend it in the garden, so let’s get started. I feel like doing some repotting today. So some of these ones like this Calibra and black prints they could. They could use being transferred into a larger pot because they’re starting to get bound as for the rest. I’m going to move them into terracotta pots before I can get started, though I will need to prepare more of my soil mix, so that’s that’s my that’s going to be my first step So as per usual like for one bag platting much potting mix, the next step is to mix some pebbles. mix them for a bit. I do I do this just enough to break apart the the Pebble type board to the mixture and finally some all-purpose fertilizer. So I’m just going to get a scoop. I think this should be enough enough for one batch. I’m just going to spread it and mix the soil some more. Now that I’m done mixing, I can get back to cutting up my plants, so I just realized I only have one more. The 25 centimeter pots left so of the two. I think only the calibra will go into this one. So as you can see, it’s quite a step up. It’s going to be summer and it’s about time. The calibra that upgraded to a larger pot. Anyway, just man, this thing can grow quite large. I got it one-handed puffing, baby. Just so it won’t be stressed too much. I’m going to leave it here at the edge. Still under Sun. Yeah, you’re going to sit there for a while before. I move it back to the open spot up Next. Is this Rossiya Grandis? And it looks like some of the roots are trying to come out already, so we’ll see, yeah. This part should be a bit bigger. Yeah, save you the trouble because I’m just going to do the same steps. Anyway, Just going to show you the finished product. So the Risale-i Grande. This was root bound in its previous pot. I’m going to break out, break apart. Some of these roots, and you know this soil because it’s quite hard quite compact. So before I move it into the new pot. It has to be loose. Alright, so I finally got it. Free and the roots are now loose to be a lot easier to plant it in, and yet at the same time, the drainage would be improved because of the lack of compacted soil. It’s now in its new pot now. I only have to do the same to this. Three edge of areas next in line. Is this full guns? next up! Is this water, Lily? Finally this Echeverria elation so all four of these would be staying near the eaves for the next few days until they get used to the spot . So I’m standing here behind my. I avoid this What’s and I’ve been spending the last few minutes, picking up some leaves from the flower stalks. This might you know? I might be able to grow some plants off of this. Why not ? This is an egg! Avoid this my pin. I wouldn’t say this is too rare, but it is not commonly found either. Maybe I would call this uncommon. Well, of course, the rarity depends on the location. You’re in so something that is common in one area might not be common in another area, so take my comments about rarity with a grain of salt. Most of the time this plants just throw flower stalks with tiny leaves like this. So what I usually do is to wait for it to produce flower stalks. Whose leaves look like this one. They might look like pop’s right now, but sometimes they turn into flowers, but the leaves are fleshy, and that’s an important bit otherwise. If you get the little ones like this one’s, they tend to dry out faster like this, so it’s already falling off quickly. You will have better success propagating from leaves that are fleshy like this one’s. I don’t try to pull out all of these because this might turn out into a pot. So at least it has a head start in its growth but sometimes. I know for sure that this are not part of the pop like this one. So this note here is pretty far from the rosette. So I just picked those. So here’s another leash that I missed in this flower stock. There’s this one here, quite fleshy. I’m going to pull that out here. This is a good candidate for propagation this. Jade Point used to be quite red back in winter, but now that it is getting warmer, it’s reverting to to a more greenish color. So right, now it’s leaning towards orangish yellow. So in time this will turn fully green. Maybe that’s where the name came from. Jade point. I’m going to start another propagation tray. I’m taking my Agha boy this so far I pick. I pick leaves from two types from my Martin and what I think it’s allomere, and I might have to go around and look for some what the others was. They there’s a lot that are flowering right now. Two types are in now. I still have to look and see what else I can harvest today. My pvn has put out more flower stalks and there’s two here that I haven’t harvested yet, so I’ll go ahead and do that. Quite a lot of leaves, there’s also the second pvn, which has started floating out flower stalks and all of them have good leaves so. I’m going to block this as well. Unfortunately, this last one is still quite short and it’s hard to get around. It’s hard to reach the lower leaves, so maybe. I’ll just leave it for a while till it grows longer, and it’s easier to reach, despite not being able to get to that last talk. I still have a lot of leaves, so I’ve got three plants now. I wonder if there are more that I can get. There seems to be quite a few flower stalks on this Agata! Maybe I can use some of them just from doing a spot check. This one’s have some of those small and thin leaves, which will quickly dry out, but looking down below. There are good ones here, so maybe. I’ll just pick some of these. Yeah, those will do. I think it’s safe to say that. This is a pup, because although it comes from a long stock, it has its own flower stalks. Yeah, that that definitely looks like a pup. So I managed to get quite a few leaves from this Segata four types in this train now. I want to pick up. The leaves on the flower stalk on. This is our own, but it’s still quite short, and it’s hard to get to the bottom ones, so maybe. I’ll give it a bit more time before I harvest this one. This black prince is trying to push out a couple flower stalks, so there’s two here one and two, but they’re still quite short, and I want to be able to pull out all of these leaves. So maybe I’ll just leave them there for a while. Give them time to grow, so I have better leverage. There’s a small clump of salivary on my Allen here. They have lots of flower stalks and lots of good sized leaves, so maybe. I’ll go with this one. I’ve gathered quite a few from the my Allen. Five types now. Most of my elegance are already putting out flower stalks, and at a glance, I only see the the small types, the same type of flowers or rather the leaves but closer inspection. There are these ones with bigger leaves. So maybe if I give them a bit more time, I would be able to harvest. These types stirs a lot. There’s definitely a lot coming out soon. I’m not sure if you remember this tray. It’s only been a few weeks since I prepared this, but it looks like I’ve already got some sprouts. I’m not sure if it’s clear from the video. So there’s one here another one here. I’m pretty sure I found others and that one this two next to each other. So on the far left. Yeah, there’s there’s quite a lot of them and start the sprouting this one too. I wonder if there are others from the other trace that sprouted. I can’t remember which batch this belongs to. There might be some here looks like, but the tips are going really read. That’s telling me that something’s about to go out here. This other tray. It’s the same plant. I believe there’s a few of them. That are starting to sprout now and here. The bronze is quite a few of them sprouting now. I’m not sure if my TBN vbn is already sprouted. I see something from this graph up at a loom. This one another here another here. Yep, we did pretty quick, really impressed. See how much the season the proper season can do it didn’t. Take take long at all for them to sprout you, you you.