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Succulent Sunday Propagation Echeveria Agavoides Gilva & Lipstick


Hi planting tumors. It’s succulent Sunday so and if you haven’t already, like, subscribe and hit the bell notifications, So you don’t miss any of my videos? I have a lot of content coming. I am a collector of plants, but I’m also an everyday person who started with some random houseplants that I was trying to keep alive. Remember that some of your plants don’t make it? So if you get a particular type of plan or something, that’s new and it doesn’t make it. There’s a lot of reasons that that will happen. Succulents are actually pretty easy to care for. They’re not that picky. You just don’t want to overwater them, and you want to give them enough light and every now and then you want to feed them. They don’t need a lot of heating that they needed a couple times a year. All right, so if you ever want to ask me any questions, find me on. Instagram endure plenty and subscribe Youtube. And I do have an empty store if I’m making some cuttings or creating babies and it’s filling up my house and I have too many. Then I will share them so right now. That’s definitely a hobby and I just end up with too many babies, so let’s get started. I’m gonna use my iPad because I’ve had a lot of these succulents a long time, but I don’t look at them and go. Oh, this is your scientific name. So I have different size pots here. I like these pots because they come with it. Snaps off. They come with a little clap to basically make sure that you know your countertops or whatever they’re on doesn’t get ruined because they have a saucer. It’s what I was trying to think, and then I have the large size. I definitely think I just transferred this big, honking succulent into it’s hot, and I don’t know if that pot’s big enough, so we’re gonna start with my favorite succulent and it’s my husband’s favorite, succulent and it’s echeveria a gob of a God bonus gilma and I don’t know if I’m saying that, right, So this is the Guilbeau, which is the green version and they grow really big. They grow big like this, but it takes a couple years. We had a rat eat half of it when it was really big like this, and they were super upset and it recovered really quickly. So these are some of the propagations. I’ve been playing with so these actually grew right out from under the plant at a pretty good size. They were this size when they came out from under the plant, so they grow under the edges of these. This is the lipstick. One second one’s over. This is top heavy. It needs replanting really badly. We’re gonna put it there, so it’s stable and this is heavy, so we’re gonna get started on this guy. So this is the same plant. Which is the echeveria? Ida boy, this lipstick. Okay, and I picked this one up, and I was thrilled because it’s full of giant babies. So you’re actually getting a whole bunch. Now you can either leave it because you like the look or you can take it out like. I’m gonna do be very careful. If they’re small enough, you can just cut them out from under the plant. If they’re not if they’re squished like this situation, then you’re gonna have to pull the the plant out and dissect what’s going on here, so I don’t know if this plant’s gonna be very happy with me trying to get some of these out. It might let go that one there we go so see. It was so smashed in there. It was they were so smushed together. It was killing! Its leaves so the key. Is you have to take off enough and these will make a plant? These are gigantic! Though, oh, my gosh, these will all make a plant and. I’ll show you in a minute. How do you propagate those? But when you’re getting a flower from under your plant? I call it a flower because it looks like one, but that’s not technically a name. You have to clear enough out that there’s kind of a stem where it can grow roots so these might be rooted. Oh, there we go, It’s gonna say these might be rooted too. Well for me to show you one that rooted. So this is one that rooted and this one’s much smaller. I pulled it out of the plant when it was small, but you don’t have to do that. You could let it get bigger and then pull it out and then you make a little hole in the dirt. I just found a baby spider a little hole right there. And you keep that you keep spritzing the soil right around the root. They really like the soil spritzed every day or two with one of these. Oh, No, so my kids think it’s funny to put soap in this bottle. You want to make sure you keep her oisin? A new, succulent that you’re trying to propagate with lots of water around where the roots are gonna grow, but don’t spray them like, five times a day, and then your big succulent will look better without a million babies squished under it unless it has enough soil that it can actually accommodate those babies. You know, this succulent’s not accommodating these these babies, it’s producing very well. This one is really in here, so I’m trying not to hurt the new plant and I’m trying not to hurt the mother plant. So the mother plant is actually not as big as it Looks. Cuz these babies. Oops, we broke that one. Good casualty. That’s okay, so that’ll make a nice sized plant once it roots, it’ll get big like this one fast, and these leaves that we had to take off. This point actually has a pretty good stem, so oh. I’m sorry this one that we just took off. It’s got a little stem there, so I don’t know how much we have to pull off of it. The less trauma the better on these plants. This mommy plant is probably already like. What are you doing to me? But it’s feeding all these babies. Oh, check this out. So this one was trying to already establish itself as its own plant. It has roots so that one’s gonna plant and be rooted immediately. That’s pretty cool. This leaf doesn’t look so good, so it wasn’t horrible, but this one’s got some stuff. That’s looking kind of be that oh. I found a slug, so we’re gonna have to check the soil that shouldn’t be there when you get plants from nurseries, but I guess this is a good learning experience. They’re not going to be able to keep out critters completely. That’s a slug that and they, they lay their eggs in the topsoil. So you have to replant your plant. Babies will keep patching, so that’s not good. Those slugs were probably eating away at plants in that nursery, So I will call the