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Crassula Perforata String Of Buttons Care And Propagation Tips!


Hi, guys, this is Maria. And today I’m going to share some tips How to care for and propagate Crassula per ferrata popularly known as string of buttons. You can recognize Crassula string of buttons by seeing a stacked formation of leaves that alternate position like you can see here. They have reddish, pinkish, edging on the leaves during the time that they are outside on the bright. Sun right now. They are mostly green because they’re inside. They have relatively big leaves compared to Crassula babie’s necklace. For example, they tend to branch out And I look very nice in hanging baskets compared to other curse was like Crassula spring time or crystal, the Buddhist temple that are a little bit more sensitive and I had to add some pumice into their soil, Max. I have noticed that Crassula for ferrata is not too picky. Of course it needs like other succulents, good draining soil, so I would recommend you mix two-thirds of cactus soil. Mix that you can find a closer. Home Depot or Walmart? I use Miracle. Grow brand mixed with one third of perlite, just like other succulents, Crassula prefer that doesn’t like to sit in water related to watering. It’s important to know. When what is the growing season of this plant, Crassula prefer odd that is winter growers, so you need to continue watering it during the winter, especially if you like me, keep the plants in the plant room. Where humidity level is about 20% temperature is in 70s So I water it at least once a week. During the winter time during the summertime, you can continue watering as we’ll make sure that it’s dry between waterings. During the summer time, I would recommend decreasing the watering because it’s a time of dormancy and a lot of times. It’s more humid outside, So you don’t need this much water. String of buttons enjoys full Sun, but it may do just fine in partial shade. Actually, during the summer time. If you keep your plans like I do in south-facing side of the house where there is a lot of Sun during the whole day morning as well as afternoon, it would be good to provide some shade for this plant because it may look a little sad. Don’t worry, it’s not that if you notice that it has really pale yellow leaves, it can be during the summer time if you’re keeping it on full. Sun to hold a past that effect string of buttons are mealybugs and acids When I got this plant. I didn’t have much experience dealing with million bugs, so I was just using water to clean them off. And this plant survived in the last year with more experience and Millie Bugs have reappeared. And I have used alcohol that you can buy it in grocery stores. Make sure it’s the one in 70% not the one that’s over 90% because then you have to mix it with the water, or I have used insects all that I got from loss. That is about four dollars. Make sure whether you spray with alcohol or with soap to remove the plant from the full Sun so that you don’t get sunburned or damaged leaves like many other chrysalis don’t enjoy temperatures that are really low like in 30s and 40s so probably. During the winter time it’s ideal to stay in 50s during the summertime, they probably prefer milder temperatures, not 90s and hundreds but more like 70s but they will survive through some of those periods of time that temperatures are a little bit lower, a little bit higher than their ideal temperatures. It’s not recommended to report it very often, but I had to report it twice already during the two years that I have owned it because each time the the roots have filled a pot and this plant is pretty fast growing. So this is the pot size that I bought this plant in year and nine months ago, approximately so not quite two years old, and, as I said, fast grower, so this is all here. This half is a winter growth. Most of it grew during the last few months. Crystal appear ferrata may bloom in a mid to late spring. The flowers are not very exciting and you can cut them off while they’re still blooming or just after they have finished. Bhoomi you can propagate crassula per ferrata by dividing it when it gets too big for one part or by taking cuttings, the best way to take cuttings is to make sure that they are not too long and that you don’t have a very woody and dark stem like here because they will have difficulty rooting. The stem needs to be more green soft. The leaves need to be juicy and fleshy, and they will root easier this plant. I noticed is rooting a little bit slower, so be patient. Here are some of the cuttings that I took about two months ago and they have successfully rooted. You can move them. They are very firm in the ground. I think I would one way to easy. Take a cutting is to find the cutting that has already produced some roots and cut right below the the little roots that have grown and after it callus after maybe 24 hours, you can place it in the soil. If they don’t have any roots, make sure to spray the soil every few days with a little bit of water to stimulate the root growth. Thank you guys for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please make sure to subscribe and give me thumbs up. And if you don’t have any crystal over ferrata. I would highly recommend you to get one. They’re easy to replace if you do lose one, and they are very easy to care and look fabulous. .