Do Succulents Grow Bigger | How To Make Baby Succulents Grow Faster, Succulent Gardening, Succulent Propagation

Kendra Lock

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How To Make Baby Succulents Grow Faster, Succulent Gardening, Succulent Propagation


Hi, yall! Happy Thanksgiving. It’s that’s coming up this week. It’s Tuesday today, but I’m very excited, so I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving a couple days early. Alright, so I want to. Just try to get more and more babies coming up off the stand. Oh, my God, that one’s beautiful. This one too coming up off the stands right here. Alright, so these are all my babies from really about the last month. Birds got to a few of them, so they’re they’re over here and Rehab right now. Oh, my gosh, hi, guys! Oh, my gosh, she’s so. Purdy, alright, so what I want to do is show you some super teeny tiny babies, and you know, we’ll do an experiment and see if we can get them to grow a little bit better right now. Hold on, okay. Look at this adventures in succulent learning. Look at all those little tiny babies right there. Okay, they came from this tray right here, and you know? I’ve got to start getting them to grow because they’ve all been at this stage for. Gosh, At least sorry, at least a month or longer, so the only way that I have success with these is when I go ahead and plant them on their own. They just don’t seem to be doing well. There’s one two right there, that’s. JT my dog, there’s one there’s one. There is mine! So oh, gosh! I didn’t even notice that. Oh, my God, look right there. Oh, my god! I didn’t notice that how exciting That’s one of my favorites. Okay, so I’m gonna try to. I’ll show you what I do. When when they’re at this stage, you know, you just gotta like, treat them. With absolute pure love like each little baby needs to know that it has its own little pot. Its own little space, cuz. When they’re together like this, they don’t feel happy to me. Okay, so I’m gonna turn it off and I’ll set up and show you what I do. Okay, bye! Hi, what I’m gonna show you now is how to pot the teeny tiny babies and the little, teeny tiny pot. Okay, so they grow because what we’re having problems with what? I’m having problems with is getting the teeny, teeny tiny baby. Right here these, you know, there’s their growth is stunted, and I think it’s because they don’t have their own home. I know it sounds silly, but this is the same age as these so teeny-tiny bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger so the reason. I think that these are growing much better is that they have their own little pot of soil in this egg carton. So let me show you what? I do to make sure that they all grow quickly. One thing that’s really important is their own little, teeny tiny cup. That’s soil careful, but get some good drainage holes. I’ve showed you guys this before. You can get those cups at smart and final, like 300 of them for three dollars. Okay, now what’s super important about these? Teeny tiny babies is super important too. They bury their root system down below the soil. Okay, that could be part of what’s happening. The reason that they’re so slow growing right now, and it’s okay to. Do you know couple at a time? The one thing that’s kind of important. I think is to put similar succulents, like, you know, you want to put sisters and brothers together. Sisters and sisters. Just the same family makes them grow a lot faster. I do believe that they really really understand. You know who’s family who is not because always when I taught some of the succulents that are different varieties. Sometimes they don’t grow that well and then. I did notice when I began potting same succulents in pots together. They were thriving, so that’s really. All you need to do. Just do everything you can to to give each teeny tiny baby. Its own place, you know? Its own place to grow and so let’s see how these do we’ll give you an update, but again, these babies honestly were the same little babies that I collected from the parent plant as these. So these are all the same age. I just had these in a big tray and a big plate like this, so I’m gonna be very busy. I want to try to get all of these repotted and planted today. Anyway, thank you so much. Happy, potting and remember to love your little babies and succulents. You know, just as much as you can, and then they’ll thrive like. I showed you earlier, Lee in the video.