Cremnosedum Little Gem | Repotting My Sedum Cremnosedum ‘little Gem’ Succulent Plant

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Repotting My Sedum Cremnosedum 'little Gem' Succulent Plant


Hi guys, it’s! Lin, hey, I hope you’re having a brilliant day now guys today. I’m gonna be doing a little bit of repotting and I know it’s not often the time of year to repot plants because it is it is autumn and the temperatures are cool, but this plant is crying out to be repotted. It is actually fell out of its path and I put it into the next part. I’m gonna be potty into, and because it’s actually a succulent, and it is still growing. It’s a sedum and this two stores still sort of carry on growing during the the fall and the winter, so it’s not completely dormant. I’m gonna be reporting this now and I have to say this beautiful sedum Here was an amazing gift by by my fantastic friend. Carina fee. Fie, fie fie here on Youtube. And if you’re not familiar with Karina’s channel, you have to go over and subscribe because Karina has the most amazing of plant videos on there and she’s so green-fingered. I’m not joking, you guys. Carina is amazing, and she grows into sort of lots of different plants. She has a lot of orchids. She has African Violets succulents and also some cacti as well. So she’s very knowledgeable and have to say she’s one of the most loveliest loveliest people I know on Youtube, and I know a lot of lovely people, and you’re all absolutely lovely, but Carina just has a heart the size of a mountain, so please do go over and subscribe to Carina. You will love her. Videos links up above to Karina’s channel fee. Fie fie fie. And also links down below in the About section as well. I’m gonna mention the link there to Karina’s channel also. So please do go over subscribe. You’ll love her channel. So there you go this little beauty here. I’m gonna be repot in and cuz It’s actually getting quite cool haven in the polytunnel. I thought I put the heater on until until tonight, so I’m going to be potting this in the house on the table, setting up the stand and I’m gonna share share the little pot in the process with you all now, guys, I always make my own cactus and succulent The soil like it’s just. I just prefer to do it. I’d like to know exactly what’s going into it and in this case. I’ve used a mixture of John Innie’s number two, a soil based loan based compost and have added extra perlite and Italy about 50 and 50 percent. Now, sometimes I will use extra grits. I’ll use extra sand. I mean, these guys are fine. We see them. This type of sedum, particularly don’t need loads of sand and loads of grip like a lot of the high desert cacti. Would they do like to have a bit more moisture so in this case? I’ve just used 50 percent perlite and fifty percent. John Innes. But you can use any loan based compost and remember, it’s whatever compost you prefer to use, it’s just that. I have great success with using loan base – rather than peat-based soils. And you guys give about a good ol mix and that’s Sutter or the soil mixture made now. Guys, I’m back in the house, and as I said, made the soil, and I’ve got this beautiful, beautiful little sedum here, and it’s always a good time. When you get to be part, obviously to check the root system over and as you see, this is a nice little compact root system anyway. And anyway, see domes a lot of the time they often. You have a find that they fall off really easy, and the good thing is with sedum. He’s utility. Really, just stick them back in the soil and then root really easy, so any of them fall off. I’m just going to put aside and stick back into this into the pot again and just make sure any more that’s going to to come away there and never empty a few onto the onto the table here. And as I say, I’ve already made the the soil up that one that’s actually got a tiny little root that’s fallen off already and good little bitter. There, put it in the bottom, and as I say, I’m using dry soil because it is the wind. Well, it’s automatic fall, but it’s coming towards the winter there with sedum. He’s like this one, particularly we’ll soon like to be kept a little bit of water every now, and then they don’t last be kept totally bone-dry like thee, The desert cacti do, but as I said that easy, just propagate so easy, but I’m gonna be keeping it fairly because he’s in the polytunnel. It’s gonna be kept kept pretty cool, and then there’s the soil around the edges so easy to do. This is just such a gorgeous, gorgeous plant, so we’re. Karina, you’ll see how well he is doing. It is absolutely floating! It is grown so much. I’m not joking you, it’s really really happy. Happy and healthy and gently took his all around the sides. I was, they probably gonna leave these to dry for a day or two and then probably get tiny bit of water, just a bit of a bit of a light misting with a bit of rain water just to help it settle into its pot, but as I say, it’s still sort of growing at this time of year, unlike the other, the other cacti or succulents, so it’s not going to hurt. Its give a bit of water in a couple of day’s time, but normally be cacti surface always recommend keeping him totally bone-dry during the wait. Whenever you read part for the first couple of weeks anyway, but as I say, sedum Tzar aren’t so cold. Sorry, wet water, sensitive as the other type of succulents. In fact, I’ve even rooted sedum zin water and everything that you’re not supposed to do with the cacti and succulents. But yeah, I’ve had great success. It’s absolutely beautiful here as I say, a lot of these sedum zuv are very, very, very cold, Hardy, as well. They can take Frost and everything, but a listicle one’s gonna be over wintered at about five Celsius by between five and seven, so it’s. Good to be absolutely fun there you go, That’s all it is so Karina. Thank you so much for this. Absolutely beautiful, beautiful sedum. I absolutely adore it. I love it so much and as I say, they’re really easy any that fall off easy to propagate. I recommend probably removing the first few little leaves here, just so it’s easy to stick in and what you can do positively sedum. Zai, don’t really usually wait for them to callus over because I find out you stick them straight in there. They’re fine, but I wouldn’t normally recommend we do the type of succulents. Leave it for probably, you know, Usually a couple of days or so to the cut has completely healed over, then literally stick in like so and any of the little leaves. At least we’ll just sprinkle them on the top and they will root send out roots as well. I’m gonna probably wait for that to dry. Actually leave you like that, just for a few hours because the diameter’s only very tiny, so it doesn’t need to take too long to it to dry up like that. And then I’m gonna stick that back into the soil with the other ones, and as I saying like this, A bit of a light misting move rainwater in the next couple of days and then as normal going into the polytunnel. And I think I’ve got a little label from Kareena fee. Fie, fie fie in Canada! Ha ha ha, so that’s what they label. It flew off so guys. Thanks so much for watching, and as I say, do, come over and subscribe to Karina’s amazing channel fee. Fie, fie, fie. She’s absolutely fantastic and as you can see. This is a beautiful plant and thank you again. Karina, for your wonderful kindness and all of your support of my channel. You amazing gonna have to say you have to be one. The most kindest and generous people here on Youtube. I have to say thank you so much and a-one you send you all loads of love. Heaps, our happiness and tons and tons of plant power as always from Island until the next video guy’s bye .