nursery and tell them that when I was propagating this plant, I found a little baby slug. Oh, wow, okay, so this is a big individual plant. I’m gonna twist twist this, but I’m trying not to break off All of its leaves. Okay there. We go this. One does not have roots yet, and this mother plant is gonna be so much happier. She’ll feel a little bear, but she’s gonna be so that can make a plant, so look how many plant so far and this one just fell off, probably from the stress of me. Everything else feels pretty solid, but see how they screw like smushed because they were under the mommy plant. Okay, So now Mommy doesn’t have very much stabilization on either side because those big huge babies are going. So mommy plant. I need to be very careful with you and I’m gonna take your soil apart because I want to check if and see if I find a nice legs without hurting this plant anymore, It’s probably in shock because I took its babies. I’m sorry, but that’s how you make new ones so. Wow, this plant is going to need. It can probably go back and the pot it was in because now the pot it was in. It’s not that small for it because all of those so this was coming off. I don’t know, kind of rotting. Okay, that’s on there. Good, another plant. Nope, just this side of the plant actually has a bunch of leaves right here instead of a baby. So it makes it kind of lopsided. Okay, so now! I need my cactus soil, which I left outside, so we’re gonna pause for a minute and I’m gonna grab that and then hit play again for you guys, so I’m gonna try to see if I can keep that cactus stable or it’ll snap off and it’ll lose Its entire root system, which won’t be good for a cactus that big. I’m back, okay, so I got soil from outside my husbands sneaking away. He hit play on the camera because this lip lipstick monster He saw the size of the root ball, needs me to hold it and support it as I put the dirt in here. So this is captive soil with lots of extra perlite, and I put a good amount. I’m actually going to use one of these other pots to get big scoops of dirt sometimes. I just take other pots that have a cover on the bottom like that, and I just pack a bunch of soil in all at once, so the bottom. I unsnapped on this one, so I’m going to swap it out for when it has a bottom. That’s not unsnapped so that it holds all of the dirt. We don’t want the dirt going too far out of our little work area here, so we’re gonna put lots of dirt up around the base and in this pot. This plant is gonna be pretty well supported by its own leaves and the edge of the pot. Try not to get so this leaf. We may have just broken. Don’t know if we did, but we’re taking it off. So what’s interesting? Is this side of the plant where I said it was? Leaf heavy. There’s a huge part of the root system on that side, so like the root system went way off to one side, and that’s why there’s more leaves on that side, even though there was babies all around it, it kind of grew its roots lopsided once we got it out, so when you’re lifting the plant up like this, you might do damage to some of the leaves. Just don’t freak out because those will become plants if you put them in soil and we got an air pocket, there’s. like creating an imaginary picture . So you just have to keep tucking pushing the soil down. Make sure there’s no air pockets and so my magic mix for a lot of my houseplants is cactus mix because I like cactus little because it drains really fast, and it doesn’t drown your plants now. Herb here has been in regular old run at the mill soil. Not cactus. Mix for a long time, you know? I put herb in that little pot. Put him on the deck. He wasn’t used to being in that much. Sun, because we had him in kind of a shady spot, and I think that that pot got too hot who we got. We got some leaves down really low here so low then. I’m you have to take them off, but I’m all right. Yeah, well, Herb doesn’t want to let go these so. I’m trying to put some dirt under there. Oh, my, gosh, messy messy, okay. I think that’s good enough. These guys are gonna get a good watering when I’m done done with the big project. So these little ones, I’m not gonna do them all because it’ll take too long, but I’m going to start showing you some other succulents and propagations. So this one with the roots, you know this one. I could take something like this. Get a full pot of soil. The special cactus mix, make a hole in the soil. That’s pretty big. You want plenty of room? If it has roots, you don’t want to break those delicate little, and this is curved. So I’m going to have to dig it a weird hole. Okay, there we go, and then you have an instant cactus. That’s going to grow bigger and bigger and grow its roots within a couple weeks, They do need moisture to grow, but cactuses and succulents. Oh, my gosh, especially this type. It’s really easy now. I have another lipstick one. So now her bees, the babies have wives -. Okay, so that is so don’t forget to follow me on. Instagram, indoor plant E. It’s just indoor plant. E, everything, my plant e tubers endure plenty. Just find that everywhere indoor plant E Calm, and you can watch what? I’m doing in my crazy lab of the kitchen, so I want to remind you. I’m gonna step back here. The reason I started caring for all these plants and creating babies and became a collector is because I had an extremely high level of stress and anxiety, particularly last year. There was a reason for it and it wasn’t like a life issue. It had something to do with the health. Is she going on and something that brought me back to life was gardening, and I think whether you’re just up against the everyday stress of life, you know, because our lives, especially here in the United States are so it’s like a stress machine, and you need to stop if you’re gonna watch Netflix turn on your iPad like I do and plant plants and play with soil and do something healthy while you’re on electronic overload because we’re all so overloaded with EMF, sand Tvs and phones and actually those things help me tune out sometimes, but I noticed I was not healthy. It made me more anxious and even depressed. You know, when I was feeling low to veg out so veg on Youtube, but pick up a plant while you’re doing it and work along with me. I love you guys, and I’ll see you next time. You look out for them on stairs. I love monstera so much. I got a bunch of babies for you.