Corn Cob Cactus | Euphorbia Mammillaris – Indian Corn Cob Plant – Care Tips & Info & Repotting

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Euphorbia Mammillaris - Indian Corn Cob Plant - Care Tips & Info & Repotting


Hi guys, it’s! Lin, hey, I hope everybody’s having a safe and wonderful day like today. I’m repotting my new phobia. Mammal arias, very garter corncob, You phobia. And this euphorbia here is quite wacky and unusual in the sense that it does sort of his own ball like a corncob, which is where it gets. Its name from and we have three different types of this actual euphorbia were actually four different types. This euphorbia mammal Ares. We have one couple of witches all green, and we have a couple like this, the variegated, but it’s more more tall and columnar types with all while arms or coming out of it, and this one is more global with little sort of global of balls growing out of it, and this particular one was gifted to us by our wonderful friend. Nelly, from collection of Unseen Nature. So thank you, Nelly. It’s growing very well and any gift. It was a couple years ago and it has really cut really grown well from a cutting and we may potted it a couple of times, and I want to meet Potti today, not because the roots are coming through because they’re not, but I just want to change. The soil. Mid hands have been using a different type of cactus and circular saw the past past couple of weeks that we’re really happy with, and we, we got the idea of the cactus or from our wonderful friend as from cacti mania, so thank you -, and it is for parts of great John Innes number, two loam and lava rock and pumice all mixed together, so it’s very, very well draining which cacti suckers really like, particularly these type of your for bees that can be rock prone. So if you want to know how to make this soil, they do check out. Dusty’s video links up above and also want to give a very special. Thank you to my wonderful fiance. Hans, who is behind the camera filming me today. So I’ve got my hands-free. And if you’re not familiar with Hans, he’s amazing channel to do check on Zis Channel and subscribe family of cat, the scene or the beauties links a Berber. Haha, so you go a little bit about this corncob as I say, it’s got its name because it resembles a corncob and it’s often What’s Wrong. Glee called the corncob cactus when it is not a cactus, it is a hundred percent, just succulent! Those of you who know all cacti are succulents, but not all circle in Saqqaq die As in this case here is nicknamed the Corn Cob Cactus because of its resemblance to a cactus, but he is a hundred percent euphorbia succulent and it loves it loves a very well draining soil. It loves plenty of sunshine. If you can give it it as long as you can give it plenty of fresh air and ventilation. So if you have this, this particular euphorbia in a sunny window or greenhouse make sure you can give it plenty of ventilation and it’s one of the ones that can take a little bit. The variegated forms, such as this one can take a bit more shade than the other. The all green one. So if you’ve only got a window that gets more nice on or after loose, and you should still be okay as well. You’ll know if it gets too much. Sun, if it goes a little bit yellowish or a little bit reddish, but in this case, we have this in our sunny kitchen window, which is south base. It seems to do very well but obviously can depend on the temperatures and everything cows and, yep, when it comes to watering, they like to be kept mostly dry during the winter when their overwintering overwinter at a minimum of 10 degrees Celsius, which is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and they cannot take any cold frost as they will rot, so bear that in mind and also it’s important to keep it pretty dry during the winter because when they’re dormant, they can rot if you’re given bit of water. Only what if it was absolutely shriveling in this case, I go pretty much all through the winter without water in this, but it could depend on your temperatures and everything and where you’re living in the world, Many different factors there in the spring and the summer they do like to be kept well watered as long as they’ve been a well draining cactus and succulent mix, and as long as you let the soil dry out totally in between waterings. So you guys a little bit of caring about this particular euphorbia corn cob berry garter, and I’m gonna go repotting, so I’m gonna soften the soil. He’s probably be able to go back into the same pot because I don’t think it needs a bigger pot. There you go. It can go back into the same pot. No problem there and look at that. Look at that four lovely, big root guys. Isn’t that amazing and what? I like to do when I do be parties to get as much as the old soil off as I can without damaging as this case. It’s pretty much all off. I don’t need to touch anything. They’re great root system, so we used before wasn’t bad either. We used use sort of sand and John Innes and a bit of grits As well as you can see, we’re going to pop this into its new. You saw, use the same pot Certainly to wash your tile because it’s the same plant going in here. We go say this. This great, gritty soil. It’s absolutely fantastic for these type of euphorbias here. Look at that full, lovely roots gently pressing and what I would recommend doing. It’s entirely up to the individual but personally myself when I repots cacti and succulents because they all can be rock round. I always prefer to do with in the spring or the summer. Preferably the spring, because then it’s got chance to prepare itself ready for the growing well good growing season ahead and also. I like to keep the soil dry after I’ve repotted them. I don’t water any of them for about a week to ten days after I repot. Personally, This is just because it likes to allow them to sort their roots, their climate eyes into the new soil and parts and also the chance of any roots that have come away, however. Careful, you are doing me potting to heal up them, and yet we cover really before water it again, so that’s it pretty much it and gently press down tap to make sure all the saw covers down as in this case. I know it pretty much has, and that’s it. Change a little soil without walk back in the same pot like a lot of people say. Do you really need to re party? If they’re not outgrowing the pots and the roots aren’t coming through. Well, I only really sort of like to repot when it’s necessary, but sometimes it’s a bit of the same pot for a couple of years. It’s good just to take the soil off. Check the root system over to check for signs of bugs or things like that, always good to do and give a fresh change of soil because they’re sort of like a bit of a change of soil gives them a bit of a pick-me-up, especially if they’re sort of stopped growing because they’ve been in the same soil for so long. So there we go hope you enjoy that the feeling of care tips on this amazing, unusual, euphorbia corncob mammal. Eris, I’ll poke your handsy but booby. And if you want to know a little bit more on how to grow cacti sophism, please do check out my website. There’s a plants of Avalon. Calm, I’m gonna send you. Loads are look heaps of happiness and tons and tons O cactus power from across the Emerald Isle and until my next video .