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Crassula Muscosa – Grow & Care (beautiful Succulent)


Cassola Muscosa agroplantsorg, also known as Krasula Buddha’s Temple. So this succulent shrub sub shrub its perennial evergreen and it’s used as ornamental plant. It’s a draw tolerant and it can grow in variety of climate, and before we continue. Don’t forget to subscribe, And if you want to buy this plant a check. There is in there down in the description. There is a link to but to purge it below and you have in the right top and also to purge this plant, it can grow in subtropical Mediterranean, desert or temperate climate, also possible to grow it. Indoors is a houseplant from growing in heart in a zone from a nine until 11 The leaves are, this is a beautiful part of the plants are green in a triangle shape and the leaves merge in the base of the of the next to the stem. The leaves grow in a group of four a rosette shape and look like one merged unit. The flower color can be is white and the flower grow next to each leaf. The flowers are small and let’s say 0.5 millimeters, so it’s really really small in the star shape, so how to grow it? It usually doesn’t require much well-drained soil, it’s important. You have to remember that the drainage is important, because if you will over water, the plant will die. Consider to put fertilizer once a year, at least put and put water only when the leaves become a little bit soft. This is your Q one two, uh, to play to water it. You can start to grow it by plant seed or cutting cutting of the leaves or the stems. Also, pops. It’s really really easy and good to start by pops. If you start to grow it by seeds, the season will be from the spring to the summer. Keep the soil a little, moist and almost dry, but not dry cares that it won’t be fully dry, because if yes, you will might kill the seeds, and, of course you can use a as a potting soil, a bottle mix or sandy soil. If you want to use start by cutting, you can start by leaf or stem cutting the base of the leaves or even better possible to do it by hand, cut the stems in the middle in the middle. Try to cut it with few leaves at least and let it dry in the shade for few days, and before you put it in the soil, check that it’s heal and keep the soil moist and do not over water. It’s better to start by cutting, because it’s just faster to start by leaf able to start by seed. It’s just a little bit headache, and it’s something that you should consider that it’s take a lot of time and easier to start by cutting or pups and be aware that this plant is toxic to animals like dogs, cats, horses, and usually they don’t eat it. But if you have a dogs that eat everything, just be aware that this is something that you should prevent it. Planting season can be all there in cold climate and not in the winter and better not in the autumn, a planting a choose location with a good drainage. And if you have like, you want to plant it in the soil directly and you have a lot of frames better to do it in raising bed or above the ground level that won’t sit in the puddle or something that will kill the roots it passed and it’s usually snails slugs, aphids, Mili, Bugs and pruning season, can be all the year it’s usually just for design and dead parts like blooming stems and blooming flowers. I mean, and leaves the height of the plant. It’s between 5 to 15 centimeters between 2 to 6 inches water requirement, which will be small amount of water, let it dry between watering and take care not to over water. Because again you will kill it. Be aware that this is slow growing plant, especially when you have a young plant and especially when you start by seeds, you can grow it in full sun to full shade. This is why it can grow as a houseplant, and if you want to grow it in a container better small containers, 30 percent bigger than the root ball. Not something crazy. Don’t take something too much big, because it’s not good for the plant, A switches soil, every five or so years use sandy soil or even cocktail spotting mix will be good, make enough holes in the in the container, and if you have a lot of friends, put it under cover that it won’t have a lot of water on it, of course, add some organic matter. It’s always good lava grit, or just, you know, pebbles or some little stone, a pearlite or pearlite. It’s also good to add in because you want to keep the air and the ventilated of the roots, and also because you want to, that will be some space for the roots blooming season, it’s in the winter to the spring, and if you want to grow it by seed, I already explain it. But some more information so be aware that the temperature should be from 23 to 27 degree Celsius, it’s been 73 to 80 Fahrenheit, So in light, it don’t have doesn’t have to be sunny, slightly moist soil and good soil, a good drainage and well ventilated the ventilation of the soil. It’s important and this is why better, Sandy or like a cactus cactus potting mix. That might do the job except this. Its easy plant to grow without special requirement. I don’t think that you just need to care not to kill it because it’s really easy to kill If you over. Water is are not really react well, for over water, so be aware of this and accept this again, not very hard to grow and enjoy. That’s all from grow Plantsorg. Don’t forget to subscribe, visit our website and, of course. If you have any question, just ask, you have here. Links about more videos, some list subscribe and, of course, perch, a plant and this is donation for our channel. I hope you enjoy and come visit us again.