Cat And Kittens Plant | What Succulents Are Safe For Cats And Dogs?? | Toxic & Non-toxic Succulents| Pet Friendly Succulents

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What Succulents Are Safe For Cats And Dogs?? | Toxic & Non-toxic Succulents| Pet Friendly Succulents


I’m JD. This is Gigi. From succulence box. Today we’re going to be talking about some pet friendly, non pet friendly, toxic plants for pets and so first we’re going to go over our pet friendly section. So first on our list are separate items. Here we have a Red Lion and the first thing you’ll notice is rosette shaped and they have pointed leaves and they have a whole bunch of, and they’re super cold, hardy and they were in or indoor or outdoor. Next on, our list is the edge, very group and pretty much. All of these succulents are pet friendly and they come in a variety of colors and shapes and sizes. And this one is the Echeveria, Violet Queen. And this is Echeveria Bittersweet. Both beautiful, both safe for your pets and they make perfect counselling. Our third pet safe plant is the Zebra Haworthia. Which is this? It has stripes like a zebra. It doesn’t move like a zebra, but it makes a perfect house plant. It’s super low-maintenance and it can thrive well in low light, so it’s a perfect beginner plant. Next up, we have the Sedum Burrito / Donkey’s Tail, which is from the genus Sedum. It’s a pretty common plant. It’s easy to take care of and it has these cute little plum trees that carries water, and if you give them a lot of sunlight, they can grow super long like up to 2 feet. So these next specimens are our cactus from the Ocpuntia’s family or pear or prickly cactus. This is golden variety in this monstrous white, but they’re both pet friendly and family. They have these little pads with tiny little spikes on them. They’re kind of like fiberglass, so be careful. All right, so now you learn something safer. Are these for your pets? Let’s learn about some different varieties plants that could be harmful to your pets have ingested, and so the first plant on that list is the Jade Plant. It’s a really common house plant as these around leads on, it puts heat so it can be really appealing to both growers. And maybe even to your pet. But just let you know if you can justify your pets. This can cause vomiting and lethargy. So next on, our list is part of the kalanchoe genus. So this one here, a paddle plant and this one, the Lavender Scallops. They’re both really beautiful but should be kept out of reach for your pets. Because if ingested, this might lead to oral irritation bumping or diarrhea to your animals. So next on, our list is part of our aloe plants, And if you look most a little plants, have these pointy, fresh looking leaves? Even though aloe is commonly widely used in skincare products and stuff like that, it’s important to keep it out of reach for your pets. So, in our final non-toxic plant for animals is the Eurphobia group. This is an African Milk Tree and it’s favored by many collectors because of its hardiness;. However, these are generally toxic to both humans and pets. So that should we handle with care, Alright? So that concludes our list of toxic and non toxic plants for your pets, and, of course we didn’t cover everything here today, but it’s a really good beginner guide. If you want to start your pet friendly garden, if you are looking for pet more pet friendly plants, you can visit our website at succulentsboxcom and we sell pet friendly packs of succulents for you and again. If your pet does happen to nibble on any those toxic plants, please reach out to a veterinarian immediately. And, of course, if you liked this video, please subscribe and hit that like button and we’ll see you soon.