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Re Potting My Crassula Ovata Variegata Succulent Plant


Hi guys, it’s! Lynne, here. Hope you’re having a fantastic day Now. Today, guys is going to be week party. Mike rasuluh. Oh, Varta Berry garter, commonly known as the money or the Jade plants and this gorgeous, very guarded succulent. Plants here is extra special because has lovely variegation in the leaves the month the milk commonly seen. Jade, many plants usually is all green, but this is a lovely berry garter form, which is absolutely beautiful and as you can see, he’s pretty much Top-heavy needing to be repotted, so I’m going to be putting out in this video into this Lovely pot here, which I think is very lovely. This ceramic pot, very lovely with the coloration of this succulent here now. I have made a lot of videos on how to repot cacti and succulents so links of above to a playlist on many many different types of cacti circulars. And how are we pop them? So this isn’t necessarily a how-to video. This is just me read pot in this particular plant and showed you how. I do it now before I go any further. I want to give you give a big thumbs up to my wonderful fiancĂ©e. Hans, who is behind the camera filming me today. So if you’re not familiar with Handsy, do go over, subscribe to use amazing. Youtube channel family of Cactus II and other beauties links up above. It’s a bug you can see and it means. I’ve got my hands-free So we show you what I’m doing here instead of having to have them have. The cabbage is fix, So this is great. Now what I like to do Is I like to make my own cactus and succulents, so mix myself, learn easy, far, more economical, but I like to know what he’s exactly going into the soil mix and what I like to use is three equal parts of a low base, soil, horticultural grease and also, yeah, horticultural sand and also horticultural grit. Oh, if I can’t think without use perlite, but you used three equal parts now. I made a video on how I make my own cat. Some succulents oil. So please do go over and watch that video if you want to know how. I make my own soil and how you can save a fortune on buying commercial cactus and succulent soil mixes because they are very expensive. And also I bought song mixes in the password open. The bag has been flies in there and just pieces of stones and bark and just horrible. So this is you can see. It’s pretty pure or easy. Just horticultural grit, sand and low mass it, but you can use. What is most important is you use whatever soil you like to use those well draining. Hansie will prefer to use walk peat and sound, but envy doesn’t matter. Just make sure that the soil dries out in between waterings. This is just my personal mix that I like to use, but as long as it’s well draining, that’s the most important. And here we go here. We go mix the Potter and her flower gently. When it comes to meet potted, this is easy. Cuz it’s a plastic pot. So if it was a clay pot and it’s difficult to come out. Sometimes you have the damage the pot or just to get the roots at the plant out without damaging the roots, but this one is easy enough so gently. Squeeze it there you go. So one of the be doing here is gently putting some soil in the bottom and then gently placing placing that in there now this ideally. I have to be honest with you. This part is quite small. I would normally if I had just a plastic pot. Put it any little bit bigger than this, but I actually think this pot is so lovely for this particular plans. I might get a few months out of it before I have to be parted again. Her, but the most important thing is that this fresh soil going in here and I’m potted up to the next size. Err, so that’s great. Take these extra stones. Hans is doing a great job. Filming me there now. I have made a video on how to propagate the jade plant. If you haven’t seen that video, then please go check it out. If you have? These plants baked on a plant enough to grow be cultivation, then do check the video out on how to propagate the money plants. Jade Crassula Ovata. And I’ve also made a video on the different types of Crassula Ovata. Jai plants, anyway. Not necessary. Positive are involved across honest, but I have in my collection in our collection, also say, so do watch that video if you haven’t seen that so leeks of a book, – both of them videos both on how to propagate Crassula ovata and also the different types of as soon as I having have my collection as well. If you want to know. If you want to watch that there, you go easy peasy. Now What I prefer to do Is I prefer to leave. It probably a few days before I start to water again. The reason being is that when it comes to repotting, cacti succulents is almost inevitably not easy to some root damage. I think I’ll be very, very careful as you’ve seen. We won’t be potting this. I don’t, there’s any real root damage at all won’t. Be okay to just go ahead and water. But I just prefer to leave, Probably for about a week before I water again. This is again my personal choice. Some people be pot such as it is, water straight away, and obviously it depends on the time of year. It’s sort of late summer here, so you know, it’s fine with the watering aspect, But if this was winter, I wouldn’t water it at all now, probably until the springtime until he starts coming to growth again, but because it is sort of late supper. I’ll leave these probably four back five days. Probably a week at the most. They start to introduce a bit more water again, but doesn’t. It look gorgeous guys. Look at that so guys! I hope you enjoyed the video. And if you’re new to succulents and cacti. And you want to know a little bit more about growing them all. We just want to have a look at my website. Do please check out my website desert plants of Avalon calm and hover your mouse over the growing tips, drop down bar and lots of different sections on how to care for you surplus, and we put a lot more blogs on there coming up in the next few weeks. We’ll get time on how to care for different types of cacti. So please do say to guys and thank yall so much for your support. Thank you, hunting, filming me so guys. On the side, you’ll learn to love heaps, our happiness and tons and tons of plant power from across the Emerald Isle and until the next video bye .