Drilling Terracotta | How To Add Drainage To A Pot With No Hole. Quick Simple Tutorial. Drilling A Hole In A Clay Pot.


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How To Add Drainage To A Pot With No Hole. Quick Simple Tutorial. Drilling A Hole In A Clay Pot.


Okay, so this is a quick tutorial. I have no idea if this is gonna work out, and maybe we’ll never see the light of day, but this is that clay pot that I got at the thrift store. I hauled it in a recent video. I can link that above, but it doesn’t have a drainage hole, although it does have a crack. So my husband is going to help me Drill a hole in this. We have what kind of drill bit. A carbide drill bit. Sorry, carbide. I will write it on the screen. So what we’ve done so far to prep the pot and this is a risk. It might not work, but we’ll see is soak it in some water for a few hours this morning. So now he’ll do the rest. Okay, so I think we’re taping it, so it doesn’t split, right. Yes, so put a little tape. What diameter is the drill bit? One it quarter-inch carbide carbide drill bit. I am not trying to be cute and not know what I’m saying. I just have not paid any attention to what kind of drill bit. It is okay, so oh, well, coz it’s wet, right, So this is just painter’s tape. I think to, UM, reinforce it when we drill. Oh, well, so the tape doesn’t work. Maybe it’s not even necessary. Who knows, but all right, so wait. Hold on, explain what you’re gonna do. Are you gonna go like slow? Look at the tip of the drill Bit mm-hmm. And you’ll see that these ones that have this type of. I guess triangular sort of tip with the wider edges here, mm-hmm. That’s an indication that it’s meant to grind away instead of cut. Mmm, you’ll see some other job. It’s very much pointy, er. No, they’re supposed to cut this one’s supposed to cry, sir. So you wanna go slow and let it grind slowly through the hot without going too fast or it’ll crack. Okay, and when there and it when they’re looking for it on the package, does it say for like stone, or what does it say for him? Yeah, the ones that are for brick or masonry here. Oh, Mason, yours also multipurpose cannons. So okay, alright, so we’re going slow and grinding. Yeah, we’re just grind in here. Okay well. It is kind of small, but, uh, that’s probably okay. Three, really. You could without breaking it. You try! Why not why don’t you do it further away or it doesn’t? What do you think? Can you just make that bigger by like? You know, doing it around the edges? No, okay, we’ll take my tape off, lets. Just see. It was very clean, very nice well. Yeah, we probably need a little more drainage than that. It’s pretty tiny. This is how it looks yeah. I know, um, well. Nothing terrible happened to our pod. That was my main concern. I thought it might just bust. I guess so great, it wasn’t right next to it. Just making a bigger where it’s already kind of. Got that little crack. I mean, that’s pretty good, lets. Compare it to other drainage holes. Yeah, like, look at that. One right there on the table. So it was a much smaller pod, but I mean, yeah. We probably need it a little bigger. Yeah, let’s try, okay, guys. This is how it’s going, oops. I forgot what I was filming for. Gotcha, so you’re just kind of just getting the side, right. I’m trying to see farther away to make it work. I’ve got all day I’m in quarantine. Hmm hmm, not really. I have to work all week, But today Sunday. Patience is too, okay. That looks good. I don’t care that it has to look, you know, around or something like that. Oh, yeah, super regular. But that’s good. That’s better, yep. Do you think it’s sharp, okay. Great now! I can pop my philodendron in there. Yay, mm-hmm! It’s good! Thank you and it didn’t hurt the pot. All right, cool, so that’s. What you do very simple, thank you. you!