Coffee Grounds For Succulents | It Grow So Fast – Vlog #11 – Succulents & Coffee W/ Liz

Growing Succulents with LizK

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It Grow So Fast - Vlog #11 - Succulents & Coffee W/ Liz


Good morning, my lovelies. It’s time for my delicious that pili for me to go outside. It’s been growing inside all winter, so I have to bring it outside now. You can stay there for now while I make my coffee. good morning, baby pee. Hello, hello. Hello, pretty, pretty good morning. Hello, Peek-a-boo. Hello, peek-a-boo. Good morning. So first. Stop, check my baby’s in here. Look at that, it’s just getting bigger and bigger. Look at all the babies! Oh, my goodness, probably another month and I’m able to harvest my variegated medina, such a beautiful plant and also the mini bell look at all the roots on the mini bells sticking out so need to chop them off and transplant them. Oh, nick sana. This is a an echeveria nixana. Look at the variegation, there’s one! I got one leaf. I got given just one leaf one leaf again and look the variegation in the corner there, and this is also an xana but then it kind of looked different. So this one is shiny, So I don’t know if that’s actually a nick Sana. I said I suspect that might even be a rolly, but then again. This is a rolly, so I don’t know. Do they actually change form? When they’re variegated, I don’t know, but, ah, the silver star. Look at that. This liesl is amazing. Oh, belladonna. There’s too many things to distract me really and look at that. Look at the gorgeous, uh, West Rainbow. Look how big it is now! See, look at that. Ah, it’s nearly ready to be plucked, but I am not plucking you. I’m gonna let you grow there for a while. Still probably another month and middle of spring. I’m gonna hack into you. And this one is Graptoveria marble toned, but look at that. How beautiful this one is, my only, uh, baby of Lolita. So I got Lolita too now, so I got Lolita one, the mother’s beautiful. So this is, uh, baby Lolita and Irish Mint. I don’t have a mother Plant of an Irish mint, that’s. My those three green ones are my only Irish Mint Irish Mint and also the Lenovo chocolate and strawberries in the center. There that one I’ve got two plants. So one leaf again. I got even one leaf, and then now there’s two plants there. This one is spectabili’s. Oh, sorry, this this one is compressicalis. They’re beautiful, but that one is my strain, and this is another strain That was given to me the leaves, so I got one two three leaves and a little plant like, uh, my friend. Just, uh, broke the tip of it and gave me and the leaves in the bottom, but then the the main one is all stretch out and there’s a baby coming out on the sides there, so that’s a beautiful plant as well like sort of branching, and this is a variegated. Um, prolifica trying to think and mystery, Madame. This is Accevaria Asaka. These are my leaves grown, and this one is a petal, not petal lavender pebbles. I think this is a lavender pebbles. It could be something else, but anyway, just no. There’s only one leaf again, so I’m a one leaf wonder it’s more challenging, and if you have more seems like they don’t want to grow. But if I was just given one leaf, it was just it’s like that one. The Starli. I just came that sea dome. Hang on. Yeah, it’s a stally. I think or probably a stone crab. I put stone crop on that one, but Stalli is different. Actually, that’s a stone crop seed room, but also nice and red that one so many beautiful plants and this one is a nova that’s grown from a leaf that one and now look at it now. And, um, the other one. Sorry, were you a leaf or a little? Oh, it’s a little flowering tip. That’s what it was. It’s the tip flowered and I pluck it out and then stick it. In there, well took the flowering bit off and then stick stuck that in there now it’s growing, so grab to see them. Nova and the leaf look at the leaves. Look at the baby Nova. Oh, the gorgeous sundae! Beautiful pink. These ones are begging for me to transplant them. Okay, so this one I’m going to show you this one. This is my biggest. Um, carni color. So just three plants in there. Okay, so this is, uh. I plucked the leaves on the 17th of April. Okay, it is now the second of September, so 17th of April, so about four months, so this is grown under the grow light And this was, uh, grown outside. Those are carny colors. We’ll look at the difference. So if I grow them outside in winter, they just go to sleep, but inside where there’s a grow light, look at the phenomenal amount of growth, so those all all kind of color there, and when the kind of color candy color look how small on the right, so that’s all here, okay. Uh, my finger points are kind of color, honey. They’re all in this section curry color. And that’s a big, tiny color grown under the grow light. I am really impressed with the grow light, guys. I am not advertising for this. Grow light that you buy this. But I’m just saying if well for winter that is hanging on that one came off for winter growing. They are fantastic. So I don’t know I’m going to do a test. During summer time or sorry, springtime, I’m going to get some, Um, I’m about to take some cuttings soon and some leaves to propagate, so I’m also going to do a test to see how quickly they grow inside and outside so comparison tests and then because once they get to this stage so perfect winter. Oh, hang on! Is that a variegate? No, it’s not! I thought it might be variegated. Um, so I got now. If I’m here in winter, I will be growing them and maybe even end of summer. Pluck the leaves, grow it, uh, inside because even in summer. When it’s sort of hot, they don’t grow very quick and coming into autumn. They get cold as well, so they sort of go to sleep. The leaves doesn’t seem to pop out. The babies doesn’t want to pop out and then until springtime, So I’ve had plants That’s been on a leaf form for, like, three months before they have a little bump on them. Thanks for watching guys and have a lovely, beautiful day.