Cute Succulents | 21 Beautiful And Weird Succulents You Need- A Double Unboxing W/ Sucs For You!

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21 Beautiful And Weird Succulents You Need- A Double Unboxing W/ Sucs For You!


Hey, guys, it’s! Andrea, which sucks for you in. Houston, Texas. I’m really excited because I got two boxes of succulents in the morning. I saw the me down the street with them. I knew they were for me and I opened the door right when he walks on the porch. It kind of scared him, but, uh, you know it’s okay. We both had a little laugh about it and it’s been a great day. So far yesterday was awesome. We got to hang out with some friends and eat some crawfish. I don’t even eat crawfish, and I ate it and it was really good, so they just poured it all out on a big, long table and everyone stood around and it’s always the little girls that are the best crawfish eaters they just get in there and grab it moving and put the put the nudes to shame and how fast they can crack them and put them away. It’s just a really great day so far and it’s about to get even better because we’re gonna open this box, left two boxes together and I have some ideas for some projects I want to do. I keep looking over here because this is all hummingbird out on my fake and a low Immaculata and I’ll get some shots of that too. Because it is go Laureus in Bloom right now. Now, everything I see, I think it’s a hummingbird. That was just the point so part of my distractions. It’s a gorgeous day. All the critters are out there, squirrels and Cardinals and Blue Jays. And I did see a hummingbird. I know a salmon great. So if I see that, I have to stop the video. I’m gonna run and chase it. I know you guys would understand, right, okay, so I just this. Is this little fun video? I’m gonna figure out some projects. I want to do with the succulents in here and some other stuff. I also got some other, really cool plants and things over the last week. Um, I’ll show you guys that to not just succulents. I got some good veggies and other things in the ground. Some flowers popping up. I planted some of the giant sunflower seeds. You can go check and see if those are starting to grow, um. I saw a lizard over there. Okay, so let’s just move on and start upping. These guys up, see what’s all in a box, all right. I’m ready! I’ve got the box cut open. I have a little stand here, so hopefully you guys can keep an eye on what I’m opening might get a little noisy there’s. A lot of cars going by and there’s fairies in the background. Good stuff in here, People to the side. First, we’ve got a variegated variegated ghost variegated ghost. And that’s probably got to pedal and Paraguayans whole thing about those is my graph, The pendulum Paraguayan look like a lot of other peoples in Texas. But then when you see other peoples, there’s just so much variation, you know, if they’re from California or you know, East Coast West Coast Midwest like there’s. All a little bit of different. Look, a little bit different, depending on where they’re from now this this is like none other. This is a variation on this. Is it extreme and the color is it’s a It’s just this beautiful. Peachy orange. It looks like a sunset slipping into the ocean or something. Is that amazing? I’m like kind of trembling. I did have a lot of coffee but it. This is this is gorgeous! These little babies on there. And it’s got some roots already and there’s. A little bit at this leaf. Right here is a little loose, maybe? I can take it up and try and propagate it. It’s really, and then we can see the baby moving along sedum. Aurora, those jellybeans? I’m not too sure how about those That’s gorgeous, huh? Their bread tips, a little tiny baby coming out, So I was just about to say that most of these are buried, but sometimes that means that they’re shipped without apply. The roots are still on. There’s a little bit of dirt on the roots. This one feels like it isn’t a pot, but holy moly mother of strange look at that, That’s a lie cops, and I’m you know what I feel pretty good about life ups now that I respect them in. I understand that if you even just like I joke that you can’t even let them see a glass of water or the watering can or else they’re gonna think they got a drink and die. I’m just kidding, but I’ll talk more about them in a minute, but let’s just go ahead and admire these strange critters. They look like they want to say something. Just remarkable and what’s it’s splitting open right now. Oh, so cool. You really need to have the video on my thoughts. Trust me. I have killed quite a few life ops, and before I really understood like you Just don’t water them play. If you think you should water than be done, if eventually you’re gonna, you’re gonna slip any little water them, and you try not to do that more than for me like four or five times a year that could be erring on the side of caution too much, but