Drilling Holes In Terracotta Pots | How To Drill Hole In Ceramic And Terra Cotta Pots

Carmen Whitehead

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How To Drill Hole In Ceramic And Terra Cotta Pots


Hi, friends, this is Carmen. Welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my channel is all about balcony, gardening, succulents and houseplants in an apartment setting and today. I am going to be showing you how to drill a hole in a ceramic pot. Just like this, where that one or that one. Those are all ones that. I drilled holes in to make them planters. So if you want to learn how to do that, just stick around, we’re gonna get started right now. So these pots this picture here Got out of Thrissur. I think it was good will, and I drilled a hole in that one. This was a bowl also at Goodwill. Drill to hold him that one and this one here was a little. I think utensil holder drilled a hole in that one. And I have a lot here on my patio. This soup cup. Don’t the hold in that one. I think this one too. Mmm, that one right there. This guy, so it’s something that I’m not afraid of doing. I’m not afraid of cracking it because I used the right tools and I use the right method. So let me show you what tools you need to have to make sure that you drill the right hole without cracking your pot, Okay, So here are the tools that we’re going to use. Obviously we’re gonna need some pots. I picked these up this week at a 99-cent store when I was out looking for toilet paper and I happen to pick these up. None of these have holes. They’re ceramic. The two smaller ones are ceramic and the terracotta. Looking one is a glaze type of terracotta, so these are perfect to drill into and. I’ve had this power Drill. Battery operated power drove for about three years. Now, God on Amazon believe is like 37 dollars or so And what I use in it. The bits that I use are called Diamond Drill. Bits cost about seven dollars for I think. Actually, there were five in the kit when I got them. I can’t find the other ones, but these are the main ones that I use And basically, they have a certain type of texture on the end that helps you drill faster and better through ceramic and terracotta and glass. Now, over time. If you use these quite a bit, they will wear down over a couple years or so so you will need to get a new one, but also you will need some water because the drill’s bits do get hot. So you need water to keep the drills. Bits cool now here. I’m just taking off the stickers and then on this one. I’m going to use this size drill bit. I’ll use the smaller ones on the smaller pot. I’m going to put a little bit of water on the pot. The bottom of the pot that will help keep it cool, and I’m going to put the drill at a side angle. You don’t want to start with a flat angle because you need to start on the side about a 45 degree angle to get a little groove. Going that will help you anchor the drill. You can feel it after a little bit, and then you just place the drill bit right into that little anchor, so slowly start to straighten out the drill until you are upright and gently pushing down, not hard, just a firm pressure and you will start to feel when that’s about to go through. I turn it a little bit, and then it just pops right through a little bit of water to clean it off and you can see the straight cut. There’s the piece that came out and the straight cut of that hole now for the smaller ceramic pots. I am going to change the drill bit to the smaller one. I don’t want a large hole in these, so I’m just gonna use this little little drill bit. Make sure it’s tightened on. Wipe it off and we’re ready to get going. Take the stickers off and add a little bit of water to the center there, and it’s the same thing. Start at an angle until you get the little groove there. Sometimes it moves around a little bit, and I tend to just put one finger on the drill and another on the pot to keep it steady. You can see there. The little groove that’s already started and you can start straightening out the drill, applying gentle pressure. I’ve sped it up here because this does take a little bit of time. A minute or two. You don’t want to hurry the process, but you can see the hole there. I’m not worried that’s it’s a little bit off-center. It’s a hole down at the bottom, and it’ll work, so I don’t really worry if it’s off-center and the last one, I’m holding the drill. You can see it kind of skirt scoots around a little bit, but once I have it anchored there. I start straightening it out. Make sure I have water on there to keep it cool, and as you straighten out, gentle pressure down. Taking your time with it until it goes all the way through. And then you have the whole perfect for potting up a plant, so there you have it friends, a super easy way to drill holes into pots that do not have a drainage hole. You can easily use this as it came as a cash poll, But if you don’t want to have to deal with emptying water out of it every time you water the plant, that’s in it in a nursery pot. Then you can drill a hole these items. I will link them below. They are available on Amazon. I got these on Amazon as I did with the power tool here, so you know they come in different sizes. You can make different holes with the little one. You can make multiple holes if you want to now. I have tried these on ceramic terracotta and even a cement pot. I have not tried this on glass. I have not worked up the courage to do glass yet. But it does work on glass, also, but ceramic and terracotta. Super easy to do, okay, So if you enjoyed this video friends in this lesson today. Please do give the video a thumbs up. I appreciate that so much. Let me know down in the comments below. If you’ve done this before if you have putts that you want to drill a hole in and if it’s something that you are going to try for your gardening and I would love to hear from you, okay. If you haven’t subscribed already, please do so with a great plant community. You’re always helping each other out and I appreciate you so much. Friends have a blessed day. Stay safe! Stay healthy and stay home. Okay, bye bye.