Cereus Cacti | Overwintering Vlog 6 – Bringing In The Cereus & Columnar Cacti That Need To Be Overwintered Indoors

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Overwintering Vlog 6 - Bringing In The Cereus & Columnar Cacti That Need To Be Overwintered Indoors


Hi guys, it’s! Vinny, I hope you’re having an amazing day Now. In today’s video overwintering video blog, we are going to be bringing in some of the tall samias cacti that we have in our polytunnel and local green houses, the ones that are not so cold, hardly like the closest areas cacti into the house to overwinter. Now we have a selection of different types of tall cacti. The majority of the Trakis areas cacti are going to be kept over wintered in our in our polytunnel because they can take pretty low winter temperatures, but the Pilatus areas. There’s a couple of other ones. That’s a little bit more cold. Sensitive are going to be over, weeded in here and we can be overwintering that where we are going to the master on this back wall, and we’ve probably stored a little grow lights as well from the top to give it a bit of an extra boost, but we’ll do that another day, and we’re going to be moving these. These we’ve happy with happy for the spring of summer, the Shapiras and the lovely, Big, Anacostia. This is going to be going into my office. The source of a grow room basically put into our living room, so we’re gonna be moving these out and then bring in the tour wanting and early stages throughout this video video blog. So that’s when it’s going to be today and let’s get going there guys. Now here we are with our. This is one of our little greenhouses that we have the majority of the tall, serious cacti. As you can see there. Some attract a serious and some of Pylos. A serious as you can see that one is touching the roof and these are not cold. The process areas are not cold. Hardly so these ones were gonna be bringing in and just to show you what we’ve what we got to bring in, and I’m gonna turn the camera off now because we both gonna need our hands-free to to actually pick up these big plants so well. Get them all to skip this video. Make sure to keep being all the ones we can be bringing in to overwinter into our kitchen, and they show you what we’ve got before we rearrange them all now. That’s the little green here emptied. We’ve just got because with these are very, very large. Strike a serious and there’s a big patchy. Serie Spring Glee. I at the back there that can be over. We did in the polytunnel, but we could have bring them in on another day because they’re very large, And Hans has got a special little wheeler. That, like a little carry Wheeler Trolley to put these on to move them, but because it’s raining at the moment. It’s not the best day to do it, so we’re gonna leave these, but they’re there be fine here for tonight, and they’re just going to show you where we’ve put. The ones we’re going to be overwintering in the Poly Turtle. We’re going to be rearranged in all of this because we normally have the big tall ones pub Lee in the middle and put in the the three big ones. Have you seen they’re right at the back but just for now just to keep them dry for tonight. We put the the truck a Serie C ones here and Kleist, a cap to Strauss II. I another patchy Serie Spring VI. They’re here, and then we bought all of the ones that are not so Cold, Hardy. The plows are serious into our kitchen and we’re going to show you what it looks like before We put it all away now. Those batons is sort of doing okay. For time. We decided decided to get all of the serious that we know. It’s gonna have to be over wintered in the house into the house now. And then we’ll know exactly how much space we’ve got in the in this big polytunnel here, and then once everything’s poor teen that we’re gonna be overwintering and we’ve got space. I’ll be able to rearrange everything and I’m going to include that as well. In this in this future coming video vlog series so and it’s gonna have a scan around here in the polytunnel to see what type of serious cacti need to come in as if there’s a few of the global types of cacti may need to come in, but just focusing on the serious ones in this video blog today and first glance here things are pretty much Hardy, but have a glow. Caesaria goo nearly there with a lovely arms coming out he that has to come in, and he has got some more serious for be sees there. Also, we need to come in also, the serious commonly known as the booby cactus. As you can see there has to come in the spur are lacera spirits. Perales as well here. That’s going to be coming and there’s another little little one here. This is a material cactus. That’s not the most cold hardy sand gonna be bringing that in as well, so it looks like it’s pretty much just just a few of the Serie C cacti in this corner that needs to come in as a saying about being in a few Maureen to overwinter over the coming days, but they, the pillows are serious and some of the other type of serious ones don’t like it really below 10 and the nights getting pretty cold here at the moment, but the other type of cacti that’s sort of okay of that sort of five six degree could be okay. Okay here in the meantime, till I get around to moving them. All in so, let’s get going and start bringing in some of these and guys now, guys, that’s all of this serious cacti, but a lots of cold Hardy brought into the house and we bought some more something that we’ve normally would leave out in the polytunnel, but because they’re so wet, we’re not taking any chances, so we bring in them in this one. For example, here pachycereu’s margin 8 us. We always overwinter that out in there. Well, the polytunnel. But it was got absolutely soaked when we had it out in the yard and it just does not have chancing. So you look at all the weeds growing in it, so I’m gonna weed this. It’s gonna take forever to dry out If we put that in the poly turn or so, we’re not taking any chances. This one we’re going to over winter indoors for that reason, but normally, if it was dry, we would have kept it out in the pot. I don’t know, and obviously the pilot says now. This one here is my big truck. Osiris pack annoyed time to scope of Kola and this woman normally overwinter in the polytunnel, but again the problem because he’s been out in the yard as you can see, got a bit of a late soak in in the year and it’s just gonna take too long to dry out in the polymer, so we taken it into over week two indoors, and that’s why we over went wean them to indoors. Normally, we wouldn’t wouldn’t necessarily have to worry about it. Most your pile of serious there here. We’ve got bore serious for BCS, and this one here is a pro deer. Letting how is he here? Yeah, lovely, big, tall, tall, beautiful plant. There there’s been in bird for ages. I think it’s not going to flower now. Unfortunately, too late in the year, the bird, so it seems to be dying back and here we have a mixture of a few different type of stair, a mostly smaller one, so