they’re like. I still have two others alive and they’re splitting. They’re really cute. Look at them, pop the dirty see living proof. Holla hair leafblower over here, just in time! Um, soup verb, um. I think I do say super them, but I say super bone and the eyes, one of these unless the one that my son got me a little plant for like Urban Outfitters of all places of area and it was pretty sad looking, but he was so proud. There’s just a sweet about it like you know what? I’m gonna take such good care of this plant and it’s doing really well, but now I show it to you just, you know. I loved animals. So when when he first bought it home to me. Most of it just looked like real, sad and scarred up and everything right, and I’ve just been potting it up. I plotted it up and just gave it a lot of love and want to spill it. Let’s see it’s beautiful and it’s just this lovely lilac color. And his name is Khalil. I saw miss his name is lilac backwards and he actually loves that. So yes, let’s see if this one looks white. Well, it’s on its way to looking like this, remember? This is not very sturdy. Yall ready for this? I’m not and then brown padding nicely done. Here’s another one that, um. I need more practice with baby toes now. I know a lot of people have trouble with their baby toes, and I believe my trouble in the past. Was, you know, not totally my fault Totally my fault. But whether he was very unpredictable, and it gets very hot and very humid. Will have, you know week of overcast weather, and then it’s the sun’s back out for a week, yeah? I think maybe so it’s like a little more predictability. I don’t they want it to be a little bit cooler, and it’s also very easy to overwater them. And if I’m not mistaken me, they to like, lie thoughts. Can hum absorb water from the air, so if you live in a humid environment. What should you got to watch out for that, okay. I really beautiful, beautiful dude, so I’m gonna move these aside and they’re just gonna distract me. Otherwise, I don’t put them somewhere safe then. I’m going to open the other bottle ready and have another split rough life bucks blue. Well, it’s not the same thing, but you’ll see what I mean. Oh, my gosh, you guys. Well, they’re so cute, um? I wanna make sure you can see the little details. They have, but this one has spots. It’s looked like some spots coming out on here too, but can you tell? I’m having to steady myself. This is so adorable. I know how to say it of South Korea lets. Go let this plant speak for itself. Do you think it looks like oh, my gosh? so put together ears there’s one more left and it’s kind of epic. Drumroll heavy staying guys, insane, insane. You say oh my gosh! Oh, it’s so beautiful! I’ll get the botanical names of everything up, but this is. Oh, my gosh, my gosh, it’s insane. And, Oh, even just looking along the tips of the leaves. If I can get this color the leaves when you look at them. This way. There’s tiny little tiny little teeth or not sharp, and they’re like there’s like a light yellow line, and then orange, maybe even reddish in there. It is so beautiful, yeah? I think you can see the color a little bit on the along the edges. I’m gonna stop fondling it. And and I think I need to go buy a new pot for this guy. I might have one that can handle those roots. It’s so glorious! I’m sorry, it’s over here. It’s amazing! It is an amazing, beautiful plant and you know. Ilo’s do really well here and I’m just hoping this one does to the fan. I love you guys would be beautiful. The variegated ker-splat looks like the suns hitting it, but it’s not, it’s just naturally like that is so beautiful. You guys remember? This is from fairy balloons very calm. Follow here on hysteria and potatoes sales all the time. I’ve seen him go upside like 25% off Irish and nuts. There’s like free something with purchase, so be sure to know, Father, So you know when to take advantage of whatever discounts going on and follow me, and it sucks for you because I’m thinking about doing a giveaway. I haven’t done one before, and if I say it out loud. That makes me have to do it. So follow me on Instagram. I will be announcing a giveaway soon. I may make you guys do something to enter or some kind of little game or something. I’m gonna think about it. Alright, I said it’s here. You heard it first, and that’s it, so I really have fun opening these boxes with you guys and I love reading the comments they’re like. Oh, my gosh, wait! If yall weren’t so nice, they’re probably so wouldn’t be doing this and you let me know when. I’m helping you, and you know, you’re excited along with me, and I know we share the same enthusiasm for this just plants in General. They’re so amazing, and I guess I’m gonna do. I will show you very quickly. My aloe because I think I said something about that in the beginning before. I forget and before my battery dies. Alright, lets. Go away, thank you for watching. Oh!