Coffee Cup Plants | Diy Succulent Container Garden Using A Coffee Mug Or Dish

Sarah Jane

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Diy Succulent Container Garden Using A Coffee Mug Or Dish


Hi, guys, this is. Sarah from Sarah-jane design. And today we’re going to learn how to make an ordinary mug like this into a wonderful little, succulent scart. You’ll need a dish like a cup or mug potting soil water, your succulents, some mesh material drill or a dremel tool with a diamond bit gardening gloves. If you prefer not to get your hands dirty safety goggles, a mask and some ear plugs, okay. So first what you’re going to want to do is drill a hole in the bottom of your dish to ensure that the plants get the drainage that they need and that the roots don’t rot, but before we do that, let’s suit up in our safety gear, which is most important goggles, please. So I am wearing shatterproof lenses. However, I like to have that little added layer of protection earplugs. We’ll need this too ear Plugs plugs. Thank you, thank you, okay, so once. You have the hole drilled. What you’re gonna want to do is add your mesh now. I’ve cut a nice about one and a half by one and a half square already and you’ll just position it right over the opening. This way you won’t lose any soil when you rinse the water through. So now we’ll add our soil. This is a cactus mix. You can pick up at any local home improvement, store or garden center, so you want to fill it probably about halfway, but it really depends on the size of your succulents. And how large the root ball is now. If you’re planting a cutting, you don’t need to leave much room at all, because obviously you don’t have any roots, but just make sure if you do plan to cutting never to plant it right after you cut it, you want to make sure that the end cauterizes so that the plant won’t rot a little trick, my husband, okay, so we have our soil. I’m going to take some of these. These are actually cuttings that I got from a friend makes this even less expensive. And really, you also want to make sure it’s not sitting too high. Because if I’ve done, this made this mistake. If your plant sitting too high, then when you go to water it, the soil will wash off the top, so we want to avoid that as well. Let’s do one of these. I love these little guys. They’re so geometric. I find that mixing different succulents in one container with different colors and shapes and textures really adds a lot of interest, and you want to push in the plants from under the leaves with some firm pressure to make sure that it’s well seated and then, Lastly, what you’re going to want to do is water, the plant really wash through the water through the soil out through the drainage hole, and that’ll really kind of set everything. Plus you wipe off all this ugly dirt normally. I would be using a hose but here. I’m not really set up for that. So so there you have. It guys was super fun and easy and simple and inexpensive way to make a fun little succulent garden, especially when they’re in a mug like this, thanks for watching and look for more videos from sarah-jane design comm on the link below. Buy something everyone knows. I like is being squared.