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Echeveria Collection Update October 2020


Hi, guys today. I wanted to show you how my echeveria collection is doing. Most of it is under led lights. Uh, and there are some that are by the windows with the natural light. So let me show you how they’re all doing. So, uh, on the bottom shelf. I have all my echeverias and I have kind of organized them by color, so there is in a first tray, bluish color, bluish, greenish color, echeverias and then pinkish purple ones. And then on this one, I have some green ones and pink ones mixed with some sedums, So I’m gonna go close up so I can show you. How all of them are doing all right, So first one here is this Echeveria polydonu’s double head pretty reddish lines around. This is Echeveria equilibrium has bumps on the leaves, kind of like a chivaria rainbow, but the pumps are a little bit longer and the leaves are a bit longer. This one, I’m not sure about the exact idea. Maybe, um, a chavari. Atlantis really pretty. And this is Echeveria pink, Violet queen. And as you can see, it got a little bit smaller on top, The rosettes got smaller and I know one subscriber was asking me why that happens I’m not really sure. Maybe they lack water and sun at some point and they get more narrow. I think I have not maybe watered them enough this summer. Um, we were very busy and I was kind of gone for a part of the time, so I don’t know if that affected them, but it’s still adorable, very compact. Look, there is some new babies growing, and then these top rosettes kind of split into many different rosettes. I think it’s really cute, all right. The next one here are three babies. Um, uh, I think it’s called Echeveria elegance, blue and because of the stress, it got some red on the bottom leaves. I have this one for a while. And then this one is more recent purchase. If you watch my past videos from Lowe’s, um, it was, I think one of the clearance plants. If I remember Tacitus, I have to find what the other and it had some babies growing, and they got bigger as you can see. There is another one here. That’s quite big then. This one here is just so beautiful. It’s a cheveria da vinci code and you can see, uh, reddish edges on the leaves. Um, and then this one here, guys. This one was not my favorite im. I was actually not a big fan of crested echeverias and Grypto various and I became fan of it. This was a gift when I purchased from Estella, Different kind of succulents and the they grow quite a bit. I try to clean up the bottom stem, so there is crested part of this stitch of area and here as well And then there is actual rosettes that grew bigger. It was quite small when I got it now. It looks just adorable, and I don’t know idea of this one. If you do please comment, I would love to know what this is really pretty. Um, this one here. Um, I’m not sure about. The idea has always been struggling here in my care. It never dies but loses a lot of leaves. They dry up, so I don’t know if I haven’t watered it enough. Or what is it that’s missing. Um, this one here was a a swap from emily. This file from the upper shell. This is my for my ghost plant. Just going to tuck it back in there. Um, echeveria, blue, another and it’s. Just I really have been enjoying looking at this one. I think it has beautiful colors very compact, nice. Look under lights this one here. I don’t know, idea of this one. Um, it’s really pretty again. Very, very compact. Look, then over here. This I thought is some kind of Echeveria Minima hybrid. I bought that together with this one here. One of the newest additions at the end of the summer. And I think it grew a little bit, then over there. I have, um, pacified Em. I forgot the exact idea of this one. Uh, has like leaves. Look like little diamonds. You know, you see how interesting it is because those white lines, um, are very giving a very unique look. Has a lot of branches and babies. I think it at some point stretched a little bit, but it’s still pretty healthy and good looking and then next to it is this I don’t know if you remember. If you watch my past videos, I had this big rosette. And then it was very prolific and I beheaded it and propagated, Um, and this head that was propagated. Produced all these babies over the last. I would say seven months. Look how beautiful it looks. Um, I think it’s just just gorgeous like a bouquet. I don’t know, idea of this one either. I thought maybe this is a chaveria. Holy gate from what I have seen on the pictures. And then, Of course, there is my beautiful Echeveria Compton Carousel. Beautiful, unique colors, guys. I just love this one. I got it almost a year ago from my husband for my birthday and then behind it. I have, uh, Echeveria in Bricata Blue Rose. It really hasn’t grown at all, just staying as it is. I mean, it does get new growth and new leaves, but it dries as many leaves as it grows, So I don’t know. Maybe it needs more water. Maybe they get really dried up on their lights and this one here. I think it’s either same. As this one just a baby or it’s also in Britada, I am 900 sure, and then all the way at the end in the corner. I have a topsy turvy double headed. These are very prolific plants, too. All right, so we’re moving now to second tray. This one here is a cheveria floor bling. Uh, it used to be more lighter, blue color. But it got really pink under lights over time, and, you know, sometimes under these lights, It doesn’t happen over the period of days or weeks but months, and then they just get intense. Pink could be also because they were dry and didn’t get enough water. I think it got the most pink color when I left Serbia because it wasn’t watered. This is, um, Echeveria Lola. I have another one, It’s also mine and that was in conservatory and I just brought it back. Uh, because it was in desert on where it gets quite cold, so I’m just afraid because it was by the window not to freeze, so I will see how fast it’s going to get similar. Look, uh, then this one here. I have no idea what it is. Maybe some kind of very allowing harbor hybrid. This is Marquis de 70 doesn’t. Look the best! I wish I have a little bit bigger or better looking specimen. This