Easiest Succulents To Propagate | 5 Easiest Succulents To Propagate & How To [with Updates]

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5 Easiest Succulents To Propagate & How To [with Updates]


Hey, guys, in today’s video. I am going to show you how to propagate the succulents. The most easiest way I am also going to talk about five of the best succulents that you can propagate and not just. I am going to talk about the plants instead. I am going to show you the all procedures with before/after result, And that’s why please make sure to watch the entire video initially. I was thinking to make one video for one plant, but later I decided to combine everything so that you can get more info from a single video instead of watching five different videos. So let’s begin the list. So the first plant is snack plant. It’s one of the most popular plants all over the world, mainly because they are grown as indoor air purifying plants and at the same time, they are extremely. Hardy, they are really very easy to propagate. Just take a leaf, make few small pieces. Let’s say two to three inch and then use a glass water and that’s it. Eventually they are going to produce the roots. I am using a tissue paper here simply because see, sometimes I may forget to water my cuttings, and that’s why I just use the tissue paper So that water is maintained inside the glass you. So this is the result almost after 90 days. I believe, and you can say they have produced the roots really nicely. I am able to get the roots almost in all of them except one, but it’s okay. I already got way too many plants. It’s really very easy and fun at the same time, and there is one more small tip. I would like to give you see just after keeping the cuttings inside that glass. Please keep that glass in a place where it can get at least 1 to 2 hours of direct sunlight. If they don’t get the direct sunlight, they may take somewhat more longer time to produce the roots and you can see they have produced the roots really well. The second plant is pencil cactus again. One of the most easiest succulents that you can provide from the cuttings and believe me. They are really very easy. And Heidi. As well while taking the cuttings just take near about 4 to 6 inch long cuttings and from that, you’d be able to grow a new plant very easily. I used the potting Salomes to propagate the pencil cactus and for the potting soil mix, you can take 80 percenters of Coco Peat and raise 20% less of Bama compost. You can use a very small container as you can see here. Just fill the container and then insert the cuttings and while inserting the other things, please make sure that at least 1 to 1.5 inch of cuttings are inside the soil and that’s it. What are it, well and then keep it in a place where it can get at least 1 to 2 hours of direct sunlight. However, if you keep it in a bright area that time, also it’s okay. Eventually they are going to produce the roots. So this is the result after almost after three months and you can see, they are growing really very well. I mean, I can say lots of new grows on the cuttings of my pencil cutters and I am 100% sure that they have produced the roots. Now let me show you the roots, and I hope you are going to like to see it now. Please allow me to inform you that you really don’t have to wait for 90 days. You can get the result much faster. I was kind of lazy, too in the input of the video. And that’s why it took a quite long time for me. The tap length. Is it Siberia. One of the most lovely succulents that you can grow. I am going to talk a bit more about my severe plant because I believe that the information is going to help you see. I did not buy that. It’s a very a plant when he went to the nursery. I just saw a broken pieces of it’s a Veria and I asked for that broken pieces. Definitely, they did not charge me anything and I was somewhat happy because I knew that I would be able to grow some more new plants from that broken pieces. I am sharing this thing with you because you can do the same thing. I mean, if you go to the nursery and see any broken pieces of any succulents, not just it’s a Verya you can ask for that broken pieces, and I hope they are not going to charge for that pieces. So this way you’d be able to grow more plants without paying for it. So this is the result of trust sixty days and you can see they’re looking extremely beautiful, and that’s why I say to you that I really love. It’s a very a lot. I am able to get two plans from that broken path. Both of them are doing fine. However, the second one is bit struggling, so I am going to report them in some other container very soon. I can also see that third one is trying really very hard to grow in new growth, But anyway, let’s see how that thing goes, and I hope I will be able to get three. It’s a very appliance from that broken part. The fourth plant is co’s plant most commonly known as Saddam, and it has many other names. And you can read all the names on the screen. Now, please believe me if there is any succulent, which is the easiest, succulent among all other succulents to propagate then. I would say that co’s plant would be the number one. And the reason is that you can propagate them from a single leaf. You don’t have to worry about anything. They are really very easy like. I said you while doing some gardening work. Some leaves fall off from one of my close plant. So instead of showing all the Leafs, Aiza decided to keep the leaves on the top surface of one of my other container where I am growing one of my polka-dot plant and you can see, most of them have produced the new growth for me. They are looking way too cute, and I hope you are liking as well as you can see. The new growth is looking absolutely beautiful Since I haven’t recorded at death time. I mean, while keeping the leaves on the top surface of the pot. Now let me show you how easily you can do that. Thus they can leave and then simply keep it on the top surface of the soil. You can press it very lightly if you like it. And then sprinkle water once in a while, let’s say five to six days, and eventually they are going to start producing the roots. The fifth plant is Christmas Cactus. They are really very popular, and I hope that you already know about them. Good thing is they are really very easy to propagate from the cuttings, and since I did not record the propagation thing. Whatever I did few months back. I am going to show you how exactly you can do that. Take a SUP object and then cut it just right here next. I am going to make two pieces of death cuttings so that I would get two new plants. Next thing is really very easy. Just insert the cuttings inside the soil. Let’s say if the 5mm of the cuttings should be inside the soil, it’s going to work. This is the same thing with say did with one of my other. Christmas cactus plant and let me show you the growth and how they are doing. At this time, so here you can see, they are producing the new growths and the way. I have shown you, I did that. Exactly same thing and you can see. They are doing really very well. I have already said you most of the input and things, but just as a reminder, I am going to inform you that she input and things here. So the first one is potting soil mix, see for most of the succulents. You can take 80% s of Coco Peat and raise 20 percent less of vermicompost. This is the same thing. I did with my pencil cactus and it’s save area and going to do it for my upcoming succulents. Next next important thing is water requirements. This is really very important, and you really don’t want to water. Your succulents regularly always take time in between watering and let the soil dry out, and then only water it for most of the succulents. You won’t need to utter them. I mean too much. If you water them. Once in seven to ten days, it’s going to work absolutely fine. The third important thing is sunlight. This is s after planting any cuttings. I mean, for all the succulents, you can keep the pot in a place where they can get at least one to two hours of direct sunlight, or if you keep them in a bright area that time also it’s going to work so guys. If you found the video useful, please do me a favor. Please, like the video. Share it and subscribe to my channel. If you haven’t and many many thanks for doing that. I will be back with similar more succulents so that you can grow many more succulents at your home very easily. Thank you very much for watching the video. I truly appreciate have a great day and enjoy.