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Planting Two Driftwood Succulent Planters


Hey, how’s it going? Everyone, it’s been a while. Just want to let you know what’s been going on, yes? I had my shoulder surgery and bicep reattachment and I haven’t been a little car or anything for a while. Just been selling succulents online. It, my NorCal, succulent shopcom! You remember. I had this little greenhouse right here when I first started in November. Here’s what it looks like now. Still pretty full what, hey? Zeus, so I upgraded to a little bit Bigger tent here. I’ll be restocking tomorrow. Here’s just a little bit of what I still Have. I sell out. Yeah, not totally, But once a week, I have to go restock. Usually this is full, so as you can see a lot of empty spots, it’s my driftwood pile and drying it out, getting ready to carve some wood spirits and driftwood, succulent planters today. I’ve got a couple orders for some driftwood, Succulent planters. So I’m not gonna bore you with a drilling them out. I might just show you how I put the plant in them, but basically, what we’re gonna do have a couple pieces of a driftwood. We’re gonna use the drill press hollow it out with a Forstner bit and we will come over here and use the Fordham, the dremel tool, clean everything up and then we’ll drill some holes for drainage and then you’ll get them all planted up. Got this one started. Just got drill some holes for some drainage. Let me clean up the end a little bit. Alright, so here’s the second piece. Go ahead and go ahead and drill some of this out right here. Two inches deep somewhere around there. And then we’ll clean it all up and go from there pretty well drilled out about two. Knuckles deep. Now, let’s clean it up with Fordham and the Dremel and I use the Dremel Flex Shaft. We’re gonna come in here, just clean up all these edges, and we’re gonna drill some holes in the bottom for drainage and then we’re gonna put the succulents in almost forgot my desk mass. So what I’m doing here, you look at it like this. I’m making the walls go on an angle towards the outside. So if I was gonna ship these through the mail, it helps hold the dirt and the succulents in there. They’re in chipping because it’s on an angle, just been watching a lot of Jordi’s videos talking with Jordie every couple nights, and he got me to finally open up my succulent. Etsy shop so so far since I opened on October 12th took a few weeks to get my first sale so figure around November. I kind of started, you know, figuring out And so far as of today over 3,000 sales on Etsy. It’s taking up a lot of my time packing up all these plants. I pack them how? I’d want them shipped to me, so I wrap them in tissue paper and then use packing peanuts and just make sure everything’s secure once in a while, you know, the post office place, football or soccer with the boxes and a few plants get damaged. You know, we make it right. I’m almost done with this one. I’ll show you what it looks like, carved pretty deep in there. Two knuckles, and it’s got drill a couple drainage holes and we’ll play the plants and clean up this one, all right. This one’s all cleaned up. You know, you really don’t have to clean it up too much inside, but I just like doing it. In case the people like to replace the plants and they get inside and they see a finished product in there. Just what I like to do pretty much. No one’s gonna see it unless they replace the plant. You can’t really see them because I drill them on. An angle just helps keep the dirt in there inside and not leak out the bottom, but you need drainage holes in these planners. Otherwise, the roots will rot three drain holes in each. Let’s just clean up a bit. And then we’ll go grab some succulents out of the greenhouse. It will do like a couple of these a couple pearl. Vaughn, numbers these here you give her. Some string of bananas. Put in some color, some green and red here. I don’t really sell. Arrangements on NorCal, succulent shop. I just sell the plants my wife’s company. She sells these, so lets. Go over some of the basics here. We got our plants a driftwood, and here’s a few tools first. Take the plant out. I like to break some of the extra dirt off. If your soil is dry, it’s easier to take it all off the roots. So as you can see kind of give it a little push here and it’s holding everything together to add something right here. Take some more soil off. You want it? Look, something like that healthy roots, so we will be placing this one and this one. I think we’re gonna need one more plant, so I’m gonna go pick that, and I’ll be back, so I haven’t got to do much carving arm and shoulder surgery, so I just been watching all the videos. All at the world of Carvers on Geordie is a Facebook and the videos he puts out and watching some other people too. So this was a warm up for me to start carving. I think today I’m gonna try and carve a wood spirit. I’m gonna carve a monster for Jordi’s contest over at carving fusion. Check him out on a Thursday nights. At 5 oclock, he goes live. It’s real fun, usually a half hour to an hour. Live chat answers questions about carving, and we just have a good time. I think it’s looking pretty good. We just need some moss and we’ll go from there, right. I’ll go over to Hobby Lobby. Be sure to use your coupon on your app. You get 40% off one. I like just a Spanish moss here. I’m gonna go with a big bag. Alright, so you take a little bit of moss? Soak it in some water, and then when you put it in to the planter, you could compact it, and as it dries it, it expand and hold the plants in place. Grab a little bit of moss. Eyeball it up, place it into the voids next to the soil, and the roots could use a little stick or a pen. I could push it down in, it’s okay. If a little bit is hanging out, you could always trim it up to your liking. After it dries, it’s kind of like giving a little haircut. Here’s what we’re gonna put it in. It’s a little bit larger, almost as long as the arm from the armpit. So let’s go get some plants. This is a larger driftwood planner. Put a larger plant in there. Go with this one here. Nice, four inch. It will go with another string of bananas. Total bottom numbers. Let’s go with a little bit of height. Go with a with one of these here. We’ll go with a couple more of these since I have a bunch. Go build this driftwood, succulent planter, a couple scoops of soil and position it. How you like it. Remember The Moss will hold it in place. Pack a little more soil in there. I’m gonna use three copper roses a little more space. So do a little more soil. Press it in there like that. Grab the other two. Alright, so as soon as this is done. I get to do a little carving for the first time in a few months. I like the way that looks. I like the blue next day. It’s really a lot of contrast pretty much. You just put them in. How you you like and how you like to design them? What you think looks good? I don’t know why I like everything in twos, but I like two of these planes. Two of those plants, two of the next plants. You might not like it that way, but you do it. However, you want if you can make it look like that works really good because you just lay it in. There keeps all the roots and holds it in place. Here’s two that. I picked one of my favorites. I can’t remember the name of it. Something missed. I can’t remember the name of the succulent right now. There’s over 700 varieties. I like this one. What was the name of it? I can’t remember anyway. We’ll get it, put it in there and see how it looks, yeah. If you ever don’t like something, you can take it back out. Switch your plants up until you’re really happy with it. Make some room for the string go. Bananas gotta figure out which way you like them to hang out so. I’ll use the tools to get a little packing in there. All right, time for a little moss handful of Moss put in some water. Soak up the water. You could bunch it up or leave it long like I leave it kind of long and work my way around, pushing it in between the wood and the succulents, and also if you haven’t seen or Bolina’s channel and you speak Spanish, She’s one of my followers. She has a Youtube channel. She lives in the neighborhood. Go ahead and check her out. I watch it, even though I don’t understand Spanish, but kind of learn what’s going on the plants. And how to do things. Turn it around, don’t. Be afraid to make it easy on yourself to work. Turn your stuff around so you can work on it easier. Good, use your finger or the tools. It’s all preference. If you like a little bit hanging out, or if you don’t like no moss at all, that’s great, too. I like the way the moss looks. Is it really natural to have succulents grown out of a log? No, but it looks kind of natural with the moss hanging out, all right. What do you guys think, all right, so we’ll give this thing a haircut when it dries up and we’ll get a get a photo of both of them.