is one of my, uh, various one. Learn, bug. It got on the bottom of the stem. Some millie bugs So when I was spraying it with alcohol on the bottom. I got obviously I touched it over the leaves and removed some of the film, So I weren’t the perfect look, but it looks beautiful still. These two are the same variety. I used to have a really huge one, and then I, uh, propagated a lot of leaves, and this is like the bottom stem that grew two rosettes. And then this is the top rosette. Um, I don’t know idea of this one. This is my echeveria neon breakers. Uh, this one here was sold as let me see. Um, Echeveria simulant freckles. But it lost freckles until, uh, like end of summer. When I came back from Serbia, it had freckles again like this here on the edges, but under lights, it usually doesn’t have freckles, but new leaves so and then there is my various rain drops, and it’s very. I think it’s called Dusty Rose. I beheaded it and saw the head and then the branch, uh, the the stand that was left grew two branches and I have these for a while. Now this I bought in Lowe’s, I think the beginning of summer of middle of summer and it was also crested. Uh, echeveria. This is, um, not a topsy turvy, but, um, the one that has leaves kind of opposite from topsy turvy. I forgot the name of this one and as you can see. Some parts are crested. Some parts are like a normal form, and they’re like, really pretty looking. All right, and then here I have Echeveria Latina. It really became much darker like more pink, not blue under lights. Um, and then these two are the same. I’m gonna pull out the bigger one. This one was sold as if I remember Echeveria lilac frost so really beautiful colors, and it has these big bumps that look like brains and I beheaded it. This was actually the top head rosette and it’s quite tall now so I can be headed again. If I want to, there’s a dry leaf. And then the leftover stem grew a little pop but now is getting bubs and bumps in the middle. So really, really pretty now. This one here is a chaveria magnifica really interesting. Echeveria has a really long spam. So I’m thinking to maybe we have this one and here are my beautiful echeveria’s decorous! I look at what a difference in color I’m going to, maybe. Try to pull this one out so you can see close up guys. And this one reminds so much to achieve area rainbow because of its beautiful variegation. So these were the the heads that I propagated from this plant here here. It is the stems that we’re left, Um, started shooting rosettes from the ground and they’re getting quite big now, too catching up with the her top heads that I, uh, propagated so really adorable. This echeveria does give me a lot of joy. I think it’s really, really pretty, actually always those echeverias that have a lot of variegation or a lot of pink, and they look really, really pretty, that’s. Why I never get bored with a chavarria problem on nunberg even though it’s quite common. One here is my Chaveria pro one. Nurnberg, another one that I recently beheaded. My achiveria rainbow has been really pitiful. When I left to Serbian, I came back. They were in a really bad shape. I lost the big one. Actually, I didn’t lose it. They had to be headed. If I remember, I think that’s the one because it started getting some black spots. These are the little ones that are growing from a while ago. Beheaded stems and these are all like. I think this was a leaf propagation, and these are like three original heads that I got for my birthday last year. Look at this Echeveria Hagai tournament says it’s absolutely gorgeous, and I didn’t know it has such a beautiful blooms. They’re shaped like bells, and they’re they have, like a bright, reddish orange color really pretty. And then I have here. Echeveria fabiola. I have to pull it out so you can see how interesting it is then. I have some sedums. This is I think, California sunset. Then I have another sedum here. Uh, and another sedum over here. This is my echeveria Chroma chaveriagoides of some kind. This is Aggretovaria. What is it, name, solar star? And then I have here. I think this is golden Glow Echeveria. That kind of struggled during the summer had some black on the leaves and this one here that I’m thinking about beheading because it has a has stretched at some point, and then it has a really compact look on top. So let me show some bigger echeverias that are on the natural light. I have tendency always to ignore and neglect these echeverious agaves, because they require a bit less watering and less sunlight than other chavarria’s, so they got burned again. This year, this one here and I already removed some leaves, and these were babies that were growing on the side and they really couldn’t fit this. You know, pot anymore, so I ended up beheading them, removing them and they are now trying to root. Um, I just recently did that when they got inside. Um, this one here. I don’t think I’d be headed so that one has roots. Um, I think it didn’t have a light for a while. Now since has been in the side, it’s a complete mess around because we’re finishing basement. So this one here I beheaded recently because it was kind of leaning on the side in a bit in a big quad and it was just not holding itself so and it has a lot of roots already. I think it’s going to root no problem, and I put it in a white pot because I’m going to keep it on a natural light somewhere here on the window seals. And this is the mother plant big one of these two. So these are two different types of vegetarian avoidance. This one is called lipstick and this one. I don’t know, I think it’s just it’s very ugly. Yes, and here is my Echeveria Palm. One number that I bought, uh, toward the end of the summer. I think it still has a pretty compact. Look here! Uh, no, I don’t see stretching on the main rosette. I don’t know if I’m just seeing this or not. Well, but I feel like these. Uh, smaller rosettes stretched a bit im. Not sure, I mean, they still have a really nice color, so I don’t think I’m gonna move them from here because they really don’t have so much space on their lights. I think that’s it guys. Um, until the next video, stay healthy and have a wonderful week. .