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Cotyledon Orbiculata Cv Variegated Knowing The Growth Cycle, Care&tips


Hello, guys, we have it here. The pretty and vibrant color, gorgeous like a unicorn succulents named coteledone, orbiculata variegated and this is one of the hottest rarest and the most intriguing plants of the succulent world. And in my own opinion. Guys, this is maybe because it is very pricey, one and tough to import. This one is originated in southern tip of Africa. Their leaves can be short, fat or very, oblong to large one and depending on the species. Also a bit of advice. Guys, if you order these plants try to order in fall autumn or early spring because this plant is dormant when it is summer so just to avoid wasting our money because it is a bit pricey, so we better make sure that we order in the right season and right temperature. In addition, guys, I prepared to order the rooted one, although it is more expensive, but it is safe unlike the cutting one less expensive, but it is risky. So if you want to invest your money, just make it sure it is rooted one. This plants are winter growers, so it means to say in summer they are sleeping and in winter they are active. They grow fast, so they prepare a temperature of 65 to 75 Fahrenheit, But here they’re in some colder place. They’re okay with those cold winter as long as they’re inside the house when it comes to summer because they are sleeping in summer, they are dormant, so we have to try to give them less water for them. We don’t want them to sit in the water that cost them blood. We have to treat them like the other succulents, like Echeveria, just a mild temperature, and it’s better just to give a full sun in the morning and late sun in the afternoon to have a good color and they provide those vibrant color as what we expected. And now let’s talk about our soil. I did extra precaution because this is pricey. One so I did sterilize my soil through microwave. You can also use the oven. 30 minutes or you can use the steam one, but me. I prepared the microwave. Uh, three to four minutes just to kill those bacteria, funguses and any insect in your soil just to make sure your microwave is in full power to, uh, three to four minutes. As usual, we’re gonna use the fast draining soil. Seventy percent. I mix the pumice perlite and small stones and thirty percent of the succulent. Mix, so I just put my little pretty succulent there and put those dirt on it. And there it is, and after I bought it, I wait one week before I water it. I gave just a bit of water like 20 ml. Just around those plants, not in the roots. So I have a bit of technique. I’m gonna show you in this video. So that one is a straw. I cut the straw and put it under the soil, where beside the roots is so in that purpose. The water will be directly in the roots so just to avoid those root rot, so that is the fastest way it’s very cool, right, It is good idea. Also, if you have the syringe, it is fastest way, just inject the water under the soil, and it’s a good one. Just continue, uh, those watering 15 to 20 ml until it completely adjusts until two months, so after that, you can regularly water them, so the technique is full water and also dry it completely before you water it again and just to understand this kind of plans. Each succulents have their, um, different going cycle as what we know and observe. I am not a pro. I am disclaimer, But that is how I learn. I search it, and we’re gonna apply it to make our succulent, healthy and to avoid killing them because this is newly planted. Uh, we try to avoid direct sunlight, so no direct sunlight and no warm wind for this plant. We don’t need to worry if we don’t water this one to two weeks because they are good in storing water. That is, um, their advantages, so because this plant is came from desert place, so they’re good in thriving. So the question is how to stress them. So before I stress my plans. I’m gonna make sure that my plants are in good condition. Because at this time it is newly planted. I want to make sure that they have a good rooting system in good health and already address and acclimate in our weather conditions. So after that, I can give them a lot of stress and give those, um, extremely sun actually, not very extreme, so we have those schedule. What how many hours we need to put them under the sun so that they can release those vibrant color? And also there are different ways of stressing our plants and in my own opinion, it also applicable in this kind of land. Coteledone orbiculata variegated that in my experience, I I did less water and more sun, so so that it, they can release those vibrant color. So I’m gonna apply that in this plant. Also, yeah? I really don’t want to kill this plants because it is pricey and I’m gonna do all my best to give this pretty plant their needs. In addition. Guys, it is winter in our place, So I put all my succulents inside our house, so I’m using a grow light just to provide their needs and to have a good, uh, shape of their stem and leaves so that it will not be itchy late. That’s all for today’s video, guys. Hopefully you like it and get some information that applies to you and thank you for watching. See you in my next video, please. Um, don’t forget to click like and subscribe. Thank you bye.