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Crassula Collection Update July 2020


Hi, guys today. I want to give you update on my crusoula collection. I think it’s been more than three months. Since my last update, they haven’t changed a lot because it’s middle of summer, and there are some are dormant, but I did have a few new additions that you may have not seen, so I’ll show you first. The ones that are under lights and then we’re gonna go outside so here under Spider Farmer Lights. I have only two trays of corsulus and I have been considering moving even some of these on natural light, So I’ll just pull them out of the tray so you can see them. Close up so here. I have my crosula rupestri’s this one. I had very small. Um, I think a year ago, and then I took it to conservatory and this is just part of the plant. I mean, majority of the plant is in conservatory. It’s huge and it has a a little bit of orange edges right now, which looks really nice. Um, I really love this. Look with some bare stems. Kind of bonsai look. And then caught compact looked on top. It’s really pretty! Uh, very similar to this one is this. I think it’s called high voltage, Priscilla, so it has more, uh, red and orange leaves. Oh, my dog is barking. I think he wants inside, so I’m gonna have to go get him and I have two of those one I had for a while, and I don’t know if it’s because it’s been on their lights longer, but it has a little bit different color than this one, or it’s maybe a different variety and hybrid. Here’s all my wiggly worms. I love these crystals. These are babies, necklace and jade’s necklace, and I have variegated one as well. So let’s take a look at this one first. Um, it’s really full. The pot is full, But I still don’t want to move it to a different pod has a lot of little new growth that it put on late winter early spring, and now it hasn’t been really doing anything in the last month. This one as well grew a lot. I got this one from Instagram seller. It it grew, uh, so well, and I think that that’s the same one as this one that I originally got cuttings from Serbia And then if you remember if you watched my past videos, I propagated this one. These are all the cuttings Because I didn’t like the leggy. Look of this one! I don’t remember if I had opening video when I got crystal fantasy, which is a variegated this cursula and, um, it was really dehydrated. Didn’t have roots and it was super interesting guys to look, um, the first few weeks, um, when it was establishing roots, so I couldn’t water it Normally I was just giving literally like a tablespoon of water, every like four days to just stimulate the root growth, and then when it finally developed the roots, it just started plumping up. It was like super fun to watch and it has some new, you know, branches that it’s trying to grow, But as I said, this one also stopped growing in the last month And just kind of resting here. I have Priscilla very Folia, which I also love. Uh, look at this beautiful, um, compact look and color, and I have this for a while so and I noticed, you know, whenever the plants are getting bigger and established, it’s just easier to take care of them. These are some cuttings that I propagated and some of them are doing great. Some of them are like a little dried up and this is. Um, one that I ordered. I forgot I did an unboxing video with this one. I don’t know where my ID is, but it’s really pretty so here. Are my crystalla deceptor’s here? Um, this is the one that I brought. As a cutting from Serbia as you can see, grew a lot, no pup’s growing new branches. Uh, and this is the one that I bought at some point before I moved. I think, um, maybe, like five months ago or so so a really pretty cluster, and it seems to be growing well, and then this one is still alive. You know, I have this from last year, and I think it actually grew a tiny bit and it has a little bit less dry leaves. So I suppose I’m keeping this alive this one. This is a Priscilla merchandise. This was Priscilla Barkley. This one has been struggling a bit getting just brown on the bottom leaves. Um, but I haven’t turned it away and still it still seems alive, so I hope it pulls it through here next. I have a regular tom stone, priscilla and variegated one and then my, uh, croissant moon glow. I have these for a while, so I suppose. They grew a bit in height. These baby ones. I don’t know, I feel like they. They’re not changing a lot, but I’m keeping them and just seeing when they’re gonna grow bigger. Maybe they need to be separated and beans in the different pots. I don’t know so here. I have some croissant library towers. It’s like a giant string of buttons. Uh, if you watch my past videos and I can maybe put the links to in the description below. This is the one that I beheaded and you can see how it got a lot of a lot, Fuller. Look, since I propagated it this winter. And these are all the cuttings that I took that are they have rooted and grown? Some new leaves I. I bought this one. Um, from a Sawyer’s home and garden center. And I think it’s the same one in this. This one just not having enough color yet. This is baby surprise that I have for a while. A really really beautiful Priscilla Kind of reminds to, uh, jades and babies necklace here. I have some regular and variegated string of buttons. I don’t like about these that they tend to sometimes lose variation. I don’t know why, so this is just the regular one that I have for a while And here is one of my cursula springtime. I’m gonna try to record the ones that are in the conservatory, and I will probably bring part of the some of the plants that are in the conservatory because they have a lot of crystal springtime. This is just one of the cuttings. My Priscilla Buddhist temple is not doing good. I think again I don’t know what it is. Honestly, guys, I’m like cursed not to raise this one from all. The cursulas like it always gets the brown on the bottom, And you know, I was always afraid to water, and I don’t know, I’m just wondering if I’m not watering it enough because this one is still alive and it looks. I mean, it’s pretty firm. But in the past, I would get these brown leaves on the bottom and then they would die. I’m just gonna hope it’s not. It’s gonna pull it through. This is some string of buttons hybrid. I don’t know which one it is. Um, and that one has grown so much in the last few years and it’s a really nicely established plant. I just saw a newly bugged, but I have really no problems with this. One and I have propagated a lot of it and I’m gonna just show you close up. How beautiful it is! It has a little bit thicker leaves. It’s a little bit more blue and has like a purplish edges. I think it would look really nice in a hanging basket. I’m currently keeping it on a window seal in the master bedroom because it’s just full of light over there. I love when Crystalli’s grow big, and they become like well established. I have less problems with pests. They’re more resilient and they just look adorable. So here are some of my crosulas that are outside. Um, I forgot this one. I think it’s maybe ober’s ear or something. It has really cute bonsai. Look, then, next one here. I think these are about the same. The leaves. And then this one I have for a while. It just got a bit more laggy. I think that’s how they look like when they grow bigger because in the conservatories. Um, in Chicago, I saw that they were kind of looking the same way. When they’re little, they have the compact look and then, and then they when they go bigger, bigger. They have these long branches without leaves, so I did cut it. Some, uh, so it’s not too laggy all over the sides. And this is one mini mini jade. And this is my mini jade that I got. I don’t even remember more than half a year ago. You remember from my past videos? Maybe, and then there is a new purchase that I got from a nursery. I can’t wait to show you that video, guys. Um, looks like crossover pastries, but it it was much larger, So I don’t know, I got it because I thought it’s a little bit different, but maybe it’s not so and here are the ones that are struggling. These are all trying to survive, and I think they will. This one had fungus and the new growth. I think it’s better, so I’m just keeping it separated from other plants. This one as well had a lot of brown, but I hope it’s gonna live because I really love this one. And this one has been struggling for a long time. I also have, uh, two variegated jades. This is one of them so pretty and here is my biggest crossover, Which is Crystal Lobata. I had different im. Sorry, I had different ones in the past. Uh, smaller ones, and I gave away all those. Because, um, yeah, I don’t have as much space. This one is outside, exposed to sun and rain had some burnt leaves, but overall is doing pretty good. Thank you guys for watching hope. You enjoyed my update and see you soon in the next video. woof!