Crested Succulent | Crested Succulents. What Are They And How Do They Happen.


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Crested Succulents. What Are They And How Do They Happen.


Hey, guys! Susan, this is the succulence, and I had a question on Youtube. Regarding an old video agent on this plant and it was titled something about being crested and having to cut it and she was a bit confused as to what questions are because apparently she’s bought a Fred Eyes Christian, and she’s not quite sure if it really is. So I’m gonna address that and show you and explain to you. What I believe Crusted is, so I’ve grabbed another plant here. It’s actually the same type of Christ plants, which is a Douglas tough. I think they grow up to various, and this one is probably a true version of a crest because from what I understand, a crest is when lots of leaves grow out of one point, it’s like a growing mutation. That’s why it gets all dense, and you know, bit chaotic, looking and what tends to happen is the stems will really widen like that. I’ll just show you the other side, so I would call that a true crest in my opinion. Just on the size note. See those marks there. That’s my bad! I did that because I’m a little bit compulsive about removing leaves that are starting to dry. See like that one is half dry, and you know, if you pull it off and rip it down, you can remove some of the skin, so don’t do that, okay, so coming back to the original plan, Technically, now it’s probably not really classed as Christian parts of it, but another thing about Christians is they can revert back to the normal plant and this one in the original video, it was really top heavy of a surreal. Christic parts! And I removed him! I think I was here and in there. I chopped him off, so I probably cut off the parts of it. That were no question, but you can see it still has that wider stem there, and this head here is actually cresting, so it’s partially crusted really, and I did cut off the parts that were now crested. And, incidentally, I don’t have to just show, cuz. I’ve sold those, but talking about those dry leaves, there’s one! They’re driving me nuts. So obviously that one there, little side note. If you like your succulents to be a little bit leggy, pulling these off early will distort the shape of the stem. I’ll talk about that in another video, but, incidentally, let’s have a look at this part. Now is just general maintenance for this. Look at all these ear roots, so technically. I could cut that off and reset that as a new plant. Probably just keep any part of that sting of the roots in it to help it establish itself. It’s quite a pretty face. Isn’t it okay here? I have another question, so lets you know, identify. It’s got the bushy, dense growing points. It’s got width to the stem, but you can see it’s got two different legs so rather than one big, fat stem, so precedents control in many different ways, and you know? I think that’s what makes them beautiful as they uniqueness. Incidentally, these three separate plants have shiny. They’re all the same one, and you can see the color. It varies a lot like this One has me totally tines. The other one was had migraine times. You know, in the first originally what original one has gone Really pink it? Really, they all are in different parts of my garden and they were getting different tops of the lights. I just thought I’d explain that. So this is a different type of circular. It’s a patch of area, and this is probably what we were used to a crest. Looking like it’d probably be more familiar whether you know. The leaves are really packed in there on this one. So look at the other side. I really like this side. Better actually, slide wasn’t the side that is pointing outwards where it was placed, you know? I mean, so that’s a pretty one too, So that’s definitely a Christ Just in regards to propagation, you could propagate this vine making, you know, cutting pieces off chairs. You’re not rebooting them and reestablish them! That’s one way to propagate Chris on yet doing that to this one. I really like now. All of this was one plant that I had out my front garden and I noticed that the base of it was getting red, right so I was able to salvage all of this, which I’m really pleased about, but it was a little bit sad because the way it was growing, it was quite beautiful, but now some of these paces still grow as Christians like this is a good example, So I see all that, you know, Lots of ladies going for me. One point the stem isn’t really flat. They do that as it grows. I don’t know, but I would still call that. Christian, some other cases that came off it like that. It’s not a crest. It was just just squashed in rosette. This one’s getting that spliced in so that works and it’s got lots of fun leaves growing out of one point. It’s about probably growing too Nice christed. This is sort of the main part of it. You see on the left there? Those rosettes. Kristine, I like to please going out of the one spot. These are the basics not so much, so as that grows as a individual, you know, as it’s succulent, technically. I guess you could say, though, and be partially crusted, though These rosettes may do that they may not say that one is sort of like. I don’t know what the chain is for it. I’m just gonna call it partially crested. Anyway, they are gorgeous, and I’m looking forward to seeing these rude up. That’s a nice piece. Oh, instead of photo, what it used to look like my poor baby and another thing about crusted, So I’ve noticed a few leaf propagate. You’ve got a higher chance of getting a little crested baby, for example. See that one there, pull it out a little bit. See how the stem is wide and it’s got multiple leaves on top. I’ve noticed that tends to happen when you propagate with leaves. I think it’s got to do with nature, and, you know, it’s trying to give itself the best chance to grow by throwing out a lot of leaves, though. I can’t say you always guarantee that it will stay Christian, because I think I say mature. They tend to just revert back to a normal plant well. I hope that answered your question. I hope that was informative to other people. I am just showing you what I believe. I’m not an expert. I haven’t done for cultural classes. I’m just talking about my experiences and what I know so. Hopefully you found that helpful anyway. It has been crazy enough in the last couple of days and I’m : it’s time to go in. Catch us all identify.