Chocolate Soldier Plant For Sale | 13/100 Panda Plant Kalanchoe Tomentosa Chocolate Soldier Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭

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13/100 Panda Plant Kalanchoe Tomentosa Chocolate Soldier Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭


Hello, everyone! Welcome to desert succulent. And today we will be featuring a succulent that is very easy to grow, and it’s very hard to kill, and I’m talking about it on adding Kalanchoe tomentosa or its common name. We have you adding panda plant. Adding panda plant is a vertical growing succulent so pata has young canyon growth, and in fact, it can grow up to 2.6 feet tall. They are native to Madagascar and we can put you ate Manga Panda plant, both indoors and outdoors. But we have to remember that if you not in Celesta, indore, they can actually grow, but they can hardly bloom when grown indoors. So Hindi, shaman flowers. This is a close-up panda plant and is its texture is very similar. So I think felt paper. I don’t know, exactly young collar and canyon leaf, but it’s more on the light, green side and edges brownish, so let’s have a 360 degrees. You don’t adding panda plant ayansha and also I have Ito, it’s the same thing, but here we call it Asiatin chocolate soldier, so most of the time Tina Tawagnathinyon as our panda plant and this one is the chocolate soldier. But if we’re going to check on Google Paraholance Botanical name, which is the Kalankowita mentosa for this, It’s very similar, the Onsan Oonaghanina, But the only difference is this one is a little bit darker. Young leaf itself is color green to dark brown surrounding light requirement. It will adding Panda plant appreciates young, bright or indirect light, and unlike other succulents, nagosungosunilang sun exposure. This one does not do well in direct sunlight and its very susceptible sub burn or sunburn in cases. Nanaging legina. You inhuman a panda plot? You have to move it to a brighter location. Water needs. They can be characterized as having young low water needs. We need to allow the soil to dry out thoroughly between waterings during summer or hot summer months. We need to water it more often, and in my case, I do water it, adding a panda plant every two weeks. You would cinnamon. Nah, it’s already completely dry, Not just on top, but also hang Gangbitusapinahababa. It’s completely dry as with most succulents, you know, adding panda plant requires young, dry, well draining, soil mix, and in my case again, I’m using a combination of, and we have young, adding pumice stones. We have you attend cocoa peat. I also added some compost and some vermicast detosating soil mix. You can always buy your manga pre-hacked or pre-made, the mango wall draining soil mix. Nah, readily available somehow. Garden stores or online temperature and humidity, they enjoy adding dry conditions and your average household humidity is perfect for the succulents. However, this succulent is not as heat tolerant as other succulent species because they might suffer during extreme heat, especially due to filipinas during summer season. Now, when choosing a location, ideal temperature range for our panda plant is from 15 degrees to 23 degrees, and I think in 38 to 40 is already too much next is all about fertilizing and it’s not really necessary for us to fertilize it on a thing a panda plant, however, we can always fertilize them at the beginning of the growing season and the best time for us to fertilize them is during this weekend. I’m using the osmocote fertilizer. So this is what I usually do. Osmocote is very safe to use occulance. Indeed, NATO is already stable and mature enough. We will start to fertilize it. So on top the nutrients, the nandito’s fertilizer will be slowly released. And you can do this every three or four months, and so if you will talking about the potting and repotting Nitto Atima panda plant, they are relatively slow, growing succulents and Pagripatsa. Hanila would happen generally once every couple of years. This one was repotted two weeks ago. Because if you will be repotting our panda plant, we need to do this during the active growing season, which is these months because it will be able to tolerate Yuma disturbances more readily diva. So if you will be repotting them. During the summer seasons, I think mass may hit up on silang mug since it’s not really their growing season and as of now here is an update after two weeks, nothing so far. Okay, containers and they can do well when potted in nearly any planter like this one, of course again. This is my favorite kind of planetarium at a microwavable transparent container, so I can easily see what’s happening and the only thing that you need to consider is junk and young drainage holes, so merentine drainage hose, LLM. That will help to prevent you adding overwatering in general, your adimas occulants do well in terracotta pots kasayuma there, hotapots nothing helps absorbing excess water from the soil regarding young toxicity. Nito atima. They are considered toxic to both cats and dogs. So if you are someone named if ingested, this succulent may result in vomiting or diarrhea as well as an abnormal heart rhythm. Lastly, we have the propagation Nang ating manga panda plants and they are actually a little bit harder to propagate than regular succulents, trial and error lung bug propagating succulents, they can be propagated through their leaves and the separation of their off shoots or young kanelaman offsets. I tried to propagate young isang leaf nito before, but Subrang Tagal nankanyang growth and eventually Hindi channel survive and the best thing for you to propagate. This is through adding stem cutting. So for example, this one so originally one stem lung shop, but now Nakara Nang dalawang offsets, which is this, so this is the very first one and this so some and this one and we can just replant it, but I’m not going to be doing that. One must pander, especially in a vertical yonkanilang growth and it would look nicer if they are in clumps like this panda plant and for common pests and diseases, you need to watch out for common house plant pests such as for example, Imam Milibug’s, Kenyan scale and yuma spider mites, they are not really attracted subplot itself, but they are attracted and SHA is covered with the thing soil. It’s because of these birds, but there’s no any problem because you can just easily brush it off or Ihipa new langsham and also another thing that goes on beef. It won’t really affect it or it won’t change any of its appearance. Unlike Dosati various foreign and we are done with our panda plant and right now Omolan Salabas and it’s really the perfect time for me to water itong thing panda plants since two weeks Nashan Hindi dilligan so two weeks after Nyong irepatu in your Mangas occupants don’t water them yet, then after two weeks, you can start watering them and before we go outside and expose it, don’t. I would like to say thank you for watching, and don’t forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel. You may also visit our Facebook page at desert cycle at Ph. For more updates. Do you?