these probably going to be going on into our grow rooms and some on the windowsill as well serious. Perales and he has as I mentioned earlier. The booby plan that’s been brought in and this one penis area school. Nellie, so that’s probably going into my grow room and mix it a few the back. What we’re going to focus on now is the back wall as you can see here because this is a perfect spot to put the tall as you can see at the back. The very tall, serious type of cacti here and it does get a lot of natural light that comes in from the window so south-facing window, so it get the natural south-facing the Sun coming across onto the back wall here. But also we may add an additional grow light. We may not need to, because it’s quite a bright spot and we only want to overwinter the plants anyway, so we don’t want to encourage them to grow. It should be pretty much okay with. Oh, to grow light. But we’ll see how we go, so that’s what we’re gonna be doing now. Is the big tall ones. We’re going to be rearranging on the back wall and then dealing with these ones upstairs afterwards. So here we go guys, lets. Get rearranging. Haha, there! We go guys. We’ve got all the tools seriously. Ones on the back wall here in our kitchen, yes? I know we crazy guys, But as you can see, welcome to Arizona, Belfast. And that’s the tall ones there they’re gonna get. I think plenty of light to overwinter, cuz. This is a say, it’s a very bright kitchen. We wouldn’t normally keep plants this far away from a window normally, but because their overwintering, they just need a bright. Spartan to be kept cool and dry for the winter, so there’s chopping poverty. Okay, but we may delay today. A little growed. I’m not quite sure we don’t want to encourage them to grow as we say just to overwinter so this is a good spot for them, and by the way, just want to mention if you want to know how to overwinter, cacti and succulents do check out a video I have made on how to overwinter, cacti and succulents links up above, and I go to a lot more detail about overwintering and things like that, so I don’t need to mention that in this video. Now we’ve got left for these ones here that the shorter serious cacti that need to be Put away as you can see. All of these here are some here on the floor and what made? Hans, you’re going to do now very excited. Is we go to pick which ones We want to take upstairs in our grow rooms because me and Hans have two separate grow rooms and Hans has these grow Room is little music studio. I might have my grow room in my office. So it made a bit bit of space upstairs in the windows and on the shelves to bring up the plants were going to be overwintering. Obviously we’ve got a lot more to be coming out of the polytunnel, some of the global, a type of plants and also the leafy succulents or things like that, But that’s another day. It’s gonna be focusing on that today and now. I mean, Hans going to choose. Who wants to take at what and who wants? What in whose room, huh? Now, we put the to shuffle errors here as you can see, and we may or may not put an additional grow light again. They get light coming in from this quite large window here where we have a selection of houseplants from. Phil addendums to African Violets to ferns and as easy plant. They’re so, um, we see how they go, but that’s the sure flowers there. I’m going to show you where we put the big aloe car. See a house plant? Now that’s the big, a low caste. Yeah, in my office and it’s looking lovely there, and I’ve got the selection of ferns as well here and we will. We are going to be put in a couple of the grow. Lights, the big. UFO ones like we’ve got over there from on here as well to give them additional light over the winter time, as I say, it’s mainly just over winter rather than encourage them to grow, but it looks lovely there doesn’t it? And this is. I’ve made a lot more space. This is my office, but it’s also my grow room as well. I’ve made a lot of space here. So when we bring the rest of the other plants from the pollito know that not so coal tar is such as the press Kia cacti and mellow cacti and the step elía’s they probably go here and these are the plants that I’ve chose that they’re serious ones. I chose this in in my office here. This is a lovely young artist, lovely. Kleist, the cactus. Not, it’s an unusual type, but it has a beautiful flowers on it. It’s not, it’s not strikes to cut to Strauss II. I not quite sure what it is, but, um, it’s very lovely as you can see and then. I’ve got my semi spiralis As well and my material cactus geometric cones, Boobie Cactus there and enhance his lovely, big, letting how easy, parochial any housing loads in for babies all on. It’s as well there. And this one is a harissa harissa. Just very, I cactus there, immaculately pillows, Arias kun le over the lovely arms coming off it there and these. I had in here already as well. That is Pinot Saris. Crostata, one of my Reo services. I had to reroute as a cutting, so that’s gonna be over, wintered in indoors because it’s gonna have to reroute yourself. It needs a bit more warmth than it normally would, and here we have plants that already in here and as I say, more room for when we’re bringing them up in the following overwintering vlogs, there’s made some space here, and then I’m going to show you what Honza shows where he’s room now. This is Hans, his grow room here. It’s also his music studio, and he has a lovely, lovely big window here where he has a lot of other plants, and we’ve got all our seedlings in here and I did do a full seedling tour of both the ones we’ve got here in the grow room, and also the ones we’ve got in our polytunnel and the largest seedlings we’re going to overwinter in the poly. Turn or no problem. These are all the smaller ones that we sort of sewed from seed even late last year or early this year. But as I say, have done a complete tour of the seedlings. So if you want to see the complete tour links up above and these are the savviest cacti that Hans has got in his room here. This is a poem set eeeh Paul Cheema, Here commonly known as the the others he’s at Christmas that the poet set has the lovely red flowers and then on Scotty’s Arias Arias in the window there and selection. Are we small little? Pelosi serious and here are a few different types. All he’s got he serious parolees there and the selection all here and here’s a lovely big boo cornea and again loads of space here a bit more in the window too, and here for when we bring some of the other ones in from the polytunnel so guys, thank you so much for watching and already support, and if you want to know anything more about how to grow cacti suckers including how to overwinter them. Please do check out my website. Desert plants of Avalon Com. I stay tuned for tomorrow’s. It’ll be tomorrow or the next day vlog. Where we’re gonna be bringing in more cacti and more probably the cacti, the press cures are the Ocotillo s and we’re gonna be there putting them away into the grow rooms .