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Bargain Succulents How To Care For A Supermarket Succulent


Okay, so here. Is this beautiful, beautiful? Inter area Dusty rose that I found at the supermarket now. I wanted to make this quick little video to discuss with you. Guys what you should do with a plant that you find inside a store, It’s not even in a garden shop. It is inside a store and nowadays everyone is carrying these beautiful succulents, but they get pretty beat up because people inside a store don’t know either. They overwater them or they underwater them, and in this case, this beautiful, dusty. Rhodes was totally dehydrated, but I saw the potential. I know that you know with the proper care. It would come back and it was priced, Just right, and I know how beautiful this plant can be. So I snatched it and I brought it home and I gave it some TLC, and I wanted to show you guys how well it’s doing. I actually purchased this one on Saturday and again it was, it was probably like half an inch smaller. If not more of how thirsty it was and the dirt was just powder. Really, it was powder. What should you do? Though, should you water it? Should you repot it right away? Should you put it outside? What do you do well? This is what we’re going to discuss. I think that the tendency is to repot it right away and put it outside. But what I would do, Vincent? Oh, I just have to show you this because I have a little critter here. There is he manipulates me into giving him attention! Vincent, you’re gonna fall. Oh, come on, baby! Come on! Hey, baby! Oh, hi! Charlie, come here, come here, boy. Benton, Lizzie. Come on! Oh, my goodness, you are just being a goofball, because you always come now. And today you’re not wanting to, but we have. Charlie, here and Charlie loves to come and feed off the attention that Vincent, I have the sweetest little kitties. I have four rescues and their mail all of them and they’re adorable. They are so receptive and so awesome, and I mean, believe it or not. I put five Christmas trees in this house fully decorated during the Christmas season and they are trained and again. When you have kids, though, you have to really adapt your life to to them. Okay, so sorry about that. Break here if you like cats. I hope you enjoyed that if you don’t. I’m so sorry, but I love them so back to the dusty Rose. When you buy a plant like this, you want to make sure that you first of all assess it. Check it for path. Check it to see if it has any mealy bug anything like that? In this case? It was super dry. Mealy bug likes moisture, so I. It was fine, so what I did is. I just put it in my fink, and I gave it a good drenching. I just you know why, till the water poured out from the bottom and I put it in this little container in this little bowl so that it could retain a little bit of the moisture. I made sure that it wasn’t sitting in water, though. I left it in the sink, so most of the water would drain out. And then I put it here in my window inside my home and the window here is the south-facing window. It might get a little bit of direct light, but sunlight, but really, it’s just bright, bright light and the temperature in here is no more than you know. 78 80 degrees two tops. So it’s just thriving. It’s doing beautifully and now. I’m thinking I might repot it in a week or so, and maybe keep it in here so that I can enjoy it because I have really a lot of plants here in my window that are not real, and this is because this window does get pretty hot, But Echeverria could take it if it’s not in direct heat. If it’s just in bright sunlight and yeah. I have a Livingstone here. I have my little Buddhist temple That’s growing and that one is an experiment. There my daughter gave it to me. She’s like mom, please don’t kill it. Keep it alive and I said you know what I wasn’t gonna buy anymore because I have killed these before in the past, but I’ve always kept them outside where I really kind of lose sight of how often I water it and here. I’m very conscientious of not watering it, really. I’ll do it, maybe once a month very little and then let it be. Yeah, that one really doesn’t need and see when you’re watering. It lifts up like this. You can see it, it’s super plump. It’s got water in there. If it starts kind of looking, dehydrated, kind of like, growing, smaller and wrinkled, you’ll know that it’s time to water it, so just go with that, and you can’t go wrong so, yep, again, if you buy one of these, it’s best to to keep them inside because they have been under artificial lights inside under the AC or whatever. And if you just shock him and put him outside in your garden, that’s hot. They will have a hard time adjusting. I mean again. If you don’t can’t keep him. Inside outside on a under a cool porch is just fine, they’ll do great, but optimally. It’s best to keep them in the kitchen window, see? Vincent is a pain in the butt, he’s he. Yeah, okay, well, alright. I hope you enjoyed this video and just again, remember? Just keep them in a cool place, don’t. We put them right away. Give it a week or so at least, but just make sure that to give it a good watering. If it’s wet if it, I mean if it’s super dry about soil. If it is soaked and super wet, don’t even touch it. Just leave it in the pot. Put it in a place where it’ll get bright light and make sure you don’t put it under direct sunlight right away and it’ll thrive so yeah, just wanted you to look at this beautiful, beautiful girl here, and yeah, she is doing great and hopefully. I will have her for a good while because these dusty rose at your various these are I consider them seasonal. They’re not long-lasting not like the Sahara or the bill in or Esmeralda bees. These kind of are tricky to keep alive because they do. They’re very finicky. They have a hard time with the watering process, but again don’t be scared to water them. If they’re completely completely dry, alright? I hope you have guys have a fantastic day. Thank you so much for watching this video. Thank you for subscribing and welcome to all the new subscribers. I’ll talk